The Canadian Craft Beer Industry and the CEO, Eli Gershkovitch

The Canadian Craft beer industry is worth billions of US dollar in annual turnover. In the recent years, the Canadians have upped their game in Craft beer production. The beer producers are now competing in the global market.


By 2015, there were around 610 Microbreweries Companies and Craft beer accounted for 10% of the Canadian market. Majority of the microbreweries are located in or around the major affluent cities of Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario. Each province in Canada has its own rules and regulations on Craft beer.

Among the leading Craft beer produces are Cameron Brewing in Mississauga that produces Peach and Masala Chai Braggot, Laker lager, and Amber Red Ale. Also, there are other companies like Alexander Keith’s Brewery, Nickel Brook Co., Waterloo Brewing Co., among others

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a pilot and a business executive. He is a remarkable man with a high taste of life and loves adventure. Though a qualified and prolific lawyer, Eli Gershkovitch is passionate about fine wine and owns two planes as well as a fleet of classic cars. In 2009, he accomplished around flight trip from Vancouver to Europe using his single-engine Cessna 182.


In 1984, Eli Gershkovitch graduated From York University with BA, Liberal Arts. Also, he graduated with a degree in LLB in Law from the University of Toronto in 1987. In November 1990, Eli founded the Law Offices of Eli Gershkovitch where he serves as a Barrister as well as a Solicitor.


In April 1994, Eli Gershkovitch started the Steamworks Brewing Co. after having a taste of Belgian beer. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Steamworks Brewing Company operates a micro-brewery facility as well as a wine and liquor store. During the first year of operation, the company introduced six craft beers ( Under Eli Gershkovitch leadership, Steamworks produces 15 to 17 brands annually which are distributed to private as well as government stores. The company customers are beer lovers across Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Also, the company operates and manages several restaurants located in downtown Vancouver with over 1,500 licensed seats.