Judge Marco Antonio Marques Honored by PUC Sao Paolo

Judge Marco Antonio Marques was last April honored by the PUC Sao Paolo after they named a new auditorium after him. The magistrate, who is also a criminal law lecturer at the university, stated that he felt deeply honored to have been considered for such a feat. The ceremony was chaired by the president of the university while a former president of the Sao Paolo Court of appeal, Dirceu de Mello, was the chief guest. The president of the university praised Judge Marco, stating that he has an ‘always ready to help’ philosophy. He added that the auditorium construction was a success because of the judge’s relentless efforts in ensuring that the construction was done.

Ricardo Sayeg, one of the lawyers and also a tenured professor at the university praised Judge Marco and congratulated him for his achievement. He gave a reference to Judge Marco’s legal career, pointing out that his story was an inspiration to all young people who wanted to become lawyers. He pointed out that when Ricardo was 15, he already knew that he wanted to become a lawyer.

Judge Marco started his studies to become a lawyer in 1977 at PUC and graduated four years later. He went ahead to get a specialization at the masters level and a doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paolo. He joined PUC as a professor in 1983 and has been teaching there ever since. He got his tenure in 2003. He then went on to get a promotion to the court of appeals, where is he currently serving.

Besides being an exemplary judge and a respected professor of law, Judge Marco Antonio is also a dedicated writer. He has more than 40 books, journal articles and other pieces of literature to his name. Judge Marco spoke about the achievement with much humility. He thanked his colleagues at the university, his family and all his friends for their support and added that nothing in life is achieved alone. Many dignitaries in the legal sphere were present at the ceremony, and for Judge Antonio, this is a great highlight in his career.