Food Supplier

OSI Group: Bringing American Meat Products To The World

OSI is one of the world’s most prestigious food distributors. OSI’s presence is found in hundreds of countries though the subsidiaries they own often retain their own name brands and ownership. OSI produces meat products ranging from pizzas, sandwiches, poultry, breakfast sausages and other raw meats. OSI has made sure to practice some of the highest safety regulations and industry standards.

OSI Group was originally a butcher shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant to Chicago in 1909. The Kolschowsky family worked hard to keep the shop going throughout the years and soon they started running a full meat processing factory. Their meat products were so highly regarded that in the 1950s McDonalds owner Ray Kroc selected Otto & Sons to be the fast food franchise’s chief meat supplier. In the 1970s Sheldon Lavin joined the company and as McDonalds started growing and gaining ground, the Kolschowsky sons decided to make Lavin a controlling partner in the company.

In the coming years the company became known as OSI Group and started growing into the European and Asian markets. Just this last year it acquired Baho Food and Flagship Europe, two retailers in the pre-ordered food industry. While OSI Group may have left the small environment of individual butcher shops and factories, it still values family and employees and it’s one of the few companies that has seen very little overturn in its management and workforce. OSI won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour for advocating strong food safety measures and is also the key sponsoring company of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation benefiting underprivileged children across the world.