American Institute of Architects: Reshaping Society

Established in early 1857, AIA (American Institute of Architects) is one of the oldest professional organizations in the country. The organization aims its efforts toward the education and growth of architects and structural development throughout the globe. Starting with just thirteen original members, AIA has since grown to hold an estimated 88,000 total members worldwide.

With its headquarters located in Washington, DC, AIA now serves over 260 different chapters collectively. The group has managed to effectively branch out. They can be spotted in almost every major city worldwide. From London, Hong Kong, New York City, Japan and even Shanghai, the growth of the organization has helped the group spread its original message and helped them to achieve their shared goals.

Along with teaching, AIA also uses its platform for assisting in government advocacy, community redevelopment, architectural design and public outreach.

The current CEO, Robert Ivy, has assisted in the organizations growth and successful ventures in the last six years. Named CEO in 2011, Robert himself has dedicated over 20 years toward the field of architecture.

Graduating from Tulane University with his master’s degree and extending his education at Sewanee, Robert advanced his education of architectural design and structure.

In 2010 Robert Ivy was named Master Architect by Alpha Ro Chi. A year prior, Robert received The Crane Award, which is currently the highest award offered by the American Business and Media.

Robert along with the AIA began reaching out to professionals of the medical field. With a goal to improve and save lives, AIA organized their first Design and Health Summit in 2014. The organization connected the dots between preservation of resources, saving lives and architecture. In attendance of the Design and Health Summit were many prestigious surgeons and respected medical professionals from across the nation including the acting United States Attorney General.

In late 2015 AIA publicly launched its on air awareness campaign. Viewed nationwide, the campaign was featured on a variety of television programs and channels. Most notably, the campaign aired on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC and CBC.

AIA remains one of the most influential architectural organizations to date. The group has continuously advocated for architects and the architectural development on all levels including state, federal and local. Whether the organization is developing strategies with lawmakers or using collective knowledge as a teaching tool for others, AIA has helped reshape the modern world with its efforts. For more info, visit: