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Hussain Sajwani Is Excited About Social Media And Its Affect On Marketing

Hussain Sajwani educated himself by studying Economics and Industrial Engineering at the University of Washington. He started a catering business in 1982 that became a successful business and that has reached the world, serving the Middle East as well as Africa. He is a pioneer when it comes to property market expansion in the Dubai area, and he has done well with all of the ventures that has undertaken. Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. He is a man who has worked hard to get to the place that he is at and who deserves all of the success that he has found.


Hussain Sajwani is someone who knew that he would be able to make good money working for himself and that is why he got started creating a business of his own. He has shared that he grew up working for a family business and that the experiences that he had when he was young helped to lead him to live out the life that he did as an adult. He started his catering business because he knew that he could do well in working for himself. From there, he started another business because of a growing interest in the real estate world.


When asked about a trend that excites him, Hussain Sajwani shared that he is interested in the digital marketing and social media world. He has grown excited in watching social media as it has changed through the years. He is excited to see where it will go in the future. Hussain Sajwani likes the communication aspect that is a part of digital marketing and the social media landscape. He enjoys seeing the dialogue that takes place in the social media world. He is anxious to see what will happen in the future when it comes to social media and its affect on marketing.

Ricardo Tosto: How To Find And Hire A Business Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto: How To Find And Hire A Business Lawyer

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Hussain Sajwani take Damac to New Luxurious Heights

When it comes to Middle East luxury, Damac Properties and Hussain Sajwani immediately spring to mind. They have been in the vanguard of high-end luxury apartments, condos, and hotels since their founding in 2002. They are now operating in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon. They have a sophisticated and refined sense of opulence and have consolidated their grip as the leader in Middle East luxury.

Hussain Sajwani, the Damac owner, is the visionary and driving force behind the Damac Group. His vision is expansive and he takes luxury living to a new level with his world-class developments. He quickly discerned the possibilities that arose when the UAE changed its rules regarding foreign ownership of property in their country. He purchased land in an undeveloped part of Dubai and was able to sell his proposed units before they even broke ground. Thus began his meteoric rise as a luxury real estate developer and it continues to this day.

Damac Properties under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership has flourished and played a large role in the reputation of Dubai as a shining city of glamor. Courtesy of Damac, it boasts of multi-million square feet golf course communities, high-rise luxury apartments, serviced hotel apartments, and five-star hotels in a partnership with Paramount Hotels & Resorts. They have also teamed up with some top luxury brands such as Versace, Fendi, and Bugatti.

Kenda Villas is a recent example of a Damac development centered around an extraordinary golf course. They are set in the golf community of AKOYA Oxygen and are available in various sizes. A cozy little villa for newlyweds or a larger unit for families. They are made of gorgeous looking stone and hearken back to the past with a hint of nostalgia. They actually use ancient materials for the stones and mold them into modern, artistic shapes. This helps keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Hussain Sajwani has realized his greatest success with Damac Properties. However, he started out in business with a successful catering company. They are still part of the Damac Group today and thriving. The Hussain Sajwani family and Damac are committed to philanthropy as well supporting many projects over the years.