A Closer Look At The Amazing Legacy Of Dr. Saad Saad

When it comes to the world of pediatric surgery, there are few names that hold a greater level of weight than Dr. Saad Saad. He has risen to the top of the community and has worked in a wide range of New Jersey hospitals. As a surgeon in chief and co-medical director at K Hovnanian Children Hospital, he amassed a sizable amount of valuable experience.


These experiences shaped him tremendously and provided him with the tools that he would need in order to embrace one of the biggest opportunities a pediatric surgeon can receive. After graduating from Cairo University School of Medicine and working in America for several years, he was asked to serve as the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Arabian royal family.


The family had a very unique criteria that only Dr. Saad Saad was able to meet. They needed a pediatric surgeon that is fluent in Arabic and had passed a United States board certification exam. Dr. Saad Saad leaped at the opportunity to work with the royal family and he was also able to assist the community in various other ways.


The royal family allowed him to provide assistance to patients from all economic backgrounds. He was also given the chance to develop a residency program that local students would come to rely upon. In addition to providing valuable assistance to patients of the region, Dr. Saad Saad came up with inventions that were designed to remove much of the guesswork from surgical procedures.


He does not credit himself for coming up with these inventions. In his mind, necessity is the mother of invention and he was just the vessel for what took place. He was the first surgeon to develop a catheter that came with its own tracking mechanism. This allowed for him to treat medical conditions more easily and also provided patients with the ability to have fluids drained more quickly.


His second invention proved to be just as useful. He came up with a way to improve upon the endoscope and offer patients access to greater levels of medical assistance. When a patient is undergoing a more invasive surgery, the endoscope that Dr. Saad Saad uses allows the physician to take a closer look at what is taking place inside of the patient’s body.


Dr. Saad Saad’s story is proof that anyone can make if they set their mind to it. No one could have ever expected a Palestinian immigrant of extremely modest means to make it as far as he has and he is preaching the importance of insisting on your goals to all those who wish to emulate his achievements. He is also quick to remind the world about the importance of placing your fate in God’s hands. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Heal N Soothe Provides a Natural Alternative

As a supplement, Heal N Soothe gives people a chance to see there are things that will help them feel better about their own bodies. It’s something people benefit from on a regular basis and something Living Well Nutraceuticals feels good about when they’re offering people a chance to try the product. Since it’s an all natural product, people see the benefits of it when they make the choice to start using it. They also see there are things that help them through the difficult process of pain management. As long as Heal N Soothe is giving them the relief they need, they don’t need to worry about other problems.
While other medications and traditional supplements may give people negative side effects from the toxins in them, Heal N Soothe doesn’t have those same problems. In fact, the company works hard to promote positive results no matter what issues people face. It is their way of allowing everyone to have a chance at a better way of healing. It is also something they feel good about when they’re offering the products to people who have a lot of pain. Since Heal N Soothe does what they can to make the pain better, they know how they’re actually helping everyone.

Depending on the needs of everyone who uses Heal N Soothe, the supplement can give them positive results. They know what the results will be like and how people can make sure they’re getting the most relief from using it. As long as there are ways for people to make a difference and ways for everyone to get more from the products, Heal N Soothe knows what they need to do. They’ve always spent their time relying on customer feedback so people can see how good their products are. If they know what they’re doing, people can get more benefits from their products.

Even though there are times when people must rely on modern medicine, supplements still play a huge role in their healing. Supplements can help people feel better without negative side effects from medication. They also let people feel better about what they’re putting in their bodies. The point of using something like Heal N Soothe is giving everyone a chance to feel good and feel better without negative problems that could come from some medications people choose to use. It is Heal N Soothe’s goal to always allow people to try different things no matter the issues they have.

Sexual Abuse Victims Fight Back With Renowned Lawyer, Jeff Herman

There are very few lawyers within the United States that have done more for sexual abuse victims than Jeff Herman. Ranked as one of the top attorneys in his field, Jeff Herman has put together a case wins resume that is very hard to even fathom. At the top of his achievements list sits a legal victory against the Archdiocese of Denver and the Archdiocese of Miami, both of whom faced sexual abuse allegations. Another legal feather in Mr. Herman’s cap and likely his most noteworthy career victory is the $100 million dollar sexual abuse settlement that he brought against Rev. Neil Doherty. That massive settlement still to this day holds the record for the largest damages awarded against a church member who committed sexual abuse.

