Alex Pall- Beyond the Booth

Alex Pall is a member of the band known as “The Chainsmokers”. The band has been a continuous successful, topping several charts and selling out concert venues. The band is comprised of New York native Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The band has released several major hits such as “Roses” & “Don’t Let Me Down” however, one of their greatest hits is the track “Closer”, which features the vocals of Chainsmoker band member Andrew Taggart. The band is best known for being solely a DJ group but “Closer” is setting precedent for the vocal emergence of the duo by featuring Andrew Taggart. The success of the duo slowly unveiling their vocal talents could in the early phases with potential to be even more diverse musically and allow them to reach a wider audience. They have already established themselves as master DJ’s with a great sound and large following. It is very uncommon for DJ’s to explore the world vocally by stepping out from behind the DJ booth. Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart are exploring uncharted territories for DJ and are proving to be extremely successful thus far. They are true musical pioneers. The duo is slowly establishing themselves are diverse artists with the vocals of Taggart, now it is time for band member Alex Pall to reveal his musical talents for their fan base and the world. The duo are continuously transcending the meaning of DJ slowly but surely. The emergence of the long awaited talents of Alex Pall are keeping fans waiting on the edge of their seats. Alex Pall hopes to keep pushing boundaries and explore new opportunities for the duo to engage in. Allowing the audiences new experiences is what Pall strives for and hopes to provide for his fans all over the world. The band loves performing their music live and create new content with their diverse skills and abilities. Andrew Taggart has displayed his talents beyond the DJ booth, it is now time for Pall to show the world his abilities beyond the booth.

Pillars of Waiakea Water Inc.

One of the fundamental aspects of every company is having a set of working principles or rather pillars and Waiakea Water Inc. in is no exception. Formed by Ryan Emmons on 1st June 2012, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a water bottle manufacturing company working under three pillars: Health, Sustainability, and Ethics.


In an attempt of living by its pillar of health, Waiakea sources its water from the peaks of Mauna Loa Volcano through filtration. The volcano is based in Hawaii region which receives rain for an estimated 360 days out of the given 365 days in a year hence a reliable source. Additionally, the volcano produces water that has is enriched in minerals and electrolytes inducing but not limited to sodium, potassium, and calcium. The water is naturally high in alkalinity which explains why Waiakea water pH ranges from 7.8 to 8.8 and has a TDS of 6.2.


While water bottles and their manufacturing companies are known to have detrimental effects on the society, Waiakea Water Company is somewhat an exception. The company manufactures water bottles that are 100% RPET which makes its carbon footprint 90% smaller than other water bottle manufacturing firms. Moreover, the firm uses vehicles that have low-emission rates to transport their water bottles into various stores hence minimize environmental pollution. To show their devotion to sustainability, Waiakea recently announced a transition to degradable water bottles. Perhaps this is why it is the only company that is registered and certified with CarbonNeutral.


While it’s primary purpose is to make profit by delivering quality water to its customers. Waiakea is also concerned about disadvantaged communities like some of the African communities who cannot access clean water. In this light, they have partnered with PumpAid to donate clean water to these communities. PumpAid is an international non-profitable organization rooted in London, and its central goal is impacting people’s lives positively especially in the lives of African people. Today, thanks to this partnership and the loyal consumers, Waiakea Water Company is able to donate clean and fresh water to the relevant communities at least once every week.

Jeff Herman Has Found His Calling


There are different ways that a person will figure out what they are supposed to do with their life and there are different ages at which a person will understand what they are meant to do. Jeff Herman is someone who was already working as a commercial litigator when he found out what his real calling was meant to be. He had someone come to him with the hope that he would represent a young girl who had been treated wrongly. As he looked into the crimes that were committed against that girl and found out that there were many more people just like her who had been hurt, he knew that he was meant to represent such people.


