Mexico Oil Industry

Cotemar Takes Safety Very Seriously

It is extremely important for oil companies to make sure that they are maintaining certain levels of safety. A safe oil drilling operation will always be able to be more successful than one that does not take safety seriously. Cotemar wants to always stay within regulations in the safety aspect of oil drilling so they can make sure that they are doing everything that they need to keep their operations safe. From safety on the rig to the safety of employees and even the ocean habitat that they have come into, Cotemar knows the right things to do to keep the operations safe.


The rigs can be dangerous. There are often fires that companies have to contend with, accidents that can happen and problems that occur from the weather. Cotemar makes sure that they are keeping the rig as safe as possible by having fire fighting boats on hand, safety procedures in place on the rig and complex tracking systems that will help them have an understanding of what the weather is going to be like while they are out in the ocean. The radar that they can use for these purposes allows them the chance to make sure that they can stay on top of things.


Not only are Cotemar employees kept safe while they are on the rig but the company also makes sure that they are safe when they are in the amenities barges. They do what they can to make them safe and stable while there are storms on the ocean. They also do everything that they can to make sure that the food is safe to eat. Cotemar knows that fresh food is important but it is also just as important that the food is handled properly and can be served to the employees successfully.


It is not uncommon for the ocean to suffer when there is an oil rig that comes into the area. Oil spills can happen and the general disturbance that comes from having so many ships in one area can be detrimental for the ocean life. Cotemar cannot completely prevent these disturbances but they do have policies in place that help to protect the ocean life. Cotemar wants to make sure that the oceans are able to stay close to what they were before they came into them and it helps them to stay accountable while they are drilling for oil.


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