How Wen Worked on Thin Hair recently featured world-renowned hair stylist and product guru Chaz Dean’s product Wen cleansing conditioner in a real review from one of their writers. I love an honest review and this one was spot on.

The writer takes you on a day-by-day journey with her use of Wen, she even adds in pictures so you can see what her hair looks like on every day. This particular article focuses on how Wen works on thin hair. I have the thinnest hair so I was excited to follow her Facebook published journey. I must admit I was thrilled when on the very first day she noticed more bounce and shine. The article concluded with the writer stating that Wen had indeed made her hair softer and shinier and that she would recommend it to people with thin hair looking for that softer, healthier hair.

While WEN hair by Chaz offers an extensive line of products and styling tools, the product that it steamrolled into the Sephora market with and is now best known for is the cleansing conditioners. These products actually clean your hair WHILE conditioning them with natural ingredients that are better for your hair than many high end conditioners alone. The product also eliminates the need for additional products such as leave-ins or deep conditioners because you aren’t using shampoos that may have harsh chemicals stripping your hair of natural oils. Did you know oils can actually be good for hair? As someone with fine hair, I dread oil.

I look forward to testing WEN hair on my own thin hair and seeing how it does. Hopefully my results are as good as the ones on!

If you want to follow along Emily’s journey with Wen you can read the full article and look at her adorable pictures at the original article found here:

About Wen:

Jason Hope Hopeful For The Future

Not many people know what “The Internet Of Things” is. Jason Hope does, and according to him, we better get on board really fast. The Internet Of Things is an odd way of putting synchronization.

When people think of syncing, they typically think about smart phones and PCs, but not Jason. When Jason Hope thinks about syncing, he’s thinking about everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances.

Hope says that The Internet of Things is becoming the biggest investment that the big corporations are taking on. While smart technology may seem to be just a convenient utility, Hope believes it’s going to become imperative in the years to come. With more and more corporations incorporating smart technology, it’s making the smaller businesses have to keep up and start incorporating this smart technology themselves.

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No one likes to waste time, just watch people waiting in lines. Time management is crucial in our daily lives. The incorporation of smart technology and The Internet of Things in our daily lives has the potential to save us time and make life a bit easier on the day-to-day basis.

Jason Hope is leading the way for The Internet of Things and smart technology to be incorporated in more ways than just daily life. Hope is greatly involved with the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation does a lot of research primarily in anti-aging treatments. While most companies research for cures to diseases, SENS focuses on the preventative side of medicine. Hope says that medicine “isn’t just about treating, but preventing.”