Cyber Attacks

Rubica Enhances Personal Cyber Security

Personal cyber security is now becoming more important than ever before. This is because more of our business applications and communications is being done online and on the computer. While the internet and computer make communication easier and enhance productivity, there is a catch ( The need for personal cyber security is increased tremendously.


I was hacked, and let me tell you something. It is no fun when you have personal and private information stored on your computer. Too many people and companies think that they will not be a victim of cybercrime. The truth is that hackers are now using more sophisticated techniques to steal data for blackmail and resale on the black markets on the web.


The best way to prevent yourself from getting hacked is to utilize a personal cyber security service such as Rubica. One of the best things about Rubica is that their cyber security program is easily integrated into all your devices. Rubica’s personal cyber security program can be installed and used on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer. This will protect your personal information and communication from cybercriminals and hackers looking to do you harm. Installation of Rubica is easy and it monitors and protects your devices from hackers and viruses around the clock (LinkedIn).