Healthy Eating

Sweet Greens Co-Founders Hit aSweet Spot With High-End Salad Chain

When Nathaniel Ru and his Georgetown University fellow alumni Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet decided one fine day to start a restaurant that offered healthy eating options to students, and the rest, as they say, is history. Apart from a common alma mater the three were children of first generation immigrants and that probably made them more passionate about making a success of their venture.

Of course, their enterprise grew and grew with backing from investors like Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, they gave legacy restaurants a run for their money. Of course, if you ask the dynamic trio as to what the secret of their success is they will attribute it to four things-health first, organic, fresh and local. Today when one sees a long queue of patrons waiting patiently outside their many outlets one known that they have well and truly arrived.

Their plans for the future include letting technology be a driver of their business. Already 30% of their business is achieved through their website and mobile apps. Furthermore, they are great ones for decentralization and haven’t even kept a large corporate office. Nathaniel Ru himself has become something of a celebrity thanks to his successes as entrepreneur, businessman, and investor.

He completed a BS in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and soon after launched Sweetlife with is partners. His keen sense of business and ability to innovate have won him much praise around the world. As a matter of fact, he has been felicitated as a key innovator in food and business by being named to Inc.’s 30 under 30, Forbes’s 30under 30 and Food and Wine’s 40 Big Thinkers 40 and Under.

Nathaniel and his partners also showed their appreciation for music by starting the annual music and food festival Sweetlife which has over the years earned a formidable reputation. The festival gets as many as 20000 visitors and sees performances by artists out of the top drawer. It also has the best chefs, food trucks, farmers and the like participating.

Rue and his college mates and not business partners have created magic by only following their life’s true calling. They have shown how it is possible to think of a business concept that is based on integrity, honesty and keeping the best interest of the consumer in mind. This hasn’t been achieved with the help of clever marketing gimmicks but by putting oneself in place of the customer.