Jeff Aronin Makes a Positive Impact in the Field of Biotechnology through Paragon Biosciences

Health is a delicate factor when it comes to human life. Various health conditions have been emerging over the years. As a result, necessity always presents itself. Since necessity is the mother of invention, scientists are tasked with coming up with remedies for the various ailments. With that said, this context will be geared towards Jeff Aronin who is a renowned physician.


Background Data


Jeff Aronin has been a practicing physician for many years. As a result, he has been handling patients with varying medical conditions over the years. There came a time when Jeff Aronin had to make the tough call. Aronin had a patient who was suffering from a seizure. In this case, Jeff Aronin had the option of either using medicine or subjecting the child through a surgical procedure. Afterward, Jeff Aronin saw it fit to treat the child using medication since it was less risky.


After the child got better after being treated by Jeff Aronin, Mr. Aronin developed more passion towards his field of practice. Together with his team, Jeff Aronin has been able to perform groundbreaking forms of research. So far so good, the efforts by Jeff Aronin and his team have been able to yield fruits since they have been able to find cures to various ailments. The various cures have been commercialized and released out to the market. As a result, people have been able to get proper treatment for their various medical conditions.


Educational Background


Jeff Aronin undertook his higher education studies at the North Illinois University where he graduated with honors. Afterward, he progressed with his education, and he was able to graduate with an MBA from the DePaul University.


Additional Information


Jeff Aronin started out by working in the healthcare industry. Afterward, he decided to form Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. He, in turn, served as the chief executive officer of the company. The main agenda of the company was to come up with research that would help people with rare diseases. In his pursuit of helping people with special needs, Jeff Aronin also started investing in biotechnology companies. Due to his success in the field, multiple investors have followed suit, and they have been investing heavily in Paragon Biosciences. The investors are attracted by the dedication put forth by Jeff Aronin. With that said, it is clear to note that Jeff Aronin has been able to make a positive impact when it comes to healthcare.

Christopher Linkas Insights in the Field of Business

Christopher Linkas is well known as a credit investor, who has specialized in investing throughout the capital structure. Mr. Christopher is also into assets and outright equity not forgetting to maintain an approach that is credit centered. He works hard towards principal preservation by ensuring there is security and protection as he also expects good rewards. He has been head of twenty-person Europe Credit group that has been based in London since 2012. Christopher Linkas group’s key responsibilities are making sure there are major investments in the UK-Europe region. Mr. Christopher Linkas investments are more concerned focusing on areas such as shipping, non-performing loans, secondary LP interest among others.


Christopher Linkas is a graduate of Bowdoin College, where he completed in 1991. When he joined the workforce, he went to the Savings and Loan crisis, at that time the government established Resolution Trust Corporation. His first job was working with consulting firms that were dealing with bad loans. This job was an opportunity for him to grow because he later began consulting for private equity firms who were interested in purchasing these loans from Resolution Trust Corporation


Christopher Linkas before moving to Europe he used to work as head of the Angel Company. He was assigned the role of opportunistic debt and equity real estate investment in North America.


Recession offered an opportunity to enter into the world of investment because many factors were considered favoring investors. Institutions started offering loans at low rates. The investment-oriented environment prepared Christopher for his current job. The experience he gained and the courage has enabled him to have many accomplishments in his career.


Christopher Linkas believes that the best idea does not come from the main job it comes from the side hustles or other activities that one get engaged too. To develop the idea and actualize it is essential to interact with other people because there are many benefits that you get. The truth is when you are actively engaged in something else outside your business your mind improves and as a result improve your thinking capacity. Working in other transactions create an opportunity of seeing things in a different perspective. Challenging oneself outside the place of work brings a lot of benefits to them being confidence and the ability to familiarize with the new skill.