Larkin and Lacey’s Stance on Rights Never Changes

For their entire lives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have worked hard to make sure that their voices are heard. They don’t do this because they want to be popular or they think that they are important. Instead, they do it because they want to be able to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves and for those who struggle with human rights violations.

They believe in standing up for everyone and they always make sure that they do that so that people do not have major problems in their lives. It is something that the men have always done even as reporters.

Human rights are important to Larkin and Lacey just like they should be important to everyone else in the United States. They are meant to protect people and to ensure that they don’t have to deal with problems based on who they are, what they look like or the amount of money that they have.

They are there to protect people but sometimes, the government does not always protect them in the way that they should because that would get in the way of the agenda that the government has for other things that they need to do.

This is all especially true for immigrants of the United States. In the past year, immigrants have been more at-risk than they ever have before and it is causing major problems for their rights. It is also something that has changed drastically based on the different things that are going on with the government.

Larkin and Lacey want to see this change and want to make sure that immigrants will always be protected with the rights that the government originally thought that they needed to have to be able to safely and successfully come to the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_

The men were previously reporters. They simply reported on things that were going on like immigrants rights and human rights. This was helpful but it was not helpful enough because they couldn’t take real action or make a real difference in the things that were going on in the world.

They wanted to do something more but they also recognized that they needed money to be able to do this and that they needed to make sure that they would be able to help other people out. When it came to that, they only had the salary of reporters and didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend.

Things changed when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested for a report that they did. They won the case when they challenged the arrest and were awarded a huge settlement based on the problems that they had gone through.

With this settlement, which was over three million dollars, the men decided that they were going to finally make a difference. They created the Frontera Fund with this sum of money and they even added to it later on. Now, they work as advocates for civil rights, human rights and immigrant rights.

Dr. Akhil Reddy on French Wines

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist at MB2 dental who focuses on providing quality and affordable healthcare to all people regardless of their wealth and social status. He notes that when he is not practicing dentistry, he likes to consider himself a wine connoisseur. Akhil stated that there are good wines that are affordable, one only has to look for the right kind of wine. For instance, French wine is said to have a rich scent and lots of taste.

Most expensive wines are good, and some of them are popular. However, not many of them are cheaper than 30 dollars and still have an amazing taste. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: http://dentalinsurance.dentalplans.com/drakhilreddy/index_15.html

A good wine requires some time to bring out its rich taste. One should not concentrate on the price tag, rather, pay attention to the type of grape used and mastery of fermenting it. French wine is known for its culture; it offers a wide variety of choices even when looking for a one below $30.

To provide knowledge on quality vintages that are more accessible for all budgets, Akhil has compiled a list of some wines that have similar taste to that of high profile label, yet cost a fraction of the high labels. Considering certain factors such as arbitrary pricing, the MB2 Dental dentist has focused on regions that are less prominent.

Going for grape varieties is the other way one can find comparable wines. Some wines such as voisinho and Chenin Blanc do not get the appreciation they deserve. One can also pick good wines based on well-known estates instead of prominent names.

Akhil advises that when one does research on wines, they find top notch quality at affordable rates. Among his most favorite wines are Chateau d’Aiguilhe one that costs $18. The wine has a lot of elegance, it is red and has floral notes and a fruity flavor. Chateau Haut Bernasse is another of Akhil’s favorite; it costs $15, it has a mixture of sauvignon blanc and million muscadelle. It contains slight acidity and honey flavors.

About Dr. Akhil Reddy

Born in Lubbock Texas, Dr. Akhil was involved in boys scout, soccer, Red Cross and tennis as he grew up. He moved to California and was accepted in the University of Pacific Accelerated Dental Program. He studied biological sciences and became a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.

Dr. Akhil received his doctorate at 23 years and doctor of dental surgery degree from the University of Pacific Arthur. Upon graduation, he moved to his hometown and started his practice in Dallas TX.


Sweet Greens Co-Founders Hit aSweet Spot With High-End Salad Chain

When Nathaniel Ru and his Georgetown University fellow alumni Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet decided one fine day to start a restaurant that offered healthy eating options to students, and the rest, as they say, is history. Apart from a common alma mater the three were children of first generation immigrants and that probably made them more passionate about making a success of their venture.

