DACA is Fighing for Survival and Gets a Small Victory

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was one of the most important organizations for immigrants as it provided eligible undocumented youth with a reprieve from deportation, along with a social security number, and the ability to work in the United States for a renewable period of two years. In the majority of states, DACA also used to allow youth to get a driver’s license and receive access to in-state-tuition fees.



As of 2017, however, DACA was removed because of a Trump decision. Several members of the Hispanic Caucus had a meeting with John Kely, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in early July 2017. They appealed to the office to let DACA continue its operation as many lives heavily depend on the program. Mre than 800 000 individuals have been living, working, and studying in the United States of America because of DACA. After its termination, however, they were forced to abandon their lives in the country and faced deportation.



The program of DACA was around for only a handful of years and brought a considerable amount of benefits to the United States of America. As much as95 percent of DACA youth is working or studying, or both. That brings the GDP of the United States considerably higher as hundreds of thousands of DACA youth contribute millions of dollars to universities and college across the nation. Along with that, they also pay taxes that grow higher as their earnings increase. They provide to the United States by starting businesses, buying homes, and using thousands of services.



With the termination of DACA, the United States of America is facing a massive economic crisis. As much as 90 billion dollars will be lost in the span of the next ten years. There is still hope, however, as there will be an appeal made by The Second Circuit Court of Appeals. They have stated that Trump’s government will not be allowed to influence the lives of over 800 000 people without exposing all of their decision making process and reasons. Trump and his men have declined to do that and DREAMers across the United States are hopeful once more that their lives will not be thrown out the window.



The layers that are involved in the lawsuit are required by the court to show every single documentation regarding their decision to end DACA. The only documentation that is not included in this requirement is classified information, but fortunately, nothing regarding DACA classified. During the showing, plaintiffs identified several missing documents.



This is a small victory but victory nonetheless. DREAMers want there to be clean DREAM Act, but that is still in the air. Organizations such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and hundreds of other groups have stated their complete support for DACA and its DREAMers.



The Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund has been among the most outspoken organizations, covering every piece of news regarding DACA. The fund has been directing people to where they can take actions and providing guidelines and awareness on this highly important subject. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos