ClearChoice Management

The Solution in MB2 Dental Solutions

This is a dental service association that works hand in hand with affiliated dentists and practice owners in the United States. There are over 70 affiliated locations in 6 states. They provide attached offices a suite of services to help them work better in control of patient care and standards of care without being distracted.

The MB2 Dental affiliated dental offices are perfectly running every facet of the practice and strive to maintain 100% clinical autonomy.

Associate dentists can make good use of the network offered by MB2 solutions for mentoring, learning and clear growth opportunities to develop their careers by adding useful skills.

The vision of the founders of the project was to develop a community where dentists can do what they do best in a favorable environment. It was aimed at helping clients with the business aspects of their practice and funneling all their energy into the needs of their patients.

The mission was to provide affiliated owners with experts who have vast knowledge, guidance and personalized systems used to handle non-clinical tasks of running good business, and at the same time focus on patient care.

The leadership team is headed by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is the CEO and founder of the company. Previously, he had been an associate dentist, an advocate for the doctor focused practice model, associate dentist trainer and mentor, dental director and practice owner.

Dr. Villanueva is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the dental profession, and has made the business a form of guidance to maintain doctor clinical autonomy.

Justin Puckett is the president of the business. He has had vast experience in the field having served as transaction attorney for Andrews Kruth, an executive position at a dental practice management company in Texas.

Justin Caroll is the chief operating officer. Earlier, he had worked as a private equity investor and strategy and operations improvement consultant. He has as well worked in Highland Capital Management under the Private Equity Group as a director. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

Mark Fuller is the Chief financial officer. He has previous vast experience in other fields. He had been the chief financial officer for ClearChoice Management services, which is also involved in the Dental field. He was also a senior financial officer for Caesars World, Knowledge Learning Corporation and BrightStar Education.

Other members of the leadership team include Martha Alikacem who works as Chief Revenue Officer, Jake Berry as Vice President of Business Development and Mayra Vazquez as vice president of information Technology and Procurement.