More Politicians Are Following End Citizen’s United Lead And Saying No To Contributions From Corporate PACs

Everybody knows that the voice of the people should be the loudest in a democracy. The key ingredient that is needed in order for a democracy to thrive is a system where the voices of the communities and people who cast their votes for a given elected representative are prized above other voices and influences that have no place in the political process. That said, unfortunately the current state of politics is far from this reality. While citizens are the ones who should have the most influence on the decisions made by the politicians they chose to vote for unfortunately there are other parties who have entered the fray and who have endorsed their own objectives to the point that it is has become harder for everyday citizens who are looking to politicians who make decisions that will impact their lives and their futures to do the right thing.

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The voices of everyday citizens have become diminished in a political environment where a corporation can buy the ear and the power of an elected official through campaign donations. The root of this problem can be traced to the Supreme Court’s decision, which is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, to rule that corporations had the same right to free speech as actual, living human beings and that they could exercise those rights through donating to political campaigns according to The vehicle that has made all of this possible is an entity that is known as a Super Political Action Committee or Super PAC where corporations and individuals can funnels large amounts of money that can be used to fund the campaigns of politicians who risk being swayed to support their political objectives even above the will of the people. All of this can serve to have a negative impact on the ability of a democracy to function as efficiently and effectively as it should. That said groups such as the organization End Citizens United are working hard to reverse the lax campaign finance laws that were brought about as a result of the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling.

End Citizens United recently brought attention to the decision of a prominent member of the Democratic Party to say no to corporate interests in the political process. According to End Citizen United’s website Democratic senator and possible 2020 presidential hopeful Corey Booker of the Northeastern purple state New Jersey recently confirmed on the social media website Twitter that he would take a stand where political contributions from corporate PACs were concerned. Senator Corey Booker shared a tweet from his official Twitter account that noted that he was listening to his constituents’ feedback regarding corporate PACs. The senator confirmed that he had decided to stop receiving contributions from these PACs. It was a decision that was celebrated by End Citizens United, a group that has been working for years to diminish the role that special interests play in the electoral process.