Matt Badiali Advocates Caution Amidst Candian Cannabis Legality

The implications of Canada’s full legalization of Marijuana have many investors going nuts. The cannabis market has always been huge. Last year it brought in over $6 billion dollars in legal sales. $6 billion dollars form a market saturated with restrictions. Image the profit yielded form an unrestricted market. This is why many investment experts are projecting huge gains. It is also why many U.S. investors are itching to find a way to take part. Matt Badiali however is erring on the side of caution. Although he also projects Canadian marijuana stock to skyrocket, he is concerned about the possibility of fraud the Canadian market presents. For Canadian investors this is meant as a warning, U.S. investors cannot take part. In Badiali’s mind the cannabis market will be something akin to craft beer, so he suggests that Canadian investors look to smaller companies but do extensive research beforehand. As for stateside investors Badiali has opened a window for that closed investment door.

Matt Badiali is a respected investment guru. His extensive knowledge and first-hand information have allowed him to bring success to many an investor. In addition to his trade experience, Badiali is a knowledgeable geologist. He goes all over the world to personally vet national resource companies. His projections are based on cold-hard fact and allow average investors key insight into future opportunities. Badiali has been a driving force behind many investment opportunities, pointing out little known perks for the benefit of others. One such perk came in the form of freedom checks, which Matt Badiali still advocates for.

Matt Badiali’s windo for U.S. investors is in the form of ETF companies. ETF companies invest in Canadian borne cannabis companies. By investing in them stateside marketers can be a part of Canadian cannabis without investing in a Canadian marijuana company. If the ETF company benefits from the market boom, then the investor benefits as well.

Gareth Henry Joins New Firm

Gareth Henry is a former actuarial mathematics graduate who went on to a career in financial management. His first job out of college was in management research for a firm known as Schroders. At this company, he was the product manager of a multi asset class group. After working at this position, Gareth Henry went on to join the United States based firm Fortress Investment Group. While at this firm, he was involved in its marketing department. He would also serve as the managing director for a few years. Now, Henry is looking to move on to another opportunity in the financial services industry. He is now joining the firm called Angelo, Gordon & Co. He will serve as its managing director and the Global Head of Investor Relations.

Colleagues in the industry have said a number of positive things about Gareth Henry. They have said that Henry is a seasoned executive who has a lot of valuable experience with investor relations as well as a proven ability to meet the needs of various clients. With his global relationships, he will likely be in position to help Angelo Gordon & Co continue to expand its markets in the United States, Europe and Asia. The addition of Gareth Henry will likely help the firm continue providing quality service for investors on a regular basis.

Gareth Henry stated his satisfaction with the new position. He has said that Angelo Gordon & Co. have a reputation for providing high returns for all of its investors as well as making this happen throughout changes in market cycles. Henry has made it clear that he is very excited to be a part of the firm and work with its many talented professionals.

With this new position, Gareth looks to continue building on his already impressive experience. He will serve at a high level of management which will enable him to devise strategies that will help the firm continue its success. The addition of Henry looks to provide Angelo Gordon & Co. yet another highly talented finance professional who will make a positive impact on their organization.

Fortress Investment Group Still Growing

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, by current principals Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, as well as retired principal, Rob Kauffman. Peter Briger from San Francisco is the third current principal. Briger joined the group in 2002, bringing 15 years of experience with him. In 2006-2007, Fortress made several key acquisitions, and continued to grow. Known as a trendsetter, Fortress went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007. It was the first private equity firm to do so.

Fortress continued to increase its investment vehicles, and began adding internationally focused funds to its portfolio, including a number of funds which concentrated on Japan. In 2011, Fortress Investment Group opened a second U.S. Headquarters in San Francisco, and two in Asia. At this time, the leadership of Fortress began to be widely recognized for its innovation and success. In 2017, Soft Bank Group Corporation, a large Japanese company bought Fortress for 3.3 billion dollars.

