Finance and Investment Expert Jim Hunt


Jim Hunt is a financial adviser and also the CEO of a finance education company known as VTA Publications. During his career, Jim has established a very favorable reputation as a stock market investor. Over the course of his career, he has been able to make safe and intelligent trades on a regular basis. With this investing philosophy, Hunt has been able to experience a considerably high level of success. On a regular basis, Jim shares his knowledge of investing to others on videos as well as through lectures. When listing to Jim, many people have been able to find out that he is able to accurately predict trades and find ones that will result in high profits.

After working in the field of finance for a number of years, Jim Hunt started up a company called VTA Publications. This company specializes in providing individuals with information about how to trade profitably in the stock market. Along with learning how to trade stocks, the company also offers to teach people how to trade options as well as retirement planning. The company provides individuals with seminars and mentorship that enables them to gain a better understanding of the course content. With this company, a number of investors have been able to improve their financial situations.


He often maximizes his productivity at the beginning of the day which allows him to accomplish his daily tasks more quickly. Hunt believes that biotech is one of the leading industries and therefore people should look into investing their money in companies in this industry. As an entrepreneur, Jim says that in order to maximize your success, you need to sell things by solving people’s problems.


In recent years, Jim has introduced a number of products and systems that have greatly benefited investors. One of these is wealth wave which allows investors to profit off of failing stocks. With this system, an investor finds a stock that is falling in value but has potential. Then once the stock increases in value, the investor will make a very high profit. Another product Jim has introduced is Make Mum a Millionaire which emphasizes investing in stocks that are steadily going up in value to make profits.

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