January, 2017

FreedomPop Review | Saving Money with Fast Wireless Internet

Are you a low-data user who finds the cost of data packages from various companies to be exorbitant? You are in luck for FreedomPop offers you an opportunity to save money on internet. It is not only cheap, but it is free, at least for the first year. So, if you are wondering if FreedomPop is just another scam and if it might really help you save some money, then you can read our FreedomPop review and make an informed decision.



How it Works


If you want to subscribe for wireless internet services from FreedomPop, you can visit their website and check whether your various browsing devices meet their requirements. If not, check for a list of mobile phones recommended. You will find that they sell them on their website. The latter is the best option as it helps you avoid the FreedomPop service fee. Next, you need to create an online account and link your device to it. The last step will involve following some tutorials for the setup of FreedomPop internet. From there, you are free to enjoy their free internet.



Packages and Prices


  • Free Data


For the very first year, after your subscription, you get 200 minutes talk time and 500MB data to be used in messaging and browsing. This means that every message sent eats into your data. After the first year, you can continue getting this service package at $10.99 only per month.



  • 500MB Data


If you would like to continue with the FreedomPop services, you can opt for the 500MB data plan. This allows you one free month which is followed by $10.99 monthly payments. This amount gets you 500 MB data, unlimited talk time and texts.



  • 1GB Data


After the free data period, you can also choose the 1GB data plan. This is beneficial for users that cannot be considered heavy or light. Every month you will be charged $19.99 to continue enjoying this plan, which also comes with unlimited talk time and texts.



Service Description


Paying for FreedomPop is on a month-to-month basis. This means that, if you want to cancel your subscription at the end of the month, you can freely do so. FreedomPop does not involve any contract, hence subscribers can cancel whenever they wish. Also, it is important to note that no charges apply when you cancel




Securus Sets the Record Straight on Innaccuracies Contained in the GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies, a top provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections, has come forward to set the record straight on the press release issued by GTL on June 7, 2016. According to Securus Technologies, GTL gave a number of statements that were inaccurate and misleading and they released this press statement to offer clarification on some of these allegations.



GTL Allegations and Securus Clarifications



GTL claimed that a recent decision by the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board regarding its US Patent No. 7,256,816 allows it to move forward and seek damages and injunctions against Securus. Securus clarified this position stating that the case pending before the Texas federal court has been stayed meaning that GTL cannot move forward and seek any reliefs. GTL further claimed that it would be seeking damages and an injunction if granted that will require the immediate cessation by Securus Technologies of using the patented technologies of GTL especially on the video visitation platform. Securus maintains that it is not using any patented technologies belonging to GTL and hence there os no infringement or need for an injunction.



Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies stated that GTL appreciated the fact that litigation involving patents takes a longer time and is costly. This explains why they have resorted to this type of litigation. However, Securus will continue defending itself from attacks and assert its own patents. Rick is still waiting for GTL to respond to his technology challenge.



About Securus Technologies



Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and serves over 3,450 law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies. It also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates found in North America and has a high commitment to serving and connecting by offering incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, inmate self-service, monitoring and communication products and services. Securus seeks to make the world a better place to live in by connecting what matters.


There’s No Competing With FreedomPop’s Low Prices

Competition in the wireless world is very heavy, which is why many of the wireless giants are always competing amongst one another. FreedomPop has very little need to compete because their prices speak for itself and are some of the lowest prices that can be found with any wireless services. FreedomPop also gives many people the option of only getting as much data as they need for a cell phone plan or for an Internet service plan. FreedomPop even gives free services away for both their cell phone service and Internet service. Those with the free cell phone service plan only need a phone to get the service.


Obtaining the free service is as easy as signing up for it, which can be done both online or within a retail store that works with FreedomPop. Having a sim card is necessary for anyone who is bringing over a GSM phone that’s no longer locked to its original carrier, but anyone with a Sprint phone can always make the switch to FreedomPop with no problem. Those who have a sim card from FreedomPop can also use the sim card in many different international locations, and FreedomPop is adding destinations to their list all the time.


The free service for cell phones will contain 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data. The paid plan for $10.99 will also contain 5 MB of data but will have unlimited text messages and talk time. Both the free plan and the paid plan come with the exact same amount of data, which means that there is an automatic top up for each plan of $10 each time the data goes down to 100 MB or less. Anyone can turn off the automatic top up option by going into their account and doing so, but they may have to pay for data separately.


Any extra data used over the 500 MB for either service will cost two cents per megabyte unless a customer is using Wi-Fi services to gain extra data. A FreedomPop review offers information on their Wi-Fi service for only five dollars, and the service can be used as much as possible to get unlimited data for a cell phone. Another option for unlimited data is getting the unlimited everything plan for only five dollars per month, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99 and comes with 1 GB of 4G LTE data.