Currently, Fortress continues to operate as an independent entity, headquartered in New York. All three principals chose to continue in their roles after the purchase by SoftBank. Fortress operations are divided into three principal categories. First, the Credit division is led by Briger, The Private Equity division is focused on cash flow generation, and is led by Edens and Nardone. Finally, the Permanent Capital Vehicles division focuses on investment.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group has continued to expand. This year, investors were offered a totally secured investment in iPass, a leading global connectivity provider. iPass operates the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, which enables customers to access millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. iPass is sure to become more popular over time, which matches well with the Fortress philosophy of investing in areas where clients can receive strong risk-adjusted returns for long-term investing strategies. Also, Fortress owns Brightline, the country’s first private, intercity, passenger rail system.

Brightline began running from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in May of this year, and hopes to implement similar rail services in multiple cities. Such expansion shows that Fortress Investment Group plans to continue the innovative practices it was founded upon.

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Online Trading is Now Available: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is a service that provides traders with a step by step platform in order to get customers used to dealing with markets and what they are about. AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and it is headquartered in Ireland. AvaTrade meets all of the regulatory standards of Ireland and the European Union as well.

The thing to remember about AvaTrade is that it will take those who are just starting out in the world of trading and experts in trading can feel confident in that the staff of AvaTrade will be there to help advise people no matter what. In an article for, AvaTrade is tested to see if it is the real deal.

The reviewer gave the platform five stars out of five and thinks it is one of the best platforms for traders to use. One of the things of note is that AvaTrade has a physical office in Ireland but more offices in other countries in the coming years. this way traders can talk to an actual person to see if the trades they are making are the correct one for them. Another big benefit of this new platform is that a customer can create a demo account before taking the plunge into the markets.This program is engineered towards people who have very little or no experience in the trading markets. It is a simulator that allows people to see if the world of online trading is for them. A final benefit for more experienced traders is that Avatrade does not take a commission on or take fees from customers for trading. This is a big selling point when it comes to online trading and the reviewer pointed it out early on in the review.

For those who have experience in the online trading world, a consumer can open an account with Avatrade for one hundred euros or one hundred dollars. This totally depends on the market a person will be investing in.

With the help of Avatrade, a newcomer or an expert in the market can rest assured that trades will go through and be protected.

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Former Hawks Management Group Sues AIG for Breach of Contract

The previous management group of the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has opened a case against New Hampshire Insurance Company. In the lawsuit, the former Hawks management group (AHBE) accuses the insurance firm of failing to compensate claims that previous general manager made. AHBE consisted of Bruce Levenson who held the position of controlling partner. The current management group led by Tony Ressler is not involved in this lawsuit.

AHBE filed this case in the Fulton County’s Superior Court on September 13 against the insurance provider also known as AIG. The lawsuit accuses the insurance provider of misconduct and breach of contract. According to AHBE, the policy it obtained from AIG protected it from employment practices’ losses, including workplace misdemeanors and wrongful termination. The court documents show that AHBE notified the Insurance Company on April 2, 2015, that its former general manager had filed claims.

AHBE signed a deal with the Ressler-led ownership group on June 22, 2015, that saw it sell the NBA franchise for an undisclosed amount. The announcement of the buyout agreement was made public two days later.

A review of the lawsuit

AHBE has not disclosed the amount it is claiming from AIG. In the lawsuit, former Hawks ownership group state that AIG has declined to accept that a claim was filed. It has also refused to offer compensation. The lawsuit indicates that the claims made by the former general manager are within AIG’s policy coverage. However, AIG has blatantly refused to pay the insured loss without substantial explanation.

Levenson’s career and philanthropic activities

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the former owner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Company. Levenson also served as a representative of the Hawks on the NBA Board. Levenson is an alumnus of the Washington University of St. Louis and the American University. Bruce Levenson enlisted the help of Ed Peskowitz in establishing United Communications Group, a franchise involved in a variety of businesses. Levenson sits on the Tech Target’s executive committee. He also supports various charity organizations such as I Have a Dream Foundation, the U.S Holocaust Museum, the Jewish Federation, and the SEED Foundation.

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New Zealand’s Tax Transparency

Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago, New Zealand. He holds a LLB honors and a post graduate diploma in tax and trust law. He commenced practice in 1980 in Auckland, New Zealand later moving to Christchurch to become a partner and Chairman of Partners in a leading law firm. After working in the British West Indies as a litigator for two years he returned to Auckland in 1997 to establish his own firm Cone Marshall Limited. He now specializes in international trust and tax planning. In 2012 he gave his thoughts on tax transparency to the New Zealand Herald.


