Goettl Acquires Walton’s Heating and Air

Goettl Air Conditioning has taken interest in a southern California HVAC company called Walton’s Heating and Air. According to AZ Central, its decision to purchase the company and extend their services into the California area was a valuable and easy decision. Although the financial details were not disclosed, Walton’s owner Todd Longbrake, is looking for a great opportunity to grow the business farther than he could do on his own. The business was staying productive but not reaching its full potential. With Goettl coming into the picture, they will really be able to extend their sales, services and overall business structure for the better. Goettl approached Walton’s in early 2015, however, Longbrake was reluctant to get involved until he heard about all of their trusted and valuable comments from others in the industry. Goettl’s reputation is solid and their line of business has been growing in a very positive way. Through the new acquisition of the company, Goettl will name Longbrake the sales manager and field supervisor of the company.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been operating since 1939 as one of the best HVAC companies in the world. The company was originally started by Gust and Adam Goettle. They developed the company in the Phoenix area at first where they offered the first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit. Phoenix was a great place to start the business because of their hot and dry conditions. Since their original manufactured products, they have continued to become one of the most trusted names in the cooling industry. PR News in an article described that throughout the decades they have made advancements and changes to keep up with the technology in the HVAC business.

Goettl is a family owned business that has developed certain values throughout their line of business. The values that they have portrayed have made them very successful for many years and they ensure that it’s applied to how they conduct their business. Aside from their values, they only work with top brands and products in the industry. Goettl knows how important it is to offer appliances that are efficient and affordable. When relying on Goettl to provide top products at an affordable price, you know you can find assurance in equipment that will last a long time with a valuable warranty. Each technician is fully trained to install the services and will make sure that you understand your options. Goettl offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with all of their products and installations.