Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler’s Impressive Startup Career

Brad Reifler is an American citizen who is an entrepreneur and happens to be the founder of Forefront Capital. He obtained he’s Bachelors’ Degree from Bowdoin College. Brad Reifler grew himself as a financial services professional who is trusted across the globe.

Brad’s career journey began in early 1980’s upon creating the Reifler Trading Company. The company evolved into institutional research and offered several services which include dissemination of information and global execution, and derivative advisory services.

The company grew into one of the biggest in the world and in 2000, it featured as one of the leading futures company in the world. The firm was acquired by Refco in 2000.

Reifler has also served as a director in several companies like Sino Mercury, Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities. He is connected to five board members all in different organizations and in different industries.Brad Reifler has enjoyed success in many companies that he has worked for. Consequently, he enjoys several years of entrepreneur experience and many young entrepreneurs look up to him as a mentor.

In 1995, he founded Pali Capital that focused on equity markets. According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler served as the CEO of Pali for 13 years during which the firm experienced staggering growth. It had at least 300 employees and had excess returns of more than $1 billion.

Instead of advising the funds, he took in their ideas and combined them with derivative structures then executed the strategy and it worked. Eventually, he sold off the firm.

Today, Brad Reifler is able to attract business leaders, investment bankers at the top position, and investment advisers due to the many subsidiaries under the forefront umbrella. Forefront has attracted highly influential and respected business leaders.

One of the main reasons the firm enjoys these opportunities is as a result of networking and the several relationships arising from the community. An example of influential members are the board members who hold presidential appointments. As a company, Forefront encourages people to build and maintain good relationships since it is the most important asset owned by all individuals regardless of their ethnicity, sex, or economic status.