When you think about banks and foreign governments, New Zealand is not the first place you think of. Maybe it should be. New Zealand has shown itself to be a leader when it comes to tax transparency when dealing with foreign trust. The 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is considered by many to be the gold standard. It supports the international exchange of information helping to enforce domestic tax laws.


After exhaustive consultations Michael Cullen brought new rules to this area in 2006. Any trustee of a foreign trust, living in New Zealand, will be required by the IRD to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form and keep all financial and other related records.


Now details of settlements, distributions, trust deeds, liabilities, details of the trust’s assets, and details of the money received and spent by the trustee will fall under this law. Records must be in English; heavy penalties will be levied against anyone failing to comply. New Zealand has over 20 tax information exchange agreements with foreign countries all designed to prevent tax avoidance or evasion. The respected trust lawyers in New Zealand help to keep the transparency of tax laws. Bolstering New Zealand’s reputation for honesty.


While other countries might lobby for foreign money that is obtained by questionable means, and be willing to hide funds to defraud foreign governments, New Zealand wants no part of that. They are proud to do business with places like Britain, Singapore, and the US in a transparent and above board fashion. Likewise, international taxation experts consider New Zealand to be a leader in operating foreign trusts in accordance with the OECD.


Members of the international Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners work together to keep New Zealand a place other countries respect as a honest place to do business.


Exciting Event Held For Toys for Boys


Danilo Diaz Granados has been putting on what he terms, Hyper-Sensory Experience events unique to Miami, to benefit his charity, TOYS for BOYS. His store’s special product lines are part of those exciting events, which include items that some people would consider quite extravagant. His guests at his event in July, 2016, ate a fantastic breakfast at One Thousand Museum center with the famous, Dame Zaha Hadid. It was a day of luxurious treatment for the powerful socialites who attended. The event concluded with a fabulous boat ride while the sun was setting. In between, celebrants took helicopter rides to the nearby racetrack, sipping Dom Perignon and snacking on the best cuisine Miami has to offer.


HauteLiving described that Danilo and the high-level attendees were given an exclusive tour of the new Biscayne residential property after finishing breakfast. As he hosted this over-the-top event, Danilo Diaz Granados let everyone there know that he wanted everyone there to experience the very best food, entertainment options, and artistry that Miami has to offer. To top this off, his rides in the helicopter took them on a circle tour of the Miami area, including a stop at the celebrated Palm Beach Race Track.


Danilo Diaz Granados helped start TOYS for BOYS. He had already done well in business because of his high degree of education and his knowledge of the local marketplace and people with their various mixed cultures. He is a graduate of Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. That is where he also obtained his degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. When he came to Miami, Florida, he immediately recognized the need for more luxury stores.

Martin Lustgarten; Advice That Will Make Your Investment Grow

Investment banking can be referred to as the creation of capital. It entails underwriting of debts and other securities. Banks organize this for government’s bodies and other business establishments. Another significant role of investment bankers is to give advice on securities and stock. With the proper information, you can make the dream of retiring come true. Before you invest your money, make sure you get professional guidance to make prudent decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes. There are many investment bankers, but if you are looking for quality and reliability, then Martin Lustgarten is the guy for you.

Martin Lustgarten is an Australian and Venezuelan citizen.He has two citizenships so as to leverage his clients. Martín is a proper advocate in international investments. He invests in several countries so as to minimize the risk and also to make sure he promotes the development of the particular places he chooses to invest in. He has an ability to watch the market of incoming trends and when he sees downfalls coming his way he can pull out before it ruins his investments plan and his customer’s expectation.

He an implausible hard worker so that he gets the best from his investments. His intellect in the investing field enables him to spot developments before they are even known by other investors. Martin emphasizes that there is a great need to keep a global portfolio when it comes to investment banking; this is because it gives you some stability. When it comes to retiring, it may not be as hard as it looks. The economy is stabilizing, and the stability comes with an opportunity too. Making wealth is all about making smart moves, and for an average person, you would need the expert advice. .