If you have ever visited Jeff Herman’s website, then you know that his firm, Herman Law, follows many of the nation’s leading sexual abuse legal issues. One such followed issue which has been widely discussed on social media platforms is the Child Victims Act. The act is currently pending a vote in the GOP ruled Senate. Brought to the forefront of public discourse by lifelong actor Corey Feldman and Olympic volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard, the Child Victims Act has garnered tons of limelight recently. With Feldman, Powers-Barnhard, and the New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators group pushing the Act forward, sexual predators could see all statutes of limitations for sexual abuse crimes thrown completely out the window. If passed into law, the Child Victims Act will make sexual abuse crimes similar to murder, in which there are zero time restrictions to file a civil or criminal case in court. Currently, US national law requires that sexual abuse crimes be taken to court within 5 years, whereas civil cases involving sexual abuse must be filed within 1-3 years depending on a range of circumstances.

Another hugely powerful component to the Child Victims Act is a retroactive stipulation that allows all sexual abuse crimes committed over the last 50 years to be tried both civilly and criminally. This aspect of the act could mean that US courts will see an absolute landslide of new sexual abuse claims being filed, assuming the act does pass in the Senate. As of today, it is widely thought by Jeff Herman that the act will pass, as the American public has grown tired of soft sexual abuse laws responsible for keeping serial predators like Bill Cosby out of a jail cell.

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Rodrigo Terpins, Rally Driver And Philanthropist

His name is Rodrigo Terpins and he is a remarkable rally driver hailing from the great country of Brazil. Terpins won a place on the podium in the 22nd Sertoes Rally. Brazil’s most important off-road event, the race exhibits several challenges only a skilled rally driver would be able to defeat. The race covered two states and seven stages in 2,600 kilometers. Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini, his partner, raced in Prototypes T1.

Terpins and Fabricio not only seized 8th position of 38 competitors, they also got a place on the podium. While reveling in their successful performance, Terpins stated teamwork was the essential component of success. The team of ten rally drivers gave all that they had to make sure they delivered an amazing performance. Terpins also said that the team had a nice test and challenging courses prior to the race. Additionally, the team required new equipment to display their outstanding performance. Check out 1000variedade.com

Rodrigo comes from a sports-loving family. His dad is Jack Terpins, who is a successful businessman who loves sports. Jack played basketball in Hebraica as a child. Furthermore, Jack Terpins had always supported the importance of engaging in sports at a young age. Brothers Rodrigo and Michael Terpins are proof that the apple indeed doesn’t fall very far off the tree. You can visit broadcast.com for more.

To reiterate the legacy of Terpins family talents, Rodrigo’s brother Michael is a well-known driver as well. Michael won Sertoes Rally 2nd stage. Winning took time practice and effort to get the fifth place overall in the entire competition.

Aside from racing in rallies, Rodrigo is a team leader of T5 Participacoes and has been for almost a decade. Additionally, Terpins is managing director at Lojas Maria. He’s been with them about 17 years. He’s mainly responsible for strategic planning, e-commerce and commercial automation.

Click here: https://vimeo.com/rodrigoterpins

Mike Baur- the Brain Behind Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a renowned businessman and an entrepreneur. Mike is a founding partner and director of Swiss Startup Factory. He is an experienced banker, having spent 20 years of his life working in the most renowned banks in Switzerland.


He has sat as a board member in well-known Swiss banks, a position that has made him a leader in his business venture at the Swiss Startup Factory.


From his childhood, Mike has always been passionate about banking and finance. He was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland and later went on to fulfill his passion.


Mike is a scholar who boasts of an executive MBA from Bern University as well as an MBA from the Rochester University. These qualifications have formed a foundation for his lifelong career in the banking sector.


In the year 2014, Baur`s entrepreneurial journey kicked off. He quit his banking career, then, together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister they founded Swiss Startup Factory. The factory is one of the top privately financed ICT early stages accelerator in Switzerland.


Mike sits on the jury at the START Summit, a pitching contest that is held at the University of St. Gallen. At the beginning of 2016, the Swiss Startup Company partnered with CTI, a merger that made him the deputy director at CTI.


The company runs an accelerator program with interest in promising digital entrepreneurs. Through its broad network around the globe and locally, the company is committed to providing high-end opportunities to startups.


In early 2016, Mike led his accelerator program with the Gold back group. Later on, in February of the same year, they partnered with Fintech fusion.


The objective of the program is to perfect innovator`s ideas to international standards. The company runs a three months accelerator program from which the ideas are rigorously tested and improved to make them competitive in the market.


Baur is the program financier and has hence seen many ICT inventors dreams actualized. Mikes efforts have attracted international recognitions. The Wall Street Journal profiled his story explaining deeper his banking career and entrepreneurship.