Of course, their enterprise grew and grew with backing from investors like Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, they gave legacy restaurants a run for their money. Of course, if you ask the dynamic trio as to what the secret of their success is they will attribute it to four things-health first, organic, fresh and local. Today when one sees a long queue of patrons waiting patiently outside their many outlets one known that they have well and truly arrived.

Their plans for the future include letting technology be a driver of their business. Already 30% of their business is achieved through their website and mobile apps. Furthermore, they are great ones for decentralization and haven’t even kept a large corporate office. Nathaniel Ru himself has become something of a celebrity thanks to his successes as entrepreneur, businessman, and investor.

He completed a BS in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and soon after launched Sweetlife with is partners. His keen sense of business and ability to innovate have won him much praise around the world. As a matter of fact, he has been felicitated as a key innovator in food and business by being named to Inc.’s 30 under 30, Forbes’s 30under 30 and Food and Wine’s 40 Big Thinkers 40 and Under.

Nathaniel and his partners also showed their appreciation for music by starting the annual music and food festival Sweetlife which has over the years earned a formidable reputation. The festival gets as many as 20000 visitors and sees performances by artists out of the top drawer. It also has the best chefs, food trucks, farmers and the like participating.

Rue and his college mates and not business partners have created magic by only following their life’s true calling. They have shown how it is possible to think of a business concept that is based on integrity, honesty and keeping the best interest of the consumer in mind. This hasn’t been achieved with the help of clever marketing gimmicks but by putting oneself in place of the customer.

Fabletics – Customer-Centric Company with Focus on Providing Value to Customers

Fabletics is one of the biggest athleisure companies in the market today and is also one of the most affordable one. The brand offers a vast collection of athleisure products for women, and it continues to add to its collection each month. The best part is that Fabletics offers a huge variety of designs as well as sizes, starting from XXS to 3XL, which helps women of all sizes to buy at Fabletics. Kate Hudson, who is one of the owners of the company, says that leading a healthy and active lifestyle is essential and the brand aims to promote and encourage that feeling among the people. She is a role model to millions of women as well for her well-toned physique even at her age.



Kate Hudson has helped in significantly boosting the sales of the company and making it a brand that the consumers can relate to. The company believes in offering customers high-quality products at the prices that are a fraction of what the counterparts charge. It is one of the reasons why so many women trust Fabletics to offer them what they are looking for. One of the reasons why Fabletics has become a sensation among the women of all age groups is because it offers a personalized shopping experience to its VIP members. Every month, the VIP members get an e-mail that contains several products that the customers can select and buy. The products shown in the e-mail are listed as per the lifestyle, style and color preference of the client.



Fabletics has also managed to get a firm hold on the market because of the smooth implementation of the traditional marketing method, reverse showroom technique. The companies that start with an e-commerce portal aim to make their mark online, get a substantial customer base, improve their turnover with time, and then move on to open the physical stores. And, it is what the Fabletics did after three years of operation as an e-commerce portal. The company now has 18 physical stores in different parts of the country and as per the company’s management; several hundred would be launched in the years to come.



Fabletics aims to keep its customers happy and satisfied, and it is why it takes the customers’ grievances seriously. Customer service is of prime importance to Fabletics. To enhance the client experience, Fabletics offers Lifestyle Quiz at its site. It is highly recommended for the people who wish to join the company’s VIP membership.

Cotemar Takes Safety Very Seriously

It is extremely important for oil companies to make sure that they are maintaining certain levels of safety. A safe oil drilling operation will always be able to be more successful than one that does not take safety seriously. Cotemar wants to always stay within regulations in the safety aspect of oil drilling so they can make sure that they are doing everything that they need to keep their operations safe. From safety on the rig to the safety of employees and even the ocean habitat that they have come into, Cotemar knows the right things to do to keep the operations safe.


The rigs can be dangerous. There are often fires that companies have to contend with, accidents that can happen and problems that occur from the weather. Cotemar makes sure that they are keeping the rig as safe as possible by having fire fighting boats on hand, safety procedures in place on the rig and complex tracking systems that will help them have an understanding of what the weather is going to be like while they are out in the ocean. The radar that they can use for these purposes allows them the chance to make sure that they can stay on top of things.


