Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club Fund Raising Event Sponsored by Lee May

Lee May is a proud sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The club has a state of the art gym dedicated to creating exceptional boxers. Lee May has decided to hold a 10K run for Nemesis to raise funds for a new minibus.

All of the funds donated to the campaign will be given to the boxing club. The goal of the campaign is to raise up to $20,000 for the minibus. The funds can be contributed to JustGiving. JustGiving is a crowdfunding platform that will track each donation.

The founders of the gym are Tony Petite and Steve Roach. Since the organization’s early beginnings in the 2000’s, Nemesis ABC has established a track record of success. Over the years, several of the gym’s boxers have won National Championships. Lee May has sponsored the organization to develop all aspects of their training program. The club also focuses on developing strong values within each of their boxers.

Successful students of the organization include Lewis Petite and Luke Gibb. Lewis Pitt is the son of Tony Petite, one of the founders of the gym. Lewis is currently a popular featherweight in the London boxing industry. While Luke Gibb is an up and coming boxer. He is currently focused on training to become a senior lightweight boxer.

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Terry Mandera:Transportation And Logistics Expert And Committed Philanthropist

Perry Mandera has worked in logistics and transportation for many years. He became involved with it while serving in the Marines. Mandera was responsible for transporting troops and supplies. At that point he realized the importance of service. After leaving the Marines, Perry Mandera was elected Chicago’s 26th ward’s Republican Ward Committeeman in 1984. He served his four year term with distinction and continued supporting community organizations and charities when his term was up. His focus was on helping children and the less fortunate by volunteering his time and donating money, clothing, transportation services and other resources.


Today, Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of the shipping and logistics business The Custom Companies, Inc. Drawing on the experience he gained in the Marines, he now serves customers throughout Illinois and all over the country. Over the course of his 40 year career he has earned many awards and accolades. They include being voted a “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association in 2000. He was chosen because of his expertise, the excellent work his company has done over the years and his charitable works.


At The Custom Companies Perry Mandera is known for continually incorporating the most effective, cutting-edge technologies to improve his business operations. That includes the latest logistics software and having in-house programmers and service professionals that ensure his facilities and fleet of vehicles are operating efficiently and at maximum capacity. As a result, he is always able to provide his customers with the high quality logistics and transportation services they need in a timely manner while meeting and exceeding shipping industry standards.


Perry Mandera says he is inspired by a variety of motivational speakers who have helped him unlock the potential of him and his staff. This has helped the company to be consistently recognized for excellent service. Mandera also credits his religious background, his military service and his family for acting as a compass that helps him navigate the many challenging situations he faces in his life and his business. His motto is ‘Do it right the first time.’