Pattiz blazes trail

WWE star Chris Jericho is setting the podcasting world ablaze. The podcasting network that Jericho is a part of, PodcastOne Network, is readying itself to launch a new show, that many heavy industry figures are banking on to be a home run.


The show, called, “Beyond Darkness,” is about the paranormal world, something that many Americans are fascinated by. The show will be led by two veteran podcasters and experts in supernatural activity, author and radio host Dave Schrader, and radio producer and host Tim Dennis.


Jericho, never one to stay quiet for long, finds it difficult to hide his excitement about the podcast’s debut. In a statement provided to the media, Jericho remarked how excited he was to listen to podcast episodes while being a bit fearful as well. Ghosts and goblins, it seems, spook the wrestler more than his competitors in the ring were ever able to.


The show will feature the two hosts debating supernatural experiences like aliens, haunted houses, spirits, devils, exorcisms and more. New episodes will appear every Monday, and they will be released on iTunes, Sound Cloud, and the network’s own app, PodcastOne.


While Chris Jericho is outspoken in his support of the new podcast and is happy that the network he’s a part of has already cornered the wrestling industry, he’s overjoyed that the network is diversifying and expanding into other areas.


While Chris Jericho’s efforts have been important, none of this would be happening if it were for one-man in particular, that’s spent his life mostly behind the scenes: Norman Pattiz.


Before diving into podcasting, Pattiz carved out a much-celebrated career in the radio industry. But Pattiz saw where the industry was heading: online. The Millennials and Generation X listeners were migrating over to podcast, which listeners can easily download and listen to at their leisure. More and more car manufacturers, moreover, were installing internet connections into vehicles. This ensured that drivers could listen to podcasts in their car.


Pattiz, consequently, made his way into podcasting. In 2012 he founded his PodcastOne Network. The network grew exponentially in its first years. By 2017 it had already grown into the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the country. Some of the nation’s top podcasters, Like Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, have podcasts that call Pattiz’s network home. Forbes Magazine published a multi-page feature about Pattiz and his entrepreneurial exploits last year.

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Norman Pattiz and the Jericho Network Launch “Beyond the Darkness”


On Dec. 19 2016 PodcastOne CEO Norman Pattiz announced the newest show for the “Jericho Network” lineup. “Beyond the Darkness” will examine the paranormal and offer discussion of the latest research into the paranormal. It will include guests who are world renowned experts in the various sub-fields of paranormal research. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader, and author and radio host, as well as host and producer Tim Dennis. The show will be released online, via the app, and on iTunes every Monday.


Norman Pattiz said that Chris Jericho was a “jewel” of the PodcastOne Network. He also stated that the plan for the Jericho Network was also to reach out beyond wrestling podcasts and to do more with other types of programming, such as “Beyond the Darkness.”


Chris Jericho praised the addition of “Beyond the Darkness” He said that the hosts were top of the line broadcasters in the field of the paranormal. Jericho cited their large fanbase and ability to bring in researchers and guests who are renowned in the various fields of paranormal investigation. Jericho stated that he believed their audience would grow on the Jericho Network.


PodcastOne is the number advertiser-supported network. It was founded by Norman Pattiz. It features over two hundred programs hosted by a variety of talent including Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, and many others.


Norman Pattiz is a well known name in broadcasting. He founded Westwood One which grew to become the largest radio network. It provided content from NBC, CNN, CBS, as well as the NFL. Mr. In 2010, Mr. Pattiz, introduced Courtside Entertainment Group and recently founded the PodcastOne network in 2012. PodcastOne quickly became the leading advertiser-supported podcast network.


Mr. Pattiz was also appointed to the Broadcast Board of Governors in 2000 by then President Clinton and reappointed to the position in 2002 by President Bush. The Broadcast Board of Governors oversees the nonmilitary U.S. broadcasting services which include The Voice of America and Radio Liberty, plus many others. In 2009 Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

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Benefits of Refinancing your Automobile

Refinancing your car may seem like a daunting task but many people flourish under a refinanced policy. Most people select the easiest rates and offers at the dealership with the excitement of getting a new car, not reading the full terms of agreement. However many things can set your interest rate at a better standard for your budget such as improved credit, lower interest rates, being offered a bad interest rate to begin with, or the need to reduce monthly payments.



An Improved Credit Score

Credit scores change daily. It is a range of scores that shows how worthy you are with payments, and can fluctuate at any time making it a good and bad tool for the average adult. When you were first making payments your credit score may not have been as great as it is now resulting in heavier payments in the long run.

Check on your credit on trusty sites such as credit karma or your local bank branch. Not only will it be good to check up on your score but you can seriously drop the high rates against your policy.


Lower Interest Rates

Today interest rates are among the best they’ve been in a while. Although it may not as shifted as high as you liked, your interest rate may have dropped significantly. Especially if you’re a new driver, dealerships love to drop a high rate seeing a high risk of giving you a car. And if you have an untouched credit score, your interest rate will go down since you are a “low risk” borrower.


