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The financial Advice of Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is highly focused on helping firms and independent individuals manage their finances in the best way. The firm has since its established strived to share money saving ideas with their clients so as to ensure that each of them meets their financial goals. Southridge Capital`s contributions towards the vast growth of many firms have seen many people in the country seek their services. The firm has also strived to maintain good customer relationships and it has successfully financed over 250 companies as well as guided them on the best strategies they can adapt so as to increase their profits.

Additionally, the firm’s team of employees are highly experienced and their skills in the financial sector have seen them fully understand their clients’ needs through which they have successfully helped them deal with their financial issues. Besides, Southridge Capital has also helped firms pay a close and clear follow up of their expenditure and as a result, many companies have successfully eliminated unnecessary expenditures that render them into incurring losses.

In addition to that, the great services that the firm offers to other companies has seen it emerge as one of the most sought out financial advisors, with a vast number of firms getting advice on bankruptcy and the various ways in which they can avoid falling victims of the latter. The firm hs also taken the initiative to help companies manage their balance sheets and also taught them on the various ways through which they can save finances to ensure that they probably invest in them in future.

The management team of Southridge Capital has also strived to work closely with the team of employees so as to understand their clients better as well as discuss ways through they can offer great services to them. The firm is proud of their ability to directly invest over $1.8 billion in the growth of firms across the globe. The commitment exercised by the team of the firm has seen it rise to the top, and work together as a team towards accomplishing a common goal. To see more you can visit






Madison Street Capital Helps WLR Automotive Group To Achieve Its Sale/Leaseback Objectives

Madison Street Capital provided WLR Automotive Group with professional advice on a $13.2 million sale/leaseback deal. WLR is a premier car wash, detailing, and automotive repair firm based in Maryland. SCF Realty Capital, which is based in Texas, was responsible for completing the sale/leaseback transaction. Barry Peterson, a managing director at Madison Street Capital and Stream Capital’s managing partner, Jonathan Wolfe, led the transaction.

WLR Automotive Group’s president and CEO, Randall S. Simpson, noted that the deal, which focused on the sale/leaseback of five of the firm’s locations, helped them to raise capital. It also provided the firm with the opportunity to reinvest and expand its operations into the new express car wash market. Jacquie Jenkins, the company’s CFO pointed out that Peterson and Wolfe played an integral part in helping the company explore different options and establish the right model for positioning itself for rapid growth.

Barry Peterson said that since they started operations in 1987, the company has been making higher revenues each year in the capital-intensive industry. The transaction shall facilitates WLR to expand its services to Northeast using innovative management system and a market leading design. Peterson said that he was greatly honored to work with Jonathan Wolfe in completing the transaction.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment-banking firm that offers its products and services globally. It is devoted to service, leadership, integrity, and excellence. Madison Street Capital offers financial advisory services, valuation, financial opinions, and merger and acquisition expertise to diverse businesses. These services help Madison Street Capital’s customers to succeed in the international marketplace. When they are working with clients, the company’s employees own customer’s objectives. The company continues to provide both public and private businesses with world-class services.

Madison Street Capital views emerging markets as an integral component that spurs the growth of its clients. It continues to invest considerable amounts of assets in the international markets. The corporation has gained trust from its customers owing to its unwavering commitment to observe and uphold professional standards, which has helped in enhancing Madison Street Capital reputation. The company has donated to various charitable activities. The investment-banking firm has been providing emergency assistance to individuals and communities devastated by disasters. In addition, they have been giving food and shelter to underprivileged families. Madison Street Capital supports different initiatives, including education, and healthcare. The international investment company has worked with renowned organizations like The United Ways of Midwest and South Disaster Fund.

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Capital Group Engages More People through Advertisement, Research On Active Management And By Putting More Emphasis On Product Sales

Mr. Armor, who chairs the Capital’s administration council in his current duty, has been a key assistant to Mr. Rothenberg, and besides being part of the administrators championing in-house investigation that was designed to portray the long-lasting advantages of specific types of active fund management. He additionally assumed duty in Capital’s choice, over late years, to lift some of the privacy around its operations and ensure he engaged more with the media. In the meantime, the organization has honed its business operations and delighted in the products of enhanced long haul execution records for key assets, including at its notable suite of American Funds common assets.

Later, the Capital mutual funds shared assets in new trades compared with the other group, bar list tracker index Vanguard, as per Lipper information. Vanguard stood out with $127bn in inflows, with Capital drawing $17bn. “Individuals shouldn’t remain for benchmark returns since they were options out there that are greatly improved,” Mr. Armor said before in a meeting with the Financial Times. Dynamic directors can do well in the market as time goes on. That is as long as they ensure expenses are affordable and cannot churn their portfolios, and in the event that they have a background marked by portfolio chiefs putting resources into their own particular support, Capital’s in-house research found.

Timothy D. Armour is Capital Group Companies’ chairman, Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. principal executive officer and chairman, (which is part of the Capital Group) and Capital Group Companies Management Committee chairman besides being an equity portfolio manager. Tim has 32 years of experience in investigation, all with Capital Group. Prior in his profession, as an equity speculation expert at Capital, he covered worldwide media communications and U.S. benefit organizations. Tim started his vocation at Capital as a member in The Associates Program. He has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College where he studied economics. Tim is situated in Los Angeles.

Mr. Armour served for a long time as the Chief Director and later as the official VP of the JASON Foundation for Education, a charitable association focused on enhancing science and math inspiration and performance among middle school learners. Mr. Armour prior profession incorporates start-up and official duties in business in addition the senior outer relations & fundraising officer at Harvard Business School, and alumni and fundraising relations at Amherst College.

Benefits of Refinancing your Automobile

Refinancing your car may seem like a daunting task but many people flourish under a refinanced policy. Most people select the easiest rates and offers at the dealership with the excitement of getting a new car, not reading the full terms of agreement. However many things can set your interest rate at a better standard for your budget such as improved credit, lower interest rates, being offered a bad interest rate to begin with, or the need to reduce monthly payments.



An Improved Credit Score

Credit scores change daily. It is a range of scores that shows how worthy you are with payments, and can fluctuate at any time making it a good and bad tool for the average adult. When you were first making payments your credit score may not have been as great as it is now resulting in heavier payments in the long run.

Check on your credit on trusty sites such as credit karma or your local bank branch. Not only will it be good to check up on your score but you can seriously drop the high rates against your policy.


Lower Interest Rates

Today interest rates are among the best they’ve been in a while. Although it may not as shifted as high as you liked, your interest rate may have dropped significantly. Especially if you’re a new driver, dealerships love to drop a high rate seeing a high risk of giving you a car. And if you have an untouched credit score, your interest rate will go down since you are a “low risk” borrower.


You May Have Been Offered a Bad Interest Rate

Like many people, picking up a new car at the dealership can be an extremely exciting time in your life. Younger people are especially at high risk since some dealerships see it as a great time to take advantage of them. Or, if you didn’t do your homework on current rates in your are you can be paying more than you like.

The best time to refinance is after one year of payments, especially if you think you were offered a bad deal. Not do you only show the dealership you are a trusty borrower but your credit score will go up as well and you can say “slash my payments!” One of the top auto refinancers are Ignition Financial. They work hard to find you the lowest rate and have a friendly and courteous staff.