US Health Group

USHEALTH Group is the Definite Leader in Health Insurance Coverage

USHEALTH Group was founded over a half a century ago in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm is a mother company two subsidiary insurance companies: the premier Freedom Life Insurance and the well-regarded National Foundation Life Insurance Company. Through these two companies, USHEALTH offers insurance solutions to their clients. In an industry filled with many insurance providers, USHEALTH Groups stands out for their diversified insurance covers & affordable covers for all people in all social classes. The firm is also characterized by its ability to hold onto clients and create long-time relationships with them in a field believed to have low customer loyalty. The company’s main insurance plans are Premier Vision and Secure Dental.

The Premier Vision Package

This package takes care of the visually challenged individuals. It comes with over 70,000 independent and retail opticians. Therefore, clients have the opportunity to choose the provider that best suits their needs. It is easy to use and saves money. The package has three different plans: Comprehensive eye exam, frames, and corrective standard lenses. Clients in the first package are entitled to a comprehensive eye examination once per year, those in the second package are entitled to one corrective contact lens, and those in the third plan are entitled to both the corrective contact lenses and frames once per year. Details are available at

The Secure Dental

This package covers the clients’ dental health. Under this package, there are three plans namely Premium Plan, Saver Plus Plan, and Saver Plan. Under the three packages, the clients are deducted $50 for an individual and $150 for the family, but those under the first package pay an extra $150 as an orthodontic fee. Clients under the first package are entitled to an insurance of $1,500 per year and $400 orthodontic insurance. For the second package, the clients get a maximum of $1000 per year. The third package provides $500 per year.

Awards won by CEO McQuagge

Troy McQuagge, who has won three awards in the last six months, is the executive chairperson of USHEALTH Group’s leadership team. He won the Most Innovative CEO Award as well as the CEO of the year in the Insurance category last year.