May, 2018

The Chainsmokers Honor Avicii Twice During 2018 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Awards were held on Sunday night at the MGM Grand Hotel located in Las Vegas. The most anticipated performance was by Janet Jackson, who also received the Billboard Icon Award. Janet performed all of her greatest hits, including “What have you done for me lately.” It was her first music award performance in more than 10 years.

Hosted by pop star Kelly Clarkson, the award ceremony did not include the typical “comedian” theme. In fact, Kelly started the show recognizing the recent tragedy in Santa Fe Texas, where eight students and two adults lost their lives after a shooter entered the high school. In lieu of a moment of silence, Kelly asked for everyone watching to take action and to love one another.

Soon after Kelly left the stage, The Chainsmokers; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, along with Halsey, were announced as presenters for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018. Before presenting the award to winner Luis Fonsi for “Despacito,” Drew took a moment to recognize the passing of music producer and DJ, Avicii. On April 20, 2018, EDM fans were shocked to learn of his death. He was only 28 years old. According to Avicii’s family, the death was the result of suicide. Avicii’s real name is Tim Berling.

Drew stated, “Avicii was an artist who inspired so many in so many ways and meant so much to us and the EDM community.” It’s unclear if any of Avicii’s unreleased music will still reach the music industry. It is currently being decided by the president of his label, Geffen Records.

The Chainsmokers returned to the stage later in the ceremony to accept the award for Top Dance/Electronic. Drew picked up where he left off as a presenter, by continuing to pay tribute to Avicii. They dedicated the first-time award to Avicii and gave recognition for his contribution to the duo deciding to continue with EDM music. In a heartfelt acceptance speech, Drew said, “[Avicii] inspired all of us, influenced our music and influenced pop music in general.”

In April, the Chainsmokers released the fourth single from their current album, “Memories…Do Not Open.” The Chainsmokers have won two American Music Awards and five iHeartMusic Awards. The group recently celebrated over one billion listeners on Spotify.

Ronald Fowlkes  Hard Work and Dedication Makes him Good at Everything He Does

Ronald Fowlkes currently works in the position of Business Development Manager with the Eagle Industries Unlimited. The company offers security services to many different agencies around the world. Since Ronald Fowlkes has extensive training in Marine, he is responsible for the preparation of the personnel using the gears. He was one of the top officers with the Navy-Marine Corps and also has experience working for the Department of Defense for many years. After retiring from the army, he wanted to do something more for his country and did not want to give up. It was then he decided to join law enforcement agency and served there for almost 13 long years.


Ronald Fowlkes is one of the top officers and a team leader who has experience with shoot house training, defensive training and also tactical rifle work. He has an impressive track record, but he also loves to mentor young minds into becoming the best version of themselves. Since his son is part of one of the top ice hockey teams in the country, he has taken upon himself to become the person responsible for their gears. For any sport, it is essential that the person’s gear is in excellent condition. He trains the team members’ ways to keep their gears in good shape so that they are not just at their best but also so that they can last longer. Ronald Fowlkes has taken on a lot of responsibilities, and he has been able to give his best at whatever he takes on.



The financial Advice of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is highly focused on helping firms and independent individuals manage their finances in the best way. The firm has since its established strived to share money saving ideas with their clients so as to ensure that each of them meets their financial goals. Southridge Capital`s contributions towards the vast growth of many firms have seen many people in the country seek their services. The firm has also strived to maintain good customer relationships and it has successfully financed over 250 companies as well as guided them on the best strategies they can adapt so as to increase their profits.

Additionally, the firm’s team of employees are highly experienced and their skills in the financial sector have seen them fully understand their clients’ needs through which they have successfully helped them deal with their financial issues. Besides, Southridge Capital has also helped firms pay a close and clear follow up of their expenditure and as a result, many companies have successfully eliminated unnecessary expenditures that render them into incurring losses.

In addition to that, the great services that the firm offers to other companies has seen it emerge as one of the most sought out financial advisors, with a vast number of firms getting advice on bankruptcy and the various ways in which they can avoid falling victims of the latter. The firm hs also taken the initiative to help companies manage their balance sheets and also taught them on the various ways through which they can save finances to ensure that they probably invest in them in future.

The management team of Southridge Capital has also strived to work closely with the team of employees so as to understand their clients better as well as discuss ways through they can offer great services to them. The firm is proud of their ability to directly invest over $1.8 billion in the growth of firms across the globe. The commitment exercised by the team of the firm has seen it rise to the top, and work together as a team towards accomplishing a common goal. To see more you can visit






How Trabuco Changed Warfare

Walls have been used for thousands of years during warfare. They are a great way to keep the enemy out and on the other side. Armies first dealt with walls by building catapults which were used to fling rocks at walls in order to collapse them. These worked alright sometimes but they were less than ideal. Catapults were greatly improved upon by the Chinese who designed the first Trabuco. These machines could fling far bigger rocks than any catapult could as well as faster and farther. After further refinements over the course of centuries, Trabuco spelled the end of using walls as fortifications for the most part because they were so effective.


