March, 2017

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Dedication to Providing Quality Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a leading Puerto Rican Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organization dedicated to providing healthcare related services. The organization operates leading healthcare plans in the region including MMM Healthcare Inc., PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. MMM, and Inc. PMC. It has over 7,500 service providers serving over 200,000 individuals. InnovaCare has a commitment of providing the healthcare services to all it members. It also has two Medicaid plans within the Government Health Plan and is the only Medicare that offers NCQA-accredited plans.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the pioneers of the Medicare network plan that is now very common in Puerto Rico. He started as the Chief Executive Officer of MMM Healthcare and the PMC Medicare Choice. In his career path, he also served as the chief medical officer and chief operating officer at the Medical Pathways Company.

Rick has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years with his main area of specialization being the clinical healthcare solutions. He joined InnovaCare in 2008 when it was still known as the Aveta Inc. after joining the organization; he launched several successful programs, all of which saw the organization reach many underserved patients.

Rick’s Formula for Success

Rick has a lot of plans for the organization with the aim of educating patients on healthcare plans while at the same time providing support to their families. His efforts to providing better patient experience were recognized by ‘A Tribute to Caring’ where he scooped the Access to Caring Award. Rick believes in including a robust and experienced management team to help him in achieving the organization’s goals

Penelope Kokkinides

Mid 2016, the healthcare announced additional to their leadership plan with the aim of adding skills to enable the organization to realize success amidst the complex and ever-changing healthcare environment. Among those appointed is Penelope Kokkinides who was named the chief administration officer. She has ample experience in the field having worked in the government’s Medicare and Medicaid for over two decades.

Penelope’s Experience

Penelope has several years of experience and has served in executive positions for other organizations. During her days in Centerlight HealthCare where she was the chief operating officer and the executive vice president, Penelope was responsible for managing the overall strategic direction of the care division. Visit Penelope’s website at

She has also worked as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health and Americhoice as the Corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management. Her expertise range from managing healthcare processes, developing clinical programs, and improving efficiency and organizational infrastructure.

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The Life And Career Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a businesswoman who owns one of the most well-known beauty companies, Lime Crime. Here is more information about the entrepreneur and her company.

Early Life And Her Start

Deere was born and raised in Russia, but she moved to the USA at the age of seventeen. She once said her formative years were mainly spent in Russia, NYC and Los Angeles. Deer is known for being ambitious and for her imagination, which she had since she was a child. One of her dreams was to become a musician and when she moved to NYC, she became one.

As she spent her time being a musician, she learnt a lot about marketing and she credits her dream of being a musician as how she got her start.

Lime Crime

In 2004, Deere started an eBay account by the name of limecrime. She started it for her DIY fashion line and eventually she started using colorful makeup, which she became known for. In 2008, she officially launched Lime Crime.

One of the reasons why Lime Crime is popular is because of the standards they have set for the industry, in terms of performance and quality. The company is also certified Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Lime Crime’s products are sold in select stores, but they can be purchased online. All a person has to do is choose what products they want and place their order. Afterwards, Lime Crime will fulfill and then ship the order to the customer’s doorstep. Lime Crime makes it easy for consumers to order their products.

Advice To Younger Women

Deere is known for empowering women and her advice to younger women is to follow their heart. She is a firm believer that every single person has something special, such as a unique skill or quality that makes them unique. Deere believes when a person tunes into that, then they will reach their fullest potential.

For those who are interested in learning more about Doe Deere and/or Lime Crime, can visit Lime Crime’s website That is also where they can learn more about the products they carry.

Jason Hope Hopeful For The Future

Not many people know what “The Internet Of Things” is. Jason Hope does, and according to him, we better get on board really fast. The Internet Of Things is an odd way of putting synchronization.

When people think of syncing, they typically think about smart phones and PCs, but not Jason. When Jason Hope thinks about syncing, he’s thinking about everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances.

Hope says that The Internet of Things is becoming the biggest investment that the big corporations are taking on. While smart technology may seem to be just a convenient utility, Hope believes it’s going to become imperative in the years to come. With more and more corporations incorporating smart technology, it’s making the smaller businesses have to keep up and start incorporating this smart technology themselves.

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No one likes to waste time, just watch people waiting in lines. Time management is crucial in our daily lives. The incorporation of smart technology and The Internet of Things in our daily lives has the potential to save us time and make life a bit easier on the day-to-day basis.

Jason Hope is leading the way for The Internet of Things and smart technology to be incorporated in more ways than just daily life. Hope is greatly involved with the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation does a lot of research primarily in anti-aging treatments. While most companies research for cures to diseases, SENS focuses on the preventative side of medicine. Hope says that medicine “isn’t just about treating, but preventing.”

