Success Academy Sees Increase in Scores

Since Success Academy first opened up in the New York City area, they have seen their scores skyrocket. When they first started out, their scores were so much better than what other schools had during that time. They also saw a lot more success with the way that their students could learn thanks to the alternative approach that they had to teach students by allowing them the chance to truly explore what they were capable of through the use of different learning methods. Success Academy knows that test scores are not the most important factor of education but that they are important for judging the success that the school has had for the students. This is something that has made it easier for kids to be able to get the best education possible depending on the different circumstances that they are in. It has allowed them to get a great education.


Success Academy is able to operate like a private school despite the fact that it is in a public school system. Because it is a charter school, they can require students to wear uniforms and go to school for longer than the public schools do. This is beneficial to students. The longer days and years, in general, allow them to learn more during the time that they are in school. It has also given students the chance to make sure that they are held accountable for all of the different things that they are able to do. When students are able to make the most out of their education, they are also able to get more from it.


Teachers have smaller class sizes where they are able to teach students based on specific learning styles. The schools want to make sure that their students are successful so they do what they can to help them learn. Teachers can choose different approaches which allows each student to have a personalized learning plan. Public schools are not able to do this because they are usually at-capacity. Students have to compete with others just to get the teacher’s attention which makes it hard to learn.


Betsy DeVos Impact and Achievements

Betsy Davos is an American businesswoman, a politician and a member of Republican Party. She is well known for her advocacy of school voucher programs, School choice, charter schools and also ties to the reformed Christian community. She is also a reformer. While at Calvin College, she undertook her vocation and involved herself with the campus politics and has remained politically active up to date. She has led a variety of campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. On the other hand, she has served as chairperson for Michigan Republican party for six years, which has given her experience in the different sectors as well as politics.

On business matters, she focuses on the innovative solution to the social problems. She also serves as the chairperson of Windquest Group, which is a private multi-company operating group that highly invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mrs. Devos peruses her reforms through some nonprofit roles and is a member of several local and national boards such as Mars Hill Bible Church, Devos Institute for Arts Management, Kids Hope, as well as the Foundation for excellence in education. She is the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, Alliance for school choice and American Federation for children. The couple has quite a high profile dynasty and has also been the key player in issues to do with politics of Republican Party for many years. The act has enabled them to have a great impact both locally and internationally.

Dick and Betsy Family Foundation donated $11.6 million in the year 2015 towards charitable contribution. This donation doubled the $5.3 million donated to the campaign for the past five years. The political donation is quite small as compared to the charitable contribution which totals to about $139 million over her lifetime. Betsy and his husband Dick’s philanthropy lifestyle puts education on the front line. In 2015, the couple allocated about $3 million towards education, accounting for 26 percent of charitable donations that year. The foundation awarded around 3 percent which was equivalent to $357,000 to education reform supporting group. The couple’s way of spending gives quite a clear reflection on how the improvement of education has been given priority. Through the donation, kids from wrong ZIP codes have benefited since they can have access to education and also attain the America dream. The primary goal of Betsy Devos is to better education system by empowering great talented teachers as well as administrators so as to become more efficient and effective. Quite some schools have highly benefited from the donation including Compass College, Detroit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Dick Devos’ Alma mater Northwood University, Ferris state university and Rehoboth Christian School.

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