Not only are Cotemar employees kept safe while they are on the rig but the company also makes sure that they are safe when they are in the amenities barges. They do what they can to make them safe and stable while there are storms on the ocean. They also do everything that they can to make sure that the food is safe to eat. Cotemar knows that fresh food is important but it is also just as important that the food is handled properly and can be served to the employees successfully.


It is not uncommon for the ocean to suffer when there is an oil rig that comes into the area. Oil spills can happen and the general disturbance that comes from having so many ships in one area can be detrimental for the ocean life. Cotemar cannot completely prevent these disturbances but they do have policies in place that help to protect the ocean life. Cotemar wants to make sure that the oceans are able to stay close to what they were before they came into them and it helps them to stay accountable while they are drilling for oil.


Visit http://cotemar.com.mx for more information.



Brad Reifler’s Impressive Startup Career

Brad Reifler is an American citizen who is an entrepreneur and happens to be the founder of Forefront Capital. He obtained he’s Bachelors’ Degree from Bowdoin College. Brad Reifler grew himself as a financial services professional who is trusted across the globe.

Brad’s career journey began in early 1980’s upon creating the Reifler Trading Company. The company evolved into institutional research and offered several services which include dissemination of information and global execution, and derivative advisory services.

The company grew into one of the biggest in the world and in 2000, it featured as one of the leading futures company in the world. The firm was acquired by Refco in 2000.

Reifler has also served as a director in several companies like Sino Mercury, Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities. He is connected to five board members all in different organizations and in different industries.Brad Reifler has enjoyed success in many companies that he has worked for. Consequently, he enjoys several years of entrepreneur experience and many young entrepreneurs look up to him as a mentor.

In 1995, he founded Pali Capital that focused on equity markets. According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler served as the CEO of Pali for 13 years during which the firm experienced staggering growth. It had at least 300 employees and had excess returns of more than $1 billion.

Instead of advising the funds, he took in their ideas and combined them with derivative structures then executed the strategy and it worked. Eventually, he sold off the firm.

Today, Brad Reifler is able to attract business leaders, investment bankers at the top position, and investment advisers due to the many subsidiaries under the forefront umbrella. Forefront has attracted highly influential and respected business leaders.

One of the main reasons the firm enjoys these opportunities is as a result of networking and the several relationships arising from the community. An example of influential members are the board members who hold presidential appointments. As a company, Forefront encourages people to build and maintain good relationships since it is the most important asset owned by all individuals regardless of their ethnicity, sex, or economic status.

Success Academy Sees Increase in Scores

Since Success Academy first opened up in the New York City area, they have seen their scores skyrocket. When they first started out, their scores were so much better than what other schools had during that time. They also saw a lot more success with the way that their students could learn thanks to the alternative approach that they had to teach students by allowing them the chance to truly explore what they were capable of through the use of different learning methods. Success Academy knows that test scores are not the most important factor of education but that they are important for judging the success that the school has had for the students. This is something that has made it easier for kids to be able to get the best education possible depending on the different circumstances that they are in. It has allowed them to get a great education.


Success Academy is able to operate like a private school despite the fact that it is in a public school system. Because it is a charter school, they can require students to wear uniforms and go to school for longer than the public schools do. This is beneficial to students. The longer days and years, in general, allow them to learn more during the time that they are in school. It has also given students the chance to make sure that they are held accountable for all of the different things that they are able to do. When students are able to make the most out of their education, they are also able to get more from it.


Teachers have smaller class sizes where they are able to teach students based on specific learning styles. The schools want to make sure that their students are successful so they do what they can to help them learn. Teachers can choose different approaches which allows each student to have a personalized learning plan. Public schools are not able to do this because they are usually at-capacity. Students have to compete with others just to get the teacher’s attention which makes it hard to learn.


