Ryan Seacrest Making It All Work

In Judd Apatow’s film called Knocked Up, Ryan Seacrest has his own personal cameo. In this role it shows him being very displeased with Jessica Simpson as she arrives late for an interview. Seacrest berates her and shows his irritation with her tardiness saying not only is he more famous than his interview subjects he manages four jobs.

That comment is certainly a fact because Ryan Seacrest has been ruling Hollywood with his multiple jobs and has become the face of pop culture. How does he do it all? He goes from is morning show Live With Kelly and Ryan to being one of the number one radio shows in Los Angeles with On Air With Ryan. Ryan Seacrest seems to be everywhere. He doesn’t have an answer as to how he does it all, but the bottom line is that he gets the job done. Fans have seen him on American Idol and right after Christmas hosting New Year’s eve in New York. You have to wonder how does he get time for himself. Besides, all of his radio and TV responsibilities, Ryan has also created his foundation and a skincare and clothing line for men.

In order to keep things running smoothly, Ryan takes advantage of consolidating everything at one space. Some of his jobs do not require him to travel several miles. He basically can step off one set and step on another. He has a great team that helps him continue to be updated about the daily events and what’s happening in his schedule. Ryan does admit that it can be a challenge to bring it all together, but he finds a way to make the puzzle work. He is notified by email at the end of the day telling him what’s going on in all divisions.

According to, he rises early at 5 a.m., since his radio gig requires him to be on air at 6 a.m. He knows he has to move fairly quick to get coffee and breakfast and head out the door. He makes it a point to arrive 15 minutes early to the studio to look over all material.

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Alex Pall- Beyond the Booth

Alex Pall is a member of the band known as “The Chainsmokers”. The band has been a continuous successful, topping several charts and selling out concert venues. The band is comprised of New York native Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The band has released several major hits such as “Roses” & “Don’t Let Me Down” however, one of their greatest hits is the track “Closer”, which features the vocals of Chainsmoker band member Andrew Taggart. The band is best known for being solely a DJ group but “Closer” is setting precedent for the vocal emergence of the duo by featuring Andrew Taggart. The success of the duo slowly unveiling their vocal talents could in the early phases with the potential to be even more diverse musically and allow them to reach a wider audience. They have already established themselves as master DJ’s with a great sound and large following. It is very uncommon for DJ’s to explore the world vocally by stepping out from behind the DJ booth. Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart are exploring uncharted territories for DJ and are proving to be extremely successful thus far. They are true musical pioneers. The duo is slowly establishing themselves are diverse artists with the vocals of Taggart, now it is time for band member Alex Pall to reveal his musical talents for their fan base and the world. The duo is continuously transcending the meaning of DJ slowly but surely. The emergence of the long-awaited talents of Alex Pall is keeping fans waiting on the edge of their seats. Alex Pall hopes to keep pushing boundaries and explore new opportunities for the duo to engage in. Allowing the audiences new experiences is what Pall strives for and hopes to provide for his fans all over the world. The band loves performing their music live and create new content with their diverse skills and abilities. Andrew Taggart has displayed his talents beyond the DJ booth, it is now time for Pall to show the world his abilities beyond the booth.

The American Institute of Architects – A Headquarter for United States Talents

The American Institute of Architects, known also as the AIA, is a professional United States organization for architects. The institute gives opportunities for education, influences government advocacy and development of infrastructure, and reaches to the public in order to promote the image of architecture. The building industry designers and constructors are supported by the AIA as well.

In 1857, in New York City 13 architects started the idea for building the American Institute of Architects. With 16 other architects, the first established what was the first school of architecture in the United States. It is an organization which was set up to promote the career of its members, to create a network of fellow architects, and to progress the common advancement of architectural art.

Today the AIA is headquartered on New York Avenue, Washington D.C. The building was designed by two architects in 1970 and completed in 1973. The American Institute of Architecture Students, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, and the National Architectural Accrediting Board are also currently quartered in the same building.

The current CEO of the AIA is Robert Ivy. He has a rich experience in architecture, being an editor of Architectural Record, which under him became the world’s most popular architectural journal. He has also worked as a Vice President and Editorial Director of various other magazines for architecture and design. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee. For his editorial leadership, he holds an American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence, an Architectural Record, Folio Design Awards, and an MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year.

The American Institue of Architects has more than 90,000 architects under its wing. All its members follow a professional ethic conduct for the highest standard of work. Using the common voice of architecture, the AIA influences governments in matters directly connected to the life of citizens. It uses the collective power of its many members to influence government decisions regarding infrastructure on a local, state and federal level. It constantly works to upgrade the design of communities, maintain public facilities, and create good and affordable homes for all Americans. The AIA aims to raise an awareness of the importance of architecture and design in the everyday lives of American citizens and communities

One On One With Dubai’s Most Seasoned Businessman Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family prides itself on the entrepreneurial acumen of the man of the house Hussain Sajwani. The entrepreneur’s negotiation skills and shrewdness in business have helped the family acquire a lot fortune. Hussain Sajwani’s business interests are mainly in the real estate sector. Hussain Sajwani has always been keen on cultivating business relationships with the who’s who in the corporate world. The DAMAC owner has close business ties with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The two are working on a joint real estate project that is one of the biggest construction properties that DAMAC Properties has ever undertaken. During the inauguration of Trump, Hussain Sajwani the presence of the business man was acknowledged by the first family.


Hussain Sajwani began building his business network in the early 80s. The businessman entered the corporate world through his inaugural enterprise, Dariah Management Services Company. Dariah focused in providing food products. His first company enabled him to build business ties with high profile individuals such as political leaders and celebrities. Later, Sajwani decided to venture into real estate because he wanted to diversify his business portfolio and also take advantage of the real estate boom in the Middle East. The construction industry presented new business opportunities compared to the food industry making the tycoon shift his interests to the property sector.


Sajwani made a debut in the real estate sector in 1994. He began by purchasing properties in towns that were least developed and constructed apartments for the expatriates who needed housing in the country. After recording a lot of success selling apartments to the middle-income segment of consumers, Hussain Sajwani decided to upscale his portfolio in the industry by targeting high-net worth individuals with luxurious spaces. Hussain established DAMAC Properties to handle expensive construction projects. One of the most iconic projects that are in the pipeline by DAMAC Properties is a golf course named after Trump and designed by Tiger Woods.


Hussain Sajwani is also actively involved in philanthropic initiatives that are providing opportunities to the disadvantaged in the communities. The entrepreneur is an ardent contributor to charitable courses.


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It Started At The Bottom

The Most Inspiring Story Of Rags To Riches

Sometimes, it feels as if we were meant to experience the depths of despair.

For men like George Soros, despair became a motivator. And a great motivator it was. All we have to do is look at his past and to better understand the present. We’re not suggesting that the entire world adopt lack and limitations though. We only want to honor our society’s heroes.

George Soros is a hero because he shows the modern world what’s possible when you’re in a situation with nothing. Most of those that we recognize as successful on Wall Street have this certain quality about them. This is one where the most successful are able to endure the most trying situations and then come out richer than they were before. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Some call it a miracle. Others call it luck.

The examination of both George Soros’ past and the long track record of accurate predictions tells us the he has more than chance on his side. When so many investment trades go well, there’s a point where we can no longer call it luck or chance. We instead call it the prowess of George Soros and what he’s known for.

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Predictions About the Future And Perfecting Timing

It’s not every day that a reliable figure shares inside their information.

It’s even rarer when people in finance are actually accurate regarding the things they say! The only “exception to the rule” that we can recall is George Soros. Talk about power and leverage. When this man has something to share, the entire world and that of finance tunes in. Learn more on about George Soros.

And it’s no surprise as to why.

George is more than accurate, more than knowledgeable and has a clear passion for giving a helping hand. We can now only hope that this will remain so and as his work continues into the future. As long as George Soros continues to work his trade, well receive the grace of years of success that is practically Mr. Soros.