You May Have Been Offered a Bad Interest Rate

Like many people, picking up a new car at the dealership can be an extremely exciting time in your life. Younger people are especially at high risk since some dealerships see it as a great time to take advantage of them. Or, if you didn’t do your homework on current rates in your are you can be paying more than you like.

The best time to refinance is after one year of payments, especially if you think you were offered a bad deal. Not do you only show the dealership you are a trusty borrower but your credit score will go up as well and you can say “slash my payments!” One of the top auto refinancers are Ignition Financial. They work hard to find you the lowest rate and have a friendly and courteous staff.

Good News for Squaw Valley Concerning Water Quality

Since the news about bacteria was detected in the drinking water in the Upper Mountain area, The Placer county department of environmental health of Squaw Valley has been investigating the situation. Wesley Nicks, the director, stated they acted immediately and are getting positive results from treating the water. Although out of four wells, only some bacteria remains in one, and that is still a problem that is being addressed with priority. All precautions are being taken. Drinking the water is banned from skiers in the area. Many of the local restaurants in Squaw Valley have been shut down. Those restrictions will be in place until the water levels are cleared. Thus far, no sickness has been reported to the hospitals from any contamination of the water. The problem with the contamination occurred during the summer when a new water system was installed. It was not near any water systems that was in the area for consumption by the public. Squaw Valley are still working with great care to make sure this area is clear as the regular water that is used by the public. The resort is determined to make the safety of the guest of Squaw Valley their number one priority. They are providing all of the customers with free bottled water as gifts when the matter is fully resolved and the water safety is again at the highest levels.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw_Valley_Ski_Resor

Strategies employed by Nathaniel Ru to make sweetgreen successful

Mention Sweetgreen in the U.S. and people start thinking about organic, fresh and healthy food. The brand, which was co-founded by Nathaniel Ru with the help of Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, caught the attention of big investors, including Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, who have worked together with the young minds to establish 40 eateries spread throughout the country.


The three partners started off as classmates in college, studying a Tech course, and decided to open a restaurant immediately after graduating back in 2007. They were driven by the fact that nor a single restaurant in the area, specialized in fresh and organic food. Little did they know that this would grow to become a trademark of one of the best eateries in the area. They were further motivated when the restaurant managed to run even when students were on vacation, and when the campus was empty.


The business would, of course, not be as successful as it is now, without superior and strong strategies. For instance, each year, the head offices close up to five times and those working there are expected to serve in the various eateries spread across the country, just to get close to the customer, and to get to know what the needs of the clients are. To add to this, the company has no specific headquarters. This is because, according to Ru, they are looking to decentralize their corporate work, and avoid being biased towards one specific area. For this reason, the owners are bicoastal and work to grow the chain of restaurants in every part of the nation.


To fulfill their objective to avoid food wastage, the company gets foods that the farmers have, rather than just asking for a crop. This way, all the food produced by farmers would get to be used. Apart from that, this strategy enables clients of Sweetgreen to enjoy foods they may have never tasted before. Ru gives an instance of the broccoli leaves that the firm serves at times. A farmer in Salinas supplies the vegetables. He got the deal after Ru visited his farm, and found out that the broccoli leaves were being returned to the ground after the fruits had been harvested. The farmer stated that this was so, because nobody cared to eat the veggies.


About Nathaniel Ru

Ru believes that people should take food that fits. It is this belief that compelled him to start Sweetgreen, even after graduating with a degree that doesn’t relate to it. In addition to this, he started sweetlife, an annual food festival that has grown to become one of the biggest in the region. Over 20,000 people attend the festival, including renowned chefs and popular music celebrities.

The Benefits of Capital Anesthesiology Association

When it comes to providing the best in Anesthesia Support, Capital Anesthesiology Association is a step ahead of the field. The organization has been around since 1973 and it’s grown dramatically over the years as one of the biggest independent practice of physicians specializing in anesthesiology. As of today there are well over 80 physicians here as well as up to 130 certified registered nurse anesthetics. (CAA) covers a broad range in the Austin Metropolitan Area with up to 20 Medical Facilities. This includes:

  • High Acuity Hospitals
  • Level 1 Trauma Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Each one of the center’s physicians are board certified or in active pursuit of certification. The general public is in great hands no matter the case. Having went through extensive training, (CAA) physicians are specialized in Cardiothoracic, Obstetric, and Pediatric Anesthesiology. The national quality benchmarks have been set and Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the apex thanks to it’s ethical practice and clinical excellence. Patients will receive a safe and comfortable experience from the services as all members of staff works in unison to make this possible.

Capital Anesthesiology Association great administrative staff services to support any and all patients when dealing with insurance carriers. This action ensures the patients of a much smoother process without all of the added headaches. All in all, this organization is hands-down one of the best anesthesiology support services in the U.S. and it’s revolutionizing the industry for the better.

Follow them on Twitter: @capanesth