Betsy DeVos Impact and Achievements

Betsy Davos is an American businesswoman, a politician and a member of Republican Party. She is well known for her advocacy of school voucher programs, School choice, charter schools and also ties to the reformed Christian community. She is also a reformer. While at Calvin College, she undertook her vocation and involved herself with the campus politics and has remained politically active up to date. She has led a variety of campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. On the other hand, she has served as chairperson for Michigan Republican party for six years, which has given her experience in the different sectors as well as politics.

On business matters, she focuses on the innovative solution to the social problems. She also serves as the chairperson of Windquest Group, which is a private multi-company operating group that highly invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mrs. Devos peruses her reforms through some nonprofit roles and is a member of several local and national boards such as Mars Hill Bible Church, Devos Institute for Arts Management, Kids Hope, as well as the Foundation for excellence in education. She is the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, Alliance for school choice and American Federation for children. The couple has quite a high profile dynasty and has also been the key player in issues to do with politics of Republican Party for many years. The act has enabled them to have a great impact both locally and internationally.

Dick and Betsy Family Foundation donated $11.6 million in the year 2015 towards charitable contribution. This donation doubled the $5.3 million donated to the campaign for the past five years. The political donation is quite small as compared to the charitable contribution which totals to about $139 million over her lifetime. Betsy and his husband Dick’s philanthropy lifestyle puts education on the front line. In 2015, the couple allocated about $3 million towards education, accounting for 26 percent of charitable donations that year. The foundation awarded around 3 percent which was equivalent to $357,000 to education reform supporting group. The couple’s way of spending gives quite a clear reflection on how the improvement of education has been given priority. Through the donation, kids from wrong ZIP codes have benefited since they can have access to education and also attain the America dream. The primary goal of Betsy Devos is to better education system by empowering great talented teachers as well as administrators so as to become more efficient and effective. Quite some schools have highly benefited from the donation including Compass College, Detroit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Dick Devos’ Alma mater Northwood University, Ferris state university and Rehoboth Christian School.

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USHEALTH Group is the Definite Leader in Health Insurance Coverage

USHEALTH Group was founded over a half a century ago in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm is a mother company two subsidiary insurance companies: the premier Freedom Life Insurance and the well-regarded National Foundation Life Insurance Company. Through these two companies, USHEALTH offers insurance solutions to their clients. In an industry filled with many insurance providers, USHEALTH Groups stands out for their diversified insurance covers & affordable covers for all people in all social classes. The firm is also characterized by its ability to hold onto clients and create long-time relationships with them in a field believed to have low customer loyalty. The company’s main insurance plans are Premier Vision and Secure Dental.

The Premier Vision Package

This package takes care of the visually challenged individuals. It comes with over 70,000 independent and retail opticians. Therefore, clients have the opportunity to choose the provider that best suits their needs. It is easy to use and saves money. The package has three different plans: Comprehensive eye exam, frames, and corrective standard lenses. Clients in the first package are entitled to a comprehensive eye examination once per year, those in the second package are entitled to one corrective contact lens, and those in the third plan are entitled to both the corrective contact lenses and frames once per year. Details are available at

The Secure Dental

This package covers the clients’ dental health. Under this package, there are three plans namely Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, and Saver Plan. Under the three packages, the clients are deducted $50 for an individual and $150 for the family, but those under the first package pay an extra $150 as an orthodontic fee. Clients under the first package are entitled to an insurance of $1,500 per year and $400 orthodontic insurance. For the second package, the clients get a maximum of $1000 per year. The third package provides $500 per year.

Awards won by CEO McQuagge

Troy McQuagge, who has won three awards in the last six months, is the executive chairperson of USHEALTH Group’s leadership team. He won the Most Innovative CEO Award as well as the CEO of the year in the Insurance category last year.

The Solution in MB2 Dental Solutions

This is a dental service association that works hand in hand with affiliated dentists and practice owners in the United States. There are over 70 affiliated locations in 6 states. They provide attached offices a suite of services to help them work better in control of patient care and standards of care without being distracted.

The MB2 Dental affiliated dental offices are perfectly running every facet of the practice and strive to maintain 100% clinical autonomy.

Associate dentists can make good use of the network offered by MB2 solutions for mentoring, learning and clear growth opportunities to develop their careers by adding useful skills.

The vision of the founders of the project was to develop a community where dentists can do what they do best in a favorable environment. It was aimed at helping clients with the business aspects of their practice and funneling all their energy into the needs of their patients.

