FreedomPop Review | Saving Money with Fast Wireless Internet

Are you a low-data user who finds the cost of data packages from various companies to be exorbitant? You are in luck for FreedomPop offers you an opportunity to save money on internet. It is not only cheap, but it is free, at least for the first year. So, if you are wondering if FreedomPop is just another scam and if it might really help you save some money, then you can read our FreedomPop review and make an informed decision.



How it Works


If you want to subscribe for wireless internet services from FreedomPop, you can visit their website and check whether your various browsing devices meet their requirements. If not, check for a list of mobile phones recommended. You will find that they sell them on their website. The latter is the best option as it helps you avoid the FreedomPop service fee. Next, you need to create an online account and link your device to it. The last step will involve following some tutorials for the setup of FreedomPop internet. From there, you are free to enjoy their free internet.



Packages and Prices


  • Free Data


For the very first year, after your subscription, you get 200 minutes talk time and 500MB data to be used in messaging and browsing. This means that every message sent eats into your data. After the first year, you can continue getting this service package at $10.99 only per month.



  • 500MB Data


If you would like to continue with the FreedomPop services, you can opt for the 500MB data plan. This allows you one free month which is followed by $10.99 monthly payments. This amount gets you 500 MB data, unlimited talk time and texts.



  • 1GB Data


After the free data period, you can also choose the 1GB data plan. This is beneficial for users that cannot be considered heavy or light. Every month you will be charged $19.99 to continue enjoying this plan, which also comes with unlimited talk time and texts.



Service Description


Paying for FreedomPop is on a month-to-month basis. This means that, if you want to cancel your subscription at the end of the month, you can freely do so. FreedomPop does not involve any contract, hence subscribers can cancel whenever they wish. Also, it is important to note that no charges apply when you cancel