IC System Company

Jack and Ruth Erickson co-founded IC Systems company. The company has its headquarters at St. Paul Minnesota. The primary target of the company is to offer ethical issues and honest with clients. The company has been in operation of three generations of Erickson’s family members.


The three generations of Erickson’s family members ensured that the family met the purpose of its creation. Many companies all over the world have appreciated these efforts. The company acquired a trophy as Finalist for Better Business Bureaus Touch Award For Ethics.


The company is known for innovation in industries. IC Systems is one of the leading companies in the provision of computer techniques. The company’s adherence and innovation skills keep it running up to today. IC Systems is committed to offering its services to the societies and across the globe.


The company offers charity services by donating money, time and its resources to the community. The employees from the company are encouraged to take part in the volunteer work organized by the company. Organizations such as American Red Cross, Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots have benefited from the donations of the company.


The company promotes useful and sustainable practices. IC Systems achieves its goals through communicating with partners, operation methods and analyzing the failure and success of the company. The level of management in the company is of high standards, especially on land and infrastructure.


IC Systems company have values that govern it in making the best decisions. The values concentrate on the culture and how the company carries out its businesses. The company has five central values which make it successful. These values are delivering performance and results, prioritizing opportunities, treating people with respect, fostering innovation and taking pride in the company’s work.


IC Systems motivates its workers by rewarding them after a good performance. Through this method, employees remain committed and give the best results of performance. The company offers employees chances of choosing among themselves the best coworkers for the reward.


IC Systems focuses on updating their practices up the standards required. The company manages the risk to minimize losses. Auditing and documentation are carried out after every month to get the stability of the company.