He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


If Jeff Herman had the chance to speak to his younger self, he would let him know that he needed to be patient. He would let him know that he would eventually get to the place where he was meant to be. He has shared that young people are eager for life to move on and that they are anxious for the future. He wishes that he had been more patient when he was younger and that he had simply appreciated each moment as he lived it. Get More Information Here.


Jeff Herman believes that it is important for a person to be fully immersed in a specific calling. He believes that a person should figure out what they are meant to do and then focus fully on the job that is before them. Those who have a certain craft that they are meant to practice should learn how to do that well. Those who have a certain business that they are meant to run should focus on that. Jeff Herman believes that it is important for a person to give their all to the work that they are doing.


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End Citizens United Fights For Campaign Fairness

In the history of the United States, there have countless landmark supreme court cases that forever shaped the future of the country. The most important case in recent memory was Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. This court case changed the way political campaigns could be financed and donors would be disclosed. The organization End Citizen United spawned to fight the ruling. A recent article on the website Reporter Expert discusses in greater detail on the case and effects of its outcome.

This court case started in 2008 when the organization Citizens United wanted to air an hour long film against the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. On the flipside, the Federal Election Commission determined the movie to be simply a long campaign ad. Citizens United would not disclose the donor despite the law saying so, and it went all the way to the supreme court. They voted 5-4 in favor of Citizens united, with a decision based on the right of free speech. This meant donors from wherever could donate with complete secrecy. End Citizens United came about to make the political landscape fair again.

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There were 2 immediate effects of this ruling. First, the amount of television and radio ads would likely dramatically increase. This would be due to donors not having their names attached to the advertisements. Secondly, Republicans would be unfairly favored since they connections to rich corporations and individuals. The reaction has been negative across a large spectrum of individuals from different backgrounds. The organization End Citizens United was founded to overthrow this ruling and create fair campaign finance procedures.

The world of politics is often driven by who has the most money and better connections and End Citizens United is there to fight for fairness. The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling made it clear that donors can be anonymous. This created an unfair system where they would not be held liable for anything related to the campaign. End Citizens United supports candidates wish to overthrow this ruling and support fair spending practices. They have a diverse team on staff to back up the fight.

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Judge Marco Antonio Marques Honored by PUC Sao Paolo

Judge Marco Antonio Marques was last April honored by the PUC Sao Paolo after they named a new auditorium after him. The magistrate, who is also a criminal law lecturer at the university, stated that he felt deeply honored to have been considered for such a feat. The ceremony was chaired by the president of the university while a former president of the Sao Paolo Court of appeal, Dirceu de Mello, was the chief guest. The president of the university praised Judge Marco, stating that he has an ‘always ready to help’ philosophy. He added that the auditorium construction was a success because of the judge’s relentless efforts in ensuring that the construction was done.

Ricardo Sayeg, one of the lawyers and also a tenured professor at the university praised Judge Marco and congratulated him for his achievement. He gave a reference to Judge Marco’s legal career, pointing out that his story was an inspiration to all young people who wanted to become lawyers. He pointed out that when Ricardo was 15, he already knew that he wanted to become a lawyer.

Judge Marco started his studies to become a lawyer in 1977 at PUC and graduated four years later. He went ahead to get a specialization at the masters level and a doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paolo. He joined PUC as a professor in 1983 and has been teaching there ever since. He got his tenure in 2003. He then went on to get a promotion to the court of appeals, where is he currently serving.

Besides being an exemplary judge and a respected professor of law, Judge Marco Antonio is also a dedicated writer. He has more than 40 books, journal articles and other pieces of literature to his name. Judge Marco spoke about the achievement with much humility. He thanked his colleagues at the university, his family and all his friends for their support and added that nothing in life is achieved alone. Many dignitaries in the legal sphere were present at the ceremony, and for Judge Antonio, this is a great highlight in his career.

Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club Fund Raising Event Sponsored by Lee May

Lee May is a proud sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The club has a state of the art gym dedicated to creating exceptional boxers. Lee May has decided to hold a 10K run for Nemesis to raise funds for a new minibus.

All of the funds donated to the campaign will be given to the boxing club. The goal of the campaign is to raise up to $20,000 for the minibus. The funds can be contributed to JustGiving. JustGiving is a crowdfunding platform that will track each donation.

The founders of the gym are Tony Petite and Steve Roach. Since the organization’s early beginnings in the 2000’s, Nemesis ABC has established a track record of success. Over the years, several of the gym’s boxers have won National Championships. Lee May has sponsored the organization to develop all aspects of their training program. The club also focuses on developing strong values within each of their boxers.

Successful students of the organization include Lewis Petite and Luke Gibb. Lewis Pitt is the son of Tony Petite, one of the founders of the gym. Lewis is currently a popular featherweight in the London boxing industry. While Luke Gibb is an up and coming boxer. He is currently focused on training to become a senior lightweight boxer.

Lee May is focused on developing residential companies. The company has experience with building residential sites. The company has a strong track record with building commercial buildings. Including managing multimillion dollar projects. Clients have access to a team with decades of experience in Construction Management, Land Acquisition, Building Design and Commercial Refurbishment. Lee may also has a track record of delivering projects on time and the ability to maintain good communication throughout each project. The companies lasted projects include a 25 unit apartment in Woolwich.


Terry Mandera:Transportation And Logistics Expert And Committed Philanthropist

Perry Mandera has worked in logistics and transportation for many years. He became involved with it while serving in the Marines. Mandera was responsible for transporting troops and supplies. At that point he realized the importance of service. After leaving the Marines, Perry Mandera was elected Chicago’s 26th ward’s Republican Ward Committeeman in 1984. He served his four year term with distinction and continued supporting community organizations and charities when his term was up. His focus was on helping children and the less fortunate by volunteering his time and donating money, clothing, transportation services and other resources.


Today, Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of the shipping and logistics business The Custom Companies, Inc. Drawing on the experience he gained in the Marines, he now serves customers throughout Illinois and all over the country. Over the course of his 40 year career he has earned many awards and accolades. They include being voted a “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association in 2000. He was chosen because of his expertise, the excellent work his company has done over the years and his charitable works.


At The Custom Companies Perry Mandera is known for continually incorporating the most effective, cutting-edge technologies to improve his business operations. That includes the latest logistics software and having in-house programmers and service professionals that ensure his facilities and fleet of vehicles are operating efficiently and at maximum capacity. As a result, he is always able to provide his customers with the high quality logistics and transportation services they need in a timely manner while meeting and exceeding shipping industry standards.


Perry Mandera says he is inspired by a variety of motivational speakers who have helped him unlock the potential of him and his staff. This has helped the company to be consistently recognized for excellent service. Mandera also credits his religious background, his military service and his family for acting as a compass that helps him navigate the many challenging situations he faces in his life and his business. His motto is ‘Do it right the first time.’


Jeff Aronin Makes a Positive Impact in the Field of Biotechnology through Paragon Biosciences

Health is a delicate factor when it comes to human life. Various health conditions have been emerging over the years. As a result, necessity always presents itself. Since necessity is the mother of invention, scientists are tasked with coming up with remedies for the various ailments. With that said, this context will be geared towards Jeff Aronin who is a renowned physician.


Background Data


Jeff Aronin has been a practicing physician for many years. As a result, he has been handling patients with varying medical conditions over the years. There came a time when Jeff Aronin had to make the tough call. Aronin had a patient who was suffering from a seizure. In this case, Jeff Aronin had the option of either using medicine or subjecting the child through a surgical procedure. Afterward, Jeff Aronin saw it fit to treat the child using medication since it was less risky.


After the child got better after being treated by Jeff Aronin, Mr. Aronin developed more passion towards his field of practice. Together with his team, Jeff Aronin has been able to perform groundbreaking forms of research. So far so good, the efforts by Jeff Aronin and his team have been able to yield fruits since they have been able to find cures to various ailments. The various cures have been commercialized and released out to the market. As a result, people have been able to get proper treatment for their various medical conditions.


