How Joel Friant Came Up With One Of The Best Spices On The Market

Joel Friant is a successful small business owner based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. He has founded a number of small businesses over the past 30 or so years. His first business he ran out of his home and was in the real estate industry. He did what has come to be known as house flipping in that he would buy a foreclosed home and/or one at a really great price, fix the place up using his own sweat equity, and then turn around and sell for a bit higher price than what he had bought it for.

About 23 years ago Joel Friant came up with the idea of selling a habanero pepper product to consumers. He really liked these types of peppers but back then many people didn’t know about them. They’re a great combination of a butter-like flavor mixed up with a really high heat (but not too high that it’s not enjoyable). He found farmers that grew really great habanero peppers, like in Jamaica, and sourced these peppers from them.

The key to a really great habanero pepper is that it is dried right after it is picked off the plant. They get hotter the longer the ripen as well so he wanted to get habanero peppers that were picked at the right time, dried at the farm, and then sent to him which he accomplished. These are ground up and put into shaker bottles with no other ingredients added.

The result of this work is the Original Habanero Shaker which can be found for purchase online. Joel Friant says he used to sell it in some grocery stores but there are a few advantages to selling it online. First, he can reach far more people online than any grocery store. Second, it’s much more efficient to send directly to customers rather than having the shakers delivered to grocery stores.

Joel Friant offers a guarantee to customers that his product is strictly just habanero peppers. He does not add salt, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or any other ingredients that would lessen what he delivers to his customers.

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Online Trading is Now Available: AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is a service that provides traders with a step by step platform in order to get customers used to dealing with markets and what they are about. AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and it is headquartered in Ireland. AvaTrade meets all of the regulatory standards of Ireland and the European Union as well.

The thing to remember about AvaTrade is that it will take those who are just starting out in the world of trading and experts in trading can feel confident in that the staff of AvaTrade will be there to help advise people no matter what. In an article for, AvaTrade is tested to see if it is the real deal.

The reviewer gave the platform five stars out of five and thinks it is one of the best platforms for traders to use. One of the things of note is that AvaTrade has a physical office in Ireland but more offices in other countries in the coming years. this way traders can talk to an actual person to see if the trades they are making are the correct one for them. Another big benefit of this new platform is that a customer can create a demo account before taking the plunge into the markets.This program is engineered towards people who have very little or no experience in the trading markets. It is a simulator that allows people to see if the world of online trading is for them. A final benefit for more experienced traders is that Avatrade does not take a commission on or take fees from customers for trading. This is a big selling point when it comes to online trading and the reviewer pointed it out early on in the review.

For those who have experience in the online trading world, a consumer can open an account with Avatrade for one hundred euros or one hundred dollars. This totally depends on the market a person will be investing in.

With the help of Avatrade, a newcomer or an expert in the market can rest assured that trades will go through and be protected.

The full AvaTrade Review can be found here

Oxford Club Investments

Investing is a proven way to build wealth over time. Oxford Club is a private group of investors who are interested in opportunities around the world. Over the past few years, the company has invested in a variety of different projects. The private investors in the club have immense wealth. As a result, Oxford Club invests in significant projects around the world.



Solar Energy


One of the most significant projects that Oxford Club invested in recently was in solar power. Solar power is a growing field for many reasons. Not only is solar energy much cleaner than traditional power sources, but the overall cost of production is decreasing each year. As new technology becomes available, this will be an excellent opportunity for