End Citizens United Fights For Campaign Fairness

In the history of the United States, there have countless landmark supreme court cases that forever shaped the future of the country. The most important case in recent memory was Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. This court case changed the way political campaigns could be financed and donors would be disclosed. The organization End Citizen United spawned to fight the ruling. A recent article on the website Reporter Expert discusses in greater detail on the case and effects of its outcome.

This court case started in 2008 when the organization Citizens United wanted to air an hour long film against the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. On the flipside, the Federal Election Commission determined the movie to be simply a long campaign ad. Citizens United would not disclose the donor despite the law saying so, and it went all the way to the supreme court. They voted 5-4 in favor of Citizens united, with a decision based on the right of free speech. This meant donors from wherever could donate with complete secrecy. End Citizens United came about to make the political landscape fair again.

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There were 2 immediate effects of this ruling. First, the amount of television and radio ads would likely dramatically increase. This would be due to donors not having their names attached to the advertisements. Secondly, Republicans would be unfairly favored since they connections to rich corporations and individuals. The reaction has been negative across a large spectrum of individuals from different backgrounds. The organization End Citizens United was founded to overthrow this ruling and create fair campaign finance procedures.

The world of politics is often driven by who has the most money and better connections and End Citizens United is there to fight for fairness. The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling made it clear that donors can be anonymous. This created an unfair system where they would not be held liable for anything related to the campaign. End Citizens United supports candidates wish to overthrow this ruling and support fair spending practices. They have a diverse team on staff to back up the fight.

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