Mike has the heart for the youth in Switzerland. He spends most of his time participating in startup programs in the country as well as youth entrepreneurship. His company has formed an extensive network in Zurich. He is a mentor and a coach to most innovators on financial matters.


He provides an extensive network for the youth to connect and share ideas that help them in achieving their ambitions. Mike has a huge connection globally and locally making him ideal in what he does.


Meet Dr. Saad Saad: Once the Co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital, Surgeon-in-Chief, Inventor, and Patent holder, he gives important advice on how to be successful.

Even though Palestine was the place he was born, Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait. Having graduated with honors, he attended Cairo University of Medicine until 1971. He, then, came to the United States to complete his studies in surgery. He, also, spent time at the USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery. Currently retired, Dr. Saad Saad was a specialized surgeon at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Beach and Jersey Shore University Medical Center in New Jersey. When asked what advice he would give other, he stated, “If a poor Palestinian refugee can make it and be successful in American, you can too. Work hard and persevere!”


When in Kuwait and still in high school, Dr. Saad Saad made the decision to pick a profession where he could work indoors, unlike his older brothers who worked outside in construction. While attending his 3rd year as a medical student in Egypt, he bought a ticket to Beirut, Lebanon to take his ECFMG exam. This is what let him train further in the United States after he graduated. Dr. H Biemann Othersen was the pediatric surgeon that Dr. Saad Saad most admired and taught him the valuable lesson that all kids were equal and should be treated with the same kindness and concern.


Dr. Saad Saad has a technique when preparing for complicated tasks. He prefers no loud music, no personal talking in the operating room, and that he gets a good night’s rest as well as a good breakfast before any surgery. He, also, like to review the patient’s medical record, confirm what procedure is being done, and to review the steps involved in the procedure. This comes from his habit of being organized, which lets him be more efficient and not procrastinate any assignments he might have to do.


Research is something that Dr. Saad Saad takes very seriously and enjoys the new facts regarding advancements in genetics and DNA are allowing the medical field to create treatments that would have been impossible in the past, such as cancer. This is clearly noticeable considering the fact that on top of being a pediatric surgeon, he is a thoracic surgeon. He has treated several conditions such as: Choledochal Cyst, Chest Wall Deformity, Lymphadenopathy, and Pediatric Tumor. An additional specialty of his is Laparoscopic Surgery, surgery that is performed far from the actual surgical area through small incisions somewhere else in the body.


Although most people do not feel the same, Dr. Saad Saad believes that only God knows our fate. However, he additionally believes that achieving what you want to do is possible as long as you put the effort into getting there. A strong believer in Abraham Lincoln because of his views on how everyone is equal, Dr. Saad Saad stated, “We are all equal in the eyes of God. Through the eyes of a pediatric surgeon, I know that all people were created with the same heart, lungs, liver, intestines, and other organs, no matter that person’s race, color, or religion.” Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

Personalized Learning At Rocketship Education

Students who attend the Rocketship Education school are provided with the opportunity to be in a learning environment that caters to their particular needs. The high-performing alternative school operates in communities that are considered to be under-served or low-income, and its educators and leaders hold themselves accountable for how their students are progressing. Their teaching strategy consists of combining personalized learning with talent development while encouraging parental involvement. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2006, the school was first opened in the San Jose, California area in 2007, but in addition to being in the Bay Area, through expansion efforts over the last decade, there are several other Rocketship Education schools in places like Milwaukee, Nashville and Washington, DC., and due to its popularity because word of its effectiveness had spread, more than 400 parents who live in the Redwood, California area campaigned to have one of the schools built in their city.

Rocketship Education has a student body of 15,000, of which 85% are from low-income homes. There are approximately 1,000 employees within the innovative school, and some have said that they find it to be a great place to work, because of the fact that the leaders value their opinions and provide them with ongoing training that helps them serve the students better. They also stated that they like being part of a diverse environment and having appreciation days that celebrate the educators’ achievements. The non-profit academy is focused on giving students who have limited access to the best types of elementary schools an opportunity to get the same type of education that those who attend what are considered to be the most excellent institutions of learning receive.

After the first Rocketship Education school was opened in San Jose in 2007, it wasn’t long before 6 more of the charter schools were started in the same area over a 5 year period, due to its rising popularity. The leaders and employees of the school are considered to be the pioneers of personalized learning, and they are always finding ways to improve how they serve their students and communities.

Stellar’s Universal Financial Network, Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is a well-known programmer and cryptocurrency expert. There is no dispute in his contribution to the cryptocurrency world like starting the first Bitcoin exchange Mr. Gox. Over the years he has recognized that the global financial system has very notable flaws. This revelation would lead Jed to teaming up with Joyce Kim to cofound Steller Development Foundation in 2014. Stellar being focused on increasing economic participation and inclusion in a Universal Financial Network.