Todd Lubar and the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar is President at LLC, TDL Global Ventures and Sr. VP to Legendary Investments. Lubar is a business person and agent who have worked in the land business for more than 20 years helping other people satisfy their fantasies of turning into a property holder. He has positioned in the leading 25 contract originators in the nation for quite a while. Alongside land, Lubar has worked in a few enterprises crossing from media outlets, to development to home loan managing an account. Lubar is enthusiastic about serving the group, and his tremendous experience has helped him use his business keenness to set others up for achievement.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar begins the Real Estate industry in 1995. It rapidly ended up plainly visible to Todd that in light of his wonder of each aspect of the business and his craving to help other people he would make Real Estate and fund his deep-rooted vocation. His underlying invasion into the firm was as a credit lender with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Here, he immediately took in the traditionalist Mortgage model which involves managing an account. Click here: http://www.toddlubar.com/

It would end up being a significant ordeal.

Todd invested his energy creating associations with Real Estate specialists, CPA’s, money related organizers and protection operators who now contain the base of an incredible wellspring of referral business. In 1999 Todd made another stride in a long line of progressions by gaining a value position with Legacy Financial Group. It managed him the chance to extend his loaning abilities to have the capacity to representative credits to outside speculators and also loan as an immediate Mortgage Bank.

In 2002 he took his Real Estate Center to a different level. He opened up Legendary Properties, LLC., a private advancement organization. His foundation in the Real Estate people group encouraged the fast movement of obtaining, restoring, offering and benefitting on 200 or more exchanges. By doing as such, he could create associations with individuals experienced in the greater part of the building exchanges expected to deliver a quality item in an auspicious manner. It was crucial in setting up different associations with significant managing an account foundations building up credit extensions as high as 20 million dollars. You can search him on Google for more info

How Wen Worked on Thin Hair

Bustle.com recently featured world-renowned hair stylist and product guru Chaz Dean’s product Wen cleansing conditioner in a real review from one of their writers. I love an honest review and this one was spot on.

The writer takes you on a day-by-day journey with her use of Wen, she even adds in pictures so you can see what her hair looks like on every day. This particular article focuses on how Wen works on thin hair. I have the thinnest hair so I was excited to follow her Facebook published journey. I must admit I was thrilled when on the very first day she noticed more bounce and shine. The article concluded with the writer stating that Wen had indeed made her hair softer and shinier and that she would recommend it to people with thin hair looking for that softer, healthier hair.

While WEN hair by Chaz offers an extensive line of products and styling tools, the product that it steamrolled into the Sephora market with and is now best known for is the cleansing conditioners. These products actually clean your hair WHILE conditioning them with natural ingredients that are better for your hair than many high end conditioners alone. The product also eliminates the need for additional products such as leave-ins or deep conditioners because you aren’t using shampoos that may have harsh chemicals stripping your hair of natural oils. Did you know oils can actually be good for hair? As someone with fine hair, I dread oil.

I look forward to testing WEN hair on my own thin hair and seeing how it does. Hopefully my results are as good as the ones on Bustle.com!

If you want to follow along Emily’s journey with Wen you can read the full article and look at her adorable pictures at the original Bustle.com article found here: https://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

About Wen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen

OSI Group: Bringing American Meat Products To The World

OSI is one of the world’s most prestigious food distributors. OSI’s presence is found in hundreds of countries though the subsidiaries they own often retain their own name brands and ownership. OSI produces meat products ranging from pizzas, sandwiches, poultry, breakfast sausages and other raw meats. OSI has made sure to practice some of the highest safety regulations and industry standards.

OSI Group was originally a butcher shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant to Chicago in 1909. The Kolschowsky family worked hard to keep the shop going throughout the years and soon they started running a full meat processing factory. Their meat products were so highly regarded that in the 1950s McDonalds owner Ray Kroc selected Otto & Sons to be the fast food franchise’s chief meat supplier. In the 1970s Sheldon Lavin joined the company and as McDonalds started growing and gaining ground, the Kolschowsky sons decided to make Lavin a controlling partner in the company.

In the coming years the company became known as OSI Group and started growing into the European and Asian markets. Just this last year it acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe, two retailers in the pre-ordered food industry. While OSI Group may have left the small environment of individual butcher shops and factories, it still values family and employees and it’s one of the few companies that has seen very little overturn in its management and workforce. OSI won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour for advocating strong food safety measures and is also the key sponsoring company of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation benefiting underprivileged children across the world.

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