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Medical Expert- Jonathan Rand



Ever since he began his career, Dr. Jonathan Rand has been delivering exceptional medical treatment with a functional combination as well as productive approach. He has been operating from his office in New Jersey. After his high school, he joined one of the prestigious medical training facilities in the country, Einstein Medical Training Center located in New York City. Ever since he began his practice in the pharmaceutical industry, he has gained experience which he uses to give his clients custom-made therapy.


Dr. Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center based in New York. In his facility, the medical doctor wears many professional responsibilities including being a rehabilitation doctor, a physical medicine, as well as a physiatrist doctor. Dr. Jonathan is referred to a doctor who practices a medical journal or article support Peer-Review medicine meaning his treatment. He is passionate about what he does, and he takes his patients seriously by being kind and sensitive to them and their needs. He is referred to as a doctors-doctor, and he is a role model to his clients. At his Healthy Aging Medical Center Dr. Rand together with his team of experienced individuals, they have been helping their clients to optimize their hormones and help them restore their youthful levels of energy as well as wellness using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Treatment method.
According to the hormonal doctor, human beings have both good and bad hormones, and the difference between the youth and the elderly is that the good hormones decrease as one becomes old. The medical doctor says that the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is very different from the common conventional synthetic pharmaceutical hormones. The bioidentical hormones are similar to the natural hormones found in the human body. Dr. Jonathan Rand has been treating various illnesses which are related to aging. Some of these diseases include weight loss, weight gain, night sweat, hot flashes, menopause, poor memory, fatigue, depression, among others. Dr. Rand can be described as a living hero who deals with chronic diseases, as well as terminal illnesses. Jonathan Rand is an active member of A4M Society as well as Age Management Group.