NewsWatch Review of Media Coverage, Success

News Watch is a fortune 500 company that helps others achieve success. They have helped many with their pursuits, some of the companies they have worked with are widely known. You may know some of them like Casio, Tripit, D-Link, Ruzzle, Audi, Inte, and Sony. They help in a variety of ways; they help independent add developers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. They help companies from all around the world.

Avanca Indiegogo had a crowd funding campaign for their Ocke Sirius B Pocket PC. They really wanted heavy promotional of this product. Do to a strict deadline and proceeds depending on that deadline. In effort to get a good deal of attention they hired NewsWatch to do a one minute promotional segment. It would air on the NewsWatch national television show, and also on NewsWatch’s online channels.

The results of this segment made a huge impact on the success of Avanca’s product. They were able to reach their goal in plenty of time. They actually exceeded their goal in making many more sales than needed for the deadline. In a statement made by the marketing director Nathali Van Wijkvilet she said ” we highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team!” The segments were seen in over two hundred United States markets. Over ninety six million households in the Untied States saw the segment. Its online promotion was seen by over a million viewers. Avanca has continued to work with NewsWatch and will continue to keep doing so.

NewsWatch was one of the main reasons that this campaign was such a tremendous success. NewsWatch has a real gift for getting the information out to the public.