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In the United States of America, there are various human rights and civil rights organizations that have sprung up for a variety of causes. There are a great many organizations that have sprung up to advance the plights of various races of people.

Some of these race-themed organizations are considered to be more or less controversial or socially acceptable. How wrong, controversial, acceptable or necessary a given organization is is subjective– it depends upon a person’s viewpoint.

Black Lives Matter is an organization that advocates for the rights of Black people, while shedding light on the disparaging differences between people in black communities. It was founded in 2012 by three Black women.

According to the ideology behind this organization, blacks are in an inescapable place of ostracization in a White-centrist, Western society, Marked by their very unique appearances and cultures, they are considered to be “others” who are worth less.

BLM supports their views by discussing the fact that America has a long history of discrimination against Blacks, and that there are still huge disparities between Blacks and Whites in modern America. Critics of Black Lives Matter argue that Black Lives Matter’s viewpoint is very narrow and one sided; giving examples of members who say things about white people that appear hateful or aren’t always true.

The National Council of La Raza, recently renamed Unidos Us, is an organization that advocates for the well-being of Hispanics. Again, like Black Lives Matters, the argument for their work is the true fact that Hispanics have been historically demoralized in the united states.

Their support helps to save lives and to improve the quality of many lives. However, those who criticize the organization say that it appears to be anti-Western and anti-European to a hateful extent, due to blatantly hateful and forceful sounding things that some of its members, including its founder, have said.

The European American Unity and Rights Organization, or Euro, is a an activist organization that advocated for the plight of people of European descent. The types of causes that they fight against are forced integration and and racial discrimination. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

In our American society, it is taboo to start a civil rights organization for “white people,” though in real life people are split down the middle, philosophically, over whether such an organization should exist. There are also some people who may be involved with this organization who have one-sided, hateful-sounding views against non-whites.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that helps Hispanics and immigrants, both documented and undocumented, by providing support to organizations that uphold the plights of such people.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is pro-DREAMER, pro-DACA and anti-racist. Jim and Lacey provide support to life saving organizations that provide food, shelter, education and guidance for migrants. Their stance is to provide as much opportunity to everyone as possible.

Critics argue that the Frontera Fund is taking part in aiding the illegal passage of immigrants, contributing to the destruction of our country’s integrity and contributing to the exhaustion of resources that our country has to offer. Critics may feel that they are being hated upon for being “racist” when they don’t perceive themselves to be that way.

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