21st Century Modeling & Brown Modeling Agency

We are now living in some of the most modern of times. Technology has taken over the game and many more services can be found online instead of in actual physical locations. The modeling industry has benefited from this transition, and Brown Agency epitomizes the term 21st century modeling. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this agency has certainly brought in a lot of attention to Texas’ capital city. Thanks to its initial success, Brown Modeling Agency has been able to expand into the Dallas area. Discovering talent is much more easier than in eras of the past thanks to technological-advancements.


According to Market Wired, Brown Modeling Agency has plenty of open calls, and it uses these open calls to find new talent. Its official website allows aspiring models to send in their resume as well as send in photographs. If you’re something that the agency is seeking, it will most definitely get in touch with you. What helps to make this agency into such a huge success is that it conducts itself in a proper way, it has a wide array of talent, and it is always thinking in an out-of-the-ordinary type of way. So, what brands have worked with this specific agency? Here are a few of the prominent names that has used this agency for services below.


  • Bright House
  • Dodge
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Converse
  • Holiday Inn
  • Landshark Beer
  • Dell
  • TGI Hairshow
  • And more


At this point, this agency can now compete with many of the larger, more prominent agencies in the U.S. Founder Justin Brown has done a wonderful job of developing the talent to meet the industry’s needs. He has been in the game for quite some time, and has worked as a professional model in the past. More than 450 talented people has provided consistent work in film, in television, in voiceover, in industrial video, in trade shows, in conventions, in corporate events, in promotional, in runway and in many other areas. Brown Modeling Agency is the very definition of modeling services of the 21st century.



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