Educational Background


Jeff Aronin undertook his higher education studies at the North Illinois University where he graduated with honors. Afterward, he progressed with his education, and he was able to graduate with an MBA from the DePaul University.


Additional Information


Jeff Aronin started out by working in the healthcare industry. Afterward, he decided to form Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. He, in turn, served as the chief executive officer of the company. The main agenda of the company was to come up with research that would help people with rare diseases. In his pursuit of helping people with special needs, Jeff Aronin also started investing in biotechnology companies. Due to his success in the field, multiple investors have followed suit, and they have been investing heavily in Paragon Biosciences. The investors are attracted by the dedication put forth by Jeff Aronin. With that said, it is clear to note that Jeff Aronin has been able to make a positive impact when it comes to healthcare.

Dr. Jorge Moll and The D’Or Institute of Research and Education

Dr. Jorge Moll is a respected medical professional in the country of Brazil. A piece of advice that he likes to give people is to not go back and forth with an idea in your head for too long. Either take action on it or discard it. If one does not take action then someone else might come up with the same idea and be able to capitalize on it. One of his ideas that he took action on was to develop a medical research institute that would concentrate on health care innovation and research in his home country of Brazil. That lead to him establishing the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. It is referred to as the IDOR.

Dr. Jorge Moll believes in being a very productive person. Dr. Moll holds many meetings with different people to discuss ways of improving medical care. At these meetings he believes that free expression is important and collaboration of ideas that can lead the way to new solutions for medical problems can be achieved.

Dr. Jorge Moll received a Medical Degree in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He also did a residency there. He also achieved a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo. He has always been passionate in trying to help people to achieve a good quality of life health wise.

A modern day topic that interests him is how artificial intelligence and human brains can work together to achieve goals. Gene therapy and regenerative medicine also is of interest to him. He believes that there are problems with today’s academia and pathways to progress in the field of medicine. He believes that the way these things are run today are hindering and not helping medical progress. He believes that the aspirations in the field are not high enough. There isn’t enough incentive to pursue high risk and long term ideas and strategies to propel the industry into the future. It is time to break with the old, safe way of doing things and simply take more risk. This could lead to better health cures.


IC System Company

Jack and Ruth Erickson co-founded IC Systems company. The company has its headquarters at St. Paul Minnesota. The primary target of the company is to offer ethical issues and honest with clients. The company has been in operation of three generations of Erickson’s family members.


The three generations of Erickson’s family members ensured that the family met the purpose of its creation. Many companies all over the world have appreciated these efforts. The company acquired a trophy as Finalist for Better Business Bureaus Touch Award For Ethics.


The company is known for innovation in industries. IC Systems is one of the leading companies in the provision of computer techniques. The company’s adherence and innovation skills keep it running up to today. IC Systems is committed to offering its services to the societies and across the globe.


The company offers charity services by donating money, time and its resources to the community. The employees from the company are encouraged to take part in the volunteer work organized by the company. Organizations such as American Red Cross, Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots have benefited from the donations of the company.


The company promotes useful and sustainable practices. IC Systems achieves its goals through communicating with partners, operation methods and analyzing the failure and success of the company. The level of management in the company is of high standards, especially on land and infrastructure.


IC Systems company have values that govern it in making the best decisions. The values concentrate on the culture and how the company carries out its businesses. The company has five central values which make it successful. These values are delivering performance and results, prioritizing opportunities, treating people with respect, fostering innovation and taking pride in the company’s work.


IC Systems motivates its workers by rewarding them after a good performance. Through this method, employees remain committed and give the best results of performance. The company offers employees chances of choosing among themselves the best coworkers for the reward.


IC Systems focuses on updating their practices up the standards required. The company manages the risk to minimize losses. Auditing and documentation are carried out after every month to get the stability of the company.