Cone Marshall is the Leading International Estate, Tax and Trust Law Firm in New Zealand

Cone Marshall Company was developed in the year1999. It is positioned at the Parnell House, Level 3, Auckland 1151, New Zealand. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are Administrators at the New Zealand law company. Karen Marshall operated for many years in the London Litigation law firm and served as the head of its Commercial Department before joining the company. She has broad experience in legal trustee advisory and general trusts management.


New Zealand is the Most Thriving International Estate Trust and Trust Law Country

Geoffrey Cone, on the other hand, provides the company with international tax and trust planning as well as trust and trustee management services. He has been recognized as a Quintessential Tax Lawyer. Mr. Cone’s experience in the Legal Fields gives him the experience to judge that his country is no tax haven and it does not have any secretive private banking industries. Earlier allegations had pointed out New Zealand as the host of a couple of companies colluding with other prominent individuals to evade tax payments. Geoffrey Cone instead points out New Zealand to be the charter member that supports to the doctrine embodied in the gold standard for transparency. He claims that New Zealand has witnessed the recent increase in the number of foreign trusts due to the country’s high quality internationally recognized and safe jurisdiction laws. He also maintains that New Zealand has strong professional and legal infrastructure as well as the well-regarded judiciary that attracts foreign law firms.


Cone Marshall Strengthens Tax and Estate Laws

Cone Marshall has gained its reputation because of its ability to offer consultancy and solutions to international problems to all tax and estate case clients. Cone Marshall’s online portfolio points towards the dedication that the Company puts while serving the different geographically located customers who have earned the company its international reputation. The company has remained as the biggest campaigner for estate and tax law transparency when dealing with the cases. Cone Marshall aims to expand its structure to professional handling and on-time delivery of all client submissions because of the recent increase in foreign trusts legal cases. The law firm seeks to broaden its customer landscape by working with other attorneys and advisors from other areas of jurisdictions to assist them to serve their clients.

  1. Cone Marshall holds and will forever adhere to the highest ethics of trust and tax transparency and reassure its customers the affordability to most reliable advice on trust law and international tax. This is definitely what reviews has described in the past as false.