The idea for Stellar came from understanding that many problems that can be solved using a distributed database, the technology behind Bitcoin. Creating a digital currency was just the beginning and the need for connecting financial institutions is the next step. This is where Stellar comes into the scene, being an open source financial network designed to connect financial institutions together. Through Stellar, Jed aims to help institutions reach out to the unbanked population of the world. This will be done through the linked institutions being able to offer more affordable services.

Jed has already seen Stellar implemented in financial infrastructure across the world. Through businesses, financial organizations, and nonprofits. With Stellar’s implementation seeing success it has garnered special interest in the developing nations. Where substantial portions of the local population are unbanked and makes up most of the world’s unbanked population.

Jed McCaleb and his team have made significant upgrades to the Stellar Network in terms of its security, scalability, and how modular it is, since its inception in 2014. The addition of SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) to enhance the Security of Stellar Network is one of these upgrades. Another one would be the approach Stellar has taken with Smart Contracts. Which utilizes two main components namely batch operations and multi-signature support. Many of these upgrades are developed through the participation of the Stellar Network Community, because Stellar is a Community run network.

When it comes to Success Jed believes that to putting the time and effort to development of solid planning and strategies. Believing that without a focused plan you cannot succeed if you set the wrong goals in the first place.

Hussain Sajwani Is Excited About Social Media And Its Affect On Marketing

Hussain Sajwani educated himself by studying Economics and Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington. He started a catering business in 1982 that became a successful business and that has reached the world, serving the Middle East as well as Africa. He is a pioneer when it comes to property market expansion in the Dubai area, and he has done well with all of the ventures that has undertaken. Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. He is a man who has worked hard to get to the place that he is at and who deserves all of the success that he has found.


Hussain Sajwani is someone who knew that he would be able to make good money working for himself and that is why he got started creating a business of his own. He has shared that he grew up working for a family business and that the experiences that he had when he was young helped to lead him to live out the life that he did as an adult. He started his catering business because he knew that he could do well in working for himself. From there, he started another business because of a growing interest in the real estate world.


When asked about a trend that excites him, Hussain Sajwani shared that he is interested in the digital marketing and social media world. He has grown excited in watching social media as it has changed through the years. He is excited to see where it will go in the future. Hussain Sajwani likes the communication aspect that is a part of digital marketing and the social media landscape. He enjoys seeing the dialogue that takes place in the social media world. He is anxious to see what will happen in the future when it comes to social media and its affect on marketing.

Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC believes DAMAC is yet to achieve its Full Potential

DAMAC Properties is a renowned company working in the global real estate scene. The owner of DAMAC is Hussain Sajwani. The company recently launched its latest development Business Bay, Rěva Residences. The luxurious development consists of elegant apartments overlooking the magnificent Dubai Canal.


The apartments are strategically located within the Business Bay which is a vibrant part of Dubai. It comprises of businesses as well as leisure and entertainment spots that give it an excellent setting. The Rěva Residences’ design and features stand out in the neighborhood offering a marvelous modern facet. The locality has plenty of open spaces and waterside paths ideal for jogging, cycling, and walking. Also, the world’s largest mall is a few minutes away.


According to the Sr. Vice President of DAMAC Properties, Niall McLoughlin, the development is reasonably priced considering its location and inherent features. Rěva Residences also have a complete 24-hour concierge and reception. Other amenities include steam and sauna rooms, temperature-controlled swimming pool, and children’s play area among others. Interested individuals will get more information about the apartments during a full-day sale to be held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers.


Although DAMAC Properties has many state-of-the-art developments to its name, it is yet to reach its full potential. It is a belief that is shared by the Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC. He plans to spread the incredible developments to major cities and areas of the world. It explains the continued growth of the company in its portfolio that also includes hospitality and insurance.


The owner of DAMAC got into the entrepreneurial scene after starting a catering business. He got contracts to supply the US military as well as other companies in the energy sector. He gradually sharpened his entrepreneurial skills and ventured in real estate.


Despite coming from a humble background, his entrepreneurial intellect can be traced back to his family. His father owned a shop besides dabbling a bit in real estate. Sajwani’s mother also sold fabric and other household goods. However, he resolved to pursue formal education instead of joining the family business.


Sajwani’s breakthrough came after the decree to allow foreigners own property in the Emirates. He developed apartments which he later sold to non-Emiratis. DAMAC made history after being the first real estate company from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. The owner of DAMAC is also well known for his philanthropic works. He has offered donations to organizations dealing in promoting the welfare of children, health, as well as other humanitarian needs.