The mission was to provide affiliated owners with experts who have vast knowledge, guidance and personalized systems used to handle non-clinical tasks of running good business, and at the same time focus on patient care.

The leadership team is headed by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is the CEO and founder of the company. Previously, he had been an associate dentist, an advocate for the doctor focused practice model, associate dentist trainer and mentor, dental director and practice owner.

Dr. Villanueva is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the dental profession, and has made the business a form of guidance to maintain doctor clinical autonomy.

Justin Puckett is the president of the business. He has had vast experience in the field having served as transaction attorney for Andrews Kruth, an executive position at a dental practice management company in Texas.

Justin Caroll is the chief operating officer. Earlier, he had worked as a private equity investor and strategy and operations improvement consultant. He has as well worked in Highland Capital Management under the Private Equity Group as a director. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

Mark Fuller is the Chief financial officer. He has previous vast experience in other fields. He had been the chief financial officer for ClearChoice Management services, which is also involved in the Dental field. He was also a senior financial officer for Caesars World, Knowledge Learning Corporation and BrightStar Education.

Other members of the leadership team include Martha Alikacem who works as Chief Revenue Officer, Jake Berry as Vice President of Business Development and Mayra Vazquez as vice president of information Technology and Procurement.

Former Hawks Management Group Sues AIG for Breach of Contract

The previous management group of the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has opened a case against New Hampshire Insurance Company. In the lawsuit, the former Hawks management group (AHBE) accuses the insurance firm of failing to compensate claims that previous general manager made. AHBE consisted of Bruce Levenson who held the position of controlling partner. The current management group led by Tony Ressler is not involved in this lawsuit.

AHBE filed this case in the Fulton County’s Superior Court on September 13 against the insurance provider also known as AIG. The lawsuit accuses the insurance provider of misconduct and breach of contract. According to AHBE, the policy it obtained from AIG protected it from employment practices’ losses, including workplace misdemeanors and wrongful termination. The court documents show that AHBE notified the Insurance Company on April 2, 2015, that its former general manager had filed claims.

AHBE signed a deal with the Ressler-led ownership group on June 22, 2015, that saw it sell the NBA franchise for an undisclosed amount. The announcement of the buyout agreement was made public two days later.

A review of the lawsuit

AHBE has not disclosed the amount it is claiming from AIG. In the lawsuit, former Hawks ownership group state that AIG has declined to accept that a claim was filed. It has also refused to offer compensation. The lawsuit indicates that the claims made by the former general manager are within AIG’s policy coverage. However, AIG has blatantly refused to pay the insured loss without substantial explanation.

Levenson’s career and philanthropic activities

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the former owner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Company. Levenson also served as a representative of the Hawks on the NBA Board. Levenson is an alumnus of the Washington University of St. Louis and the American University. Bruce Levenson enlisted the help of Ed Peskowitz in establishing United Communications Group, a franchise involved in a variety of businesses. Levenson sits on the Tech Target’s executive committee. He also supports various charity organizations such as I Have a Dream Foundation, the U.S Holocaust Museum, the Jewish Federation, and the SEED Foundation.

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Securus Technologies Invents Great Technology Again

There are many reasons that Securus Technologies is known as the leader in the safety industry, and one of them is because of the technologies that they create. Their latest one is the Wireless Containment Solution. This technology is helping correction facilities all across the country with keeping the crime rates down with prisoners using cell phone and devices to connect to the network in order to commit crimes with people on the outside.


With the Wireless Containment Solution, the facility owners can find the people that are trying to use the cell phones and devices to commit crimes by contacting people on the outside. Securus Technologies is proud that they could create this technology, and that it assists in keeping the people safe. Other companies tried to a program work, but they were not successful because they did not have the ability to create the successful technology.


The company wants the public to know more about what they do, so they have invited them to a presentation and tour of the business unit that is located in Dallas, TX. People will be able to ask questions, and see the latest work that the company is doing. They will also find out how important this company is to the safety field, and they will want to follow what their latest accomplishments will be in the future.


Securus Technologies employees are dedicated to what they do. They are experienced experts in the field, and they want to make the world a safer place of all people to be able to live and work in. In the future, the company will create even more technologies every week that will assist in keeping everyone safer on a regular basis. Since they deal in the civil and criminal sectors of justice and law, they are able to help in many ways. Making it a point to complete each mission that they go on in an excellent way, they are in demand across the country, and respected throughout the world for their work and expertise. The company stands firm on completing their mission to make the world a safer place.