Bob Reina Is Giving Back to Communities All over the World

Bob Reina is a lot more than just an entrepreneur and founder of Talk Fusion. Despite all of his accomplishments, awards, and accolades, at his core he is good man who cares about community and the state of humanity as a whole. in my opinion he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his philanthropic endeavors and support of various charities and non profit organizations. Reina instilled those qualities into the DNA of Talk Fusion as well.


Talk Fusion has proven over and over that it is a company that people can trust and rely on. Building futures and helping people realize their dreams is a driving force of the company. It has bee dedicated to changing people’s lives since it was established in 2007.


As someone who believes in leading by example, Reina hopes to inspire others to help people through his work. Reina has been a supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He is such an avid supporter that he once donated $1 million to to the organization. The donation was record breaking for the organization.


Reina consistently motivates the individuals around him to try their best to make a difference. He even put a program into motion that will allow Talk Fusion Associates to donate a free account to a non-profit they support.


Reina often says, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application has made a big impact on the video marketing industry. The app has helped many charities and non-profits expand their influences and spread their ideals around the world. Talk Fusion is in the business of helping further their cause in a way they were previously unable to accomplish.


Bob Reina is truly an extraordinary individual who understands the importance of giving back. There is no doubt the world is a better place with people like Bob Reina leading the way.

  1. What makes him the happiest is the fact his mission to change lives is being carried out across the globe. It’s cliche, but true and powerful. He lives his life by this idea. his devotion to it has never wavered. This has to do with something has written about a long time.