One On One With Dubai’s Most Seasoned Businessman Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family prides itself on the entrepreneurial acumen of the man of the house Hussain Sajwani. The entrepreneur’s negotiation skills and shrewdness in business have helped the family acquire a lot fortune. Hussain Sajwani’s business interests are mainly in the real estate sector. Hussain Sajwani has always been keen on cultivating business relationships with the who’s who in the corporate world. The DAMAC owner has close business ties with the President of the United States, Donald Trump. The two are working on a joint real estate project that is one of the biggest construction properties that DAMAC Properties has ever undertaken. During the inauguration of Trump, Hussain Sajwani the presence of the business man was acknowledged by the first family.


Hussain Sajwani began building his business network in the early 80s. The businessman entered the corporate world through his inaugural enterprise, Dariah Management Services Company. Dariah focused in providing food products. His first company enabled him to build business ties with high profile individuals such as political leaders and celebrities. Later, Sajwani decided to venture into real estate because he wanted to diversify his business portfolio and also take advantage of the real estate boom in the Middle East. The construction industry presented new business opportunities compared to the food industry making the tycoon shift his interests to the property sector.


Sajwani made a debut in the real estate sector in 1994. He began by purchasing properties in towns that were least developed and constructed apartments for the expatriates who needed housing in the country. After recording a lot of success selling apartments to the middle-income segment of consumers, Hussain Sajwani decided to upscale his portfolio in the industry by targeting high-net worth individuals with luxurious spaces. Hussain established DAMAC Properties to handle expensive construction projects. One of the most iconic projects that are in the pipeline by DAMAC Properties is a golf course named after Trump and designed by Tiger Woods.


Hussain Sajwani is also actively involved in philanthropic initiatives that are providing opportunities to the disadvantaged in the communities. The entrepreneur is an ardent contributor to charitable courses.


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