When this information continues to be shared with us, we all have a better outlook and perspective which can improve everyone’s life.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Dedication to Providing Quality Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a leading Puerto Rican Medicaid and Medicare Advantage organization dedicated to providing healthcare related services. The organization operates leading healthcare plans in the region including MMM Healthcare Inc., PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. MMM, and Inc. PMC. It has over 7,500 service providers serving over 200,000 individuals. InnovaCare has a commitment of providing the healthcare services to all it members. It also has two Medicaid plans within the Government Health Plan and is the only Medicare that offers NCQA-accredited plans.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the pioneers of the Medicare network plan that is now very common in Puerto Rico. He started as the Chief Executive Officer of MMM Healthcare and the PMC Medicare Choice. In his career path, he also served as the chief medical officer and chief operating officer at the Medical Pathways Company.

Rick has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years with his main area of specialization being the clinical healthcare solutions. He joined InnovaCare in 2008 when it was still known as the Aveta Inc. after joining the organization; he launched several successful programs, all of which saw the organization reach many underserved patients.

Rick’s Formula for Success

Rick has a lot of plans for the organization with the aim of educating patients on healthcare plans while at the same time providing support to their families. His efforts to providing better patient experience were recognized by ‘A Tribute to Caring’ where he scooped the Access to Caring Award. Rick believes in including a robust and experienced management team to help him in achieving the organization’s goals

Penelope Kokkinides

Mid 2016, the healthcare announced additional to their leadership plan with the aim of adding skills to enable the organization to realize success amidst the complex and ever-changing healthcare environment. Among those appointed is Penelope Kokkinides who was named the chief administration officer. She has ample experience in the field having worked in the government’s Medicare and Medicaid for over two decades.

Penelope’s Experience

Penelope has several years of experience and has served in executive positions for other organizations. During her days in Centerlight HealthCare where she was the chief operating officer and the executive vice president, Penelope was responsible for managing the overall strategic direction of the care division. Visit Penelope’s website at

She has also worked as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health and Americhoice as the Corporate Vice President for Care and Disease Management. Her expertise range from managing healthcare processes, developing clinical programs, and improving efficiency and organizational infrastructure.

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Betsy DeVos Impact and Achievements

Betsy Davos is an American businesswoman, a politician and a member of Republican Party. She is well known for her advocacy of school voucher programs, School choice, charter schools and also ties to the reformed Christian community. She is also a reformer. While at Calvin College, she undertook her vocation and involved herself with the campus politics and has remained politically active up to date. She has led a variety of campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. On the other hand, she has served as chairperson for Michigan Republican party for six years, which has given her experience in the different sectors as well as politics.

On business matters, she focuses on the innovative solution to the social problems. She also serves as the chairperson of Windquest Group, which is a private multi-company operating group that highly invests in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology. Mrs. Devos peruses her reforms through some nonprofit roles and is a member of several local and national boards such as Mars Hill Bible Church, Devos Institute for Arts Management, Kids Hope, as well as the Foundation for excellence in education. She is the chairperson of Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, Alliance for school choice and American Federation for children. The couple has quite a high profile dynasty and has also been the key player in issues to do with politics of Republican Party for many years. The act has enabled them to have a great impact both locally and internationally.

Dick and Betsy Family Foundation donated $11.6 million in the year 2015 towards charitable contribution. This donation doubled the $5.3 million donated to the campaign for the past five years. The political donation is quite small as compared to the charitable contribution which totals to about $139 million over her lifetime. Betsy and his husband Dick’s philanthropy lifestyle puts education on the front line. In 2015, the couple allocated about $3 million towards education, accounting for 26 percent of charitable donations that year. The foundation awarded around 3 percent which was equivalent to $357,000 to education reform supporting group. The couple’s way of spending gives quite a clear reflection on how the improvement of education has been given priority. Through the donation, kids from wrong ZIP codes have benefited since they can have access to education and also attain the America dream. The primary goal of Betsy Devos is to better education system by empowering great talented teachers as well as administrators so as to become more efficient and effective. Quite some schools have highly benefited from the donation including Compass College, Detroit charter school, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Dick Devos’ Alma mater Northwood University, Ferris state university and Rehoboth Christian School.

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