A Little About DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a friend of President Donald Trump and his family. Sajwani is a billionaire from Dubai. He has had many meetings with Ivanka Trump on how to incorporate his business in Dubai with the Trump Organization.

There are numerous people who think President Trump has a conflict of interest with his business holdings. However, the President is putting his children in charge of the Trump Organization while he is in office.

There are others who think it is a conflict of interest in foreign policy to invite those like Hussain Sajwani to be intimate friends. Sajwani spent New Year’s Eve with the Trumps. According to alhayat.com, Ivanka Trump and Sajwani’s wife are friends. Ms. Trump has been over to the home of the Sajwani’s in Dubai.

Ivanka Trump spent most of her pregnancy, almost right up until giving birth, on dealing with the Sajwani’s and their business relationship. Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is amazed at how well Ms. Trump handled his affairs with the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump has moved to Washington D.C. to get closer to the White House. She intends on being a major part of the Trump administration. She and her brothers are under the responsibility of the Trump Organization. Eric Trump will take part in the White House and the Administration. He thinks at least one of the children should not take part in political affairs and run the Trump Organization.

Hussain Sajwani, a DAMAC Owner, is hoping there will be business dealings with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is hoping there will be a business deal and that Sajwani will use his ties to the Dubai President. If Sajwani is in a position to using his ties to the Dubai President this would only enhance the dealings with the Trump Organization.

President Trump postponed a news conference from December until January. A spokesperson for Trump said he will not have an answer dealing with the Trump Organization while he holds the office of President. There are already too many who think he should sell all his shares in the Trump Organization and put them in a blind trust. He is not willing to do so. Twitter: @hussainsajwani

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