Looking Forward With Bob Reina

Forging our own paths and gaining the freedom to do what we love for a living is a goal that many people strive for every day. This road can be long and treacherous, however, filled with up and downs, but the ultimate rewards can far outweigh the trials in the end. This is the path that Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina took, taking control of his own future. His early career was as a police officer, which while it was a well-respected job, it didn’t provide the financial security for his family he wanted. The time investment clashed with the paychecks he was receiving, and he knew he wanted to make a change. Learn more:


While on an off-duty security detail, he met with a man who would introduce him to a new way to live, with a future in the network marketing industry. He describes this as his “Ah ha” moment. This particular opportunity didn’t pan out for him, but it would change his focus going forward. Bob Reina would see himself go through several unsuccessful ventures at first, he came across his niche purely by chance. Rena was touring a house, for something unrelated and wanted simply to email a video clip to his family. Traditional email wouldn’t allow the clip to be emailed, however, stating size and file limitations. This incident would direct him to develop Talk Fusions first flagship product, Video Email.

Bob Reina has since watched his company grow and prosper, growing into a leader in communications. They have since launched a vast array of video communication products in over 140 countries. Reina credits Talk Fusions continuing success to constant innovation. With quite a few new cutting-edge products in the works at Talk Fusion, Reina is excited to see what the future will bring for the company. In addition to this, he’s also introducing Talk Fusion University, a complementary platform for Talk Fusion colleagues to prepare to evolve their own careers. Reina will be creating videos and publications to share his knowledge in the industry, to aid the associates to reach their professional goals.


Jason Hope Hopeful For The Future

Not many people know what “The Internet Of Things” is. Jason Hope does, and according to him, we better get on board really fast. The Internet Of Things is an odd way of putting synchronization.

When people think of syncing, they typically think about smart phones and PCs, but not Jason. When Jason Hope thinks about syncing, he’s thinking about everything from automobiles to kitchen appliances.

Hope says that The Internet of Things is becoming the biggest investment that the big corporations are taking on. While smart technology may seem to be just a convenient utility, Hope believes it’s going to become imperative in the years to come. With more and more corporations incorporating smart technology, it’s making the smaller businesses have to keep up and start incorporating this smart technology themselves.

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No one likes to waste time, just watch people waiting in lines. Time management is crucial in our daily lives. The incorporation of smart technology and The Internet of Things in our daily lives has the potential to save us time and make life a bit easier on the day-to-day basis.

Jason Hope is leading the way for The Internet of Things and smart technology to be incorporated in more ways than just daily life. Hope is greatly involved with the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation does a lot of research primarily in anti-aging treatments. While most companies research for cures to diseases, SENS focuses on the preventative side of medicine. Hope says that medicine “isn’t just about treating, but preventing.”

FreedomPop Review | Saving Money with Fast Wireless Internet

Are you a low-data user who finds the cost of data packages from various companies to be exorbitant? You are in luck for FreedomPop offers you an opportunity to save money on internet. It is not only cheap, but it is free, at least for the first year. So, if you are wondering if FreedomPop is just another scam and if it might really help you save some money, then you can read our FreedomPop review and make an informed decision.



How it Works


If you want to subscribe for wireless internet services from FreedomPop, you can visit their website and check whether your various browsing devices meet their requirements. If not, check for a list of mobile phones recommended. You will find that they sell them on their website. The latter is the best option as it helps you avoid the FreedomPop service fee. Next, you need to create an online account and link your device to it. The last step will involve following some tutorials for the setup of FreedomPop internet. From there, you are free to enjoy their free internet.



Packages and Prices


  • Free Data


For the very first year, after your subscription, you get 200 minutes talk time and 500MB data to be used in messaging and browsing. This means that every message sent eats into your data. After the first year, you can continue getting this service package at $10.99 only per month.



  • 500MB Data


If you would like to continue with the FreedomPop services, you can opt for the 500MB data plan. This allows you one free month which is followed by $10.99 monthly payments. This amount gets you 500 MB data, unlimited talk time and texts.



  • 1GB Data


After the free data period, you can also choose the 1GB data plan. This is beneficial for users that cannot be considered heavy or light. Every month you will be charged $19.99 to continue enjoying this plan, which also comes with unlimited talk time and texts.



Service Description


Paying for FreedomPop is on a month-to-month basis. This means that, if you want to cancel your subscription at the end of the month, you can freely do so. FreedomPop does not involve any contract, hence subscribers can cancel whenever they wish. Also, it is important to note that no charges apply when you cancel




There’s No Competing With FreedomPop’s Low Prices

Competition in the wireless world is very heavy, which is why many of the wireless giants are always competing amongst one another. FreedomPop has very little need to compete because their prices speak for itself and are some of the lowest prices that can be found with any wireless services. FreedomPop also gives many people the option of only getting as much data as they need for a cell phone plan or for an Internet service plan. FreedomPop even gives free services away for both their cell phone service and Internet service. Those with the free cell phone service plan only need a phone to get the service.


Obtaining the free service is as easy as signing up for it, which can be done both online or within a retail store that works with FreedomPop. Having a sim card is necessary for anyone who is bringing over a GSM phone that’s no longer locked to its original carrier, but anyone with a Sprint phone can always make the switch to FreedomPop with no problem. Those who have a sim card from FreedomPop can also use the sim card in many different international locations, and FreedomPop is adding destinations to their list all the time.


The free service for cell phones will contain 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data. The paid plan for $10.99 will also contain 5 MB of data but will have unlimited text messages and talk time. Both the free plan and the paid plan come with the exact same amount of data, which means that there is an automatic top up for each plan of $10 each time the data goes down to 100 MB or less. Anyone can turn off the automatic top up option by going into their account and doing so, but they may have to pay for data separately.


Any extra data used over the 500 MB for either service will cost two cents per megabyte unless a customer is using Wi-Fi services to gain extra data. A FreedomPop review offers information on their Wi-Fi service for only five dollars, and the service can be used as much as possible to get unlimited data for a cell phone. Another option for unlimited data is getting the unlimited everything plan for only five dollars per month, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99 and comes with 1 GB of 4G LTE data.

Bob Reina Is Giving Back to Communities All over the World

Bob Reina is a lot more than just an entrepreneur and founder of Talk Fusion. Despite all of his accomplishments, awards, and accolades, at his core he is good man who cares about community and the state of humanity as a whole. in my opinion he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his philanthropic endeavors and support of various charities and non profit organizations. Reina instilled those qualities into the DNA of Talk Fusion as well.


Talk Fusion has proven over and over that it is a company that people can trust and rely on. Building futures and helping people realize their dreams is a driving force of the company. It has bee dedicated to changing people’s lives since it was established in 2007.


As someone who believes in leading by example, Reina hopes to inspire others to help people through his work. Reina has been a supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He is such an avid supporter that he once donated $1 million to to the organization. The donation was record breaking for the organization.


Reina consistently motivates the individuals around him to try their best to make a difference. He even put a program into motion that will allow Talk Fusion Associates to donate a free account to a non-profit they support.


Reina often says, “With great success comes greater responsibility.”


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat application has made a big impact on the video marketing industry. The app has helped many charities and non-profits expand their influences and spread their ideals around the world. Talk Fusion is in the business of helping further their cause in a way they were previously unable to accomplish.


Bob Reina is truly an extraordinary individual who understands the importance of giving back. There is no doubt the world is a better place with people like Bob Reina leading the way.