A Trabuco is s form of a compound machine. Gravity is used to drop a counterweight on one side of a pole. This causes the other end to spring high into the air. Tied to this end is a sling in which whatever you want to fling is placed. During the Middle Ages these slings were usually filled with giant boulders according to Sometimes an army wanted to kill the enemy with a Trabuco instead of take down a wall. To do this they could fill the sling with balls filled with flammable liquids to set the enemy on fire. They would also sometimes put the dead bodies of diseased animal in them to hurl at the enemy.

Trabuco’s today are mainly built for education and sport. Physics teachers will build Trabuco to show their students some of the basic concepts of how physics work in the real world. When used for sport people build a Trabuco which they enter into a contest to see who can throw a projectile the farthest. This usually takes the form of a watermelon. However, rebels in Syria did use one for warfare in 2013 during the Battle of Aleppo according to

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Mark Mofid talks about his career.

For one to achieve success in their career, it is important to be dedicated and put in the time to ensure that you meet your goals. Mark Mofid is a perfect example, after finishing his medical degree, he pursued his residency and had since worked in several medical institutions, and these have helped to improve his skills on medicine and surgery.

Mark Mofid is known for his skills in reconstructive surgery which help to restore the natural look of a client; Mark performs both body and facial reconstructive surgery. Apart from performing operations, Mark Mofid is also invited to medical seminars.

Owing to his extensive knowledge in matters concerning plastic surgery, Mark has gained trust from most of his clients; his work has also attracted more people to seek for his services. In a recent interview, Mark Mofid talked about his journey and how he landed in the industry.

After witnessing a cosmetic surgery gone wrong, Mark desired to make a difference, and he dedicated his time towards research and ensuring that people receive safe and satisfying reconstructive surgeries. Hence permanently landed into reconstructive surgery and performs on both the body and the face.

Since he has dedicated his time towards reconstructive surgery and improving the sector, one would wonder how he can make money. According to Mark Mofid, you should always let your work bring more people to you, Mark has mastered this and ensures his work is perfect making sure his patients like the end product has helped to attract more business to him, in turn helping him make money.

Mark Mofid’s journey has not been a walk in the park, at some time he doubted his work in the medical field. But he discovered that he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and also realized that medicine was a calling and for one to succeed it is critical to be in it with the right reasons.

One thing that has made Mark the success he is today is his commitment, in research, he has dedicated his time towards research and finding out new methods to improve how people look.

A Closer Look At The Amazing Legacy Of Dr. Saad Saad

When it comes to the world of pediatric surgery, there are few names that hold a greater level of weight than Dr. Saad Saad. He has risen to the top of the community and has worked in a wide range of New Jersey hospitals. As a surgeon in chief and co-medical director at K Hovnanian Children Hospital, he amassed a sizable amount of valuable experience.


These experiences shaped him tremendously and provided him with the tools that he would need in order to embrace one of the biggest opportunities a pediatric surgeon can receive. After graduating from Cairo University School of Medicine and working in America for several years, he was asked to serve as the pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Arabian royal family.


The family had a very unique criteria that only Dr. Saad Saad was able to meet. They needed a pediatric surgeon that is fluent in Arabic and had passed a United States board certification exam. Dr. Saad Saad leaped at the opportunity to work with the royal family and he was also able to assist the community in various other ways.


The royal family allowed him to provide assistance to patients from all economic backgrounds. He was also given the chance to develop a residency program that local students would come to rely upon. In addition to providing valuable assistance to patients of the region, Dr. Saad Saad came up with inventions that were designed to remove much of the guesswork from surgical procedures.


He does not credit himself for coming up with these inventions. In his mind, necessity is the mother of invention and he was just the vessel for what took place. He was the first surgeon to develop a catheter that came with its own tracking mechanism. This allowed for him to treat medical conditions more easily and also provided patients with the ability to have fluids drained more quickly.


His second invention proved to be just as useful. He came up with a way to improve upon the endoscope and offer patients access to greater levels of medical assistance. When a patient is undergoing a more invasive surgery, the endoscope that Dr. Saad Saad uses allows the physician to take a closer look at what is taking place inside of the patient’s body.


Dr. Saad Saad’s story is proof that anyone can make if they set their mind to it. No one could have ever expected a Palestinian immigrant of extremely modest means to make it as far as he has and he is preaching the importance of insisting on your goals to all those who wish to emulate his achievements. He is also quick to remind the world about the importance of placing your fate in God’s hands. Learn more: