Madison Street Capital Helps WLR Automotive Group To Achieve Its Sale/Leaseback Objectives

Madison Street Capital provided WLR Automotive Group with professional advice on a $13.2 million sale/leaseback deal. WLR is a premier car wash, detailing, and automotive repair firm based in Maryland. SCF Realty Capital, which is based in Texas, was responsible for completing the sale/leaseback transaction. Barry Peterson, a managing director at Madison Street Capital and Stream Capital’s managing partner, Jonathan Wolfe, led the transaction.

WLR Automotive Group’s president and CEO, Randall S. Simpson, noted that the deal, which focused on the sale/leaseback of five of the firm’s locations, helped them to raise capital. It also provided the firm with the opportunity to reinvest and expand its operations into the new express car wash market. Jacquie Jenkins, the company’s CFO pointed out that Peterson and Wolfe played an integral part in helping the company explore different options and establish the right model for positioning itself for rapid growth.

Barry Peterson said that since they started operations in 1987, the company has been making higher revenues each year in the capital-intensive industry. The transaction shall facilitates WLR to expand its services to Northeast using innovative management system and a market leading design. Peterson said that he was greatly honored to work with Jonathan Wolfe in completing the transaction.

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