Ski Resort

Good News for Squaw Valley Concerning Water Quality

Since the news about bacteria was detected in the drinking water in the Upper Mountain area, The Placer county department of environmental health of Squaw Valley has been investigating the situation. Wesley Nicks, the director, stated they acted immediately and are getting positive results from treating the water. Although out of four wells, only some bacteria remains in one, and that is still a problem that is being addressed with priority. All precautions are being taken. Drinking the water is banned from skiers in the area. Many of the local restaurants in Squaw Valley have been shut down. Those restrictions will be in place until the water levels are cleared. Thus far, no sickness has been reported to the hospitals from any contamination of the water. The problem with the contamination occurred during the summer when a new water system was installed. It was not near any water systems that was in the area for consumption by the public. Squaw Valley are still working with great care to make sure this area is clear as the regular water that is used by the public. The resort is determined to make the safety of the guest of Squaw Valley their number one priority. They are providing all of the customers with free bottled water as gifts when the matter is fully resolved and the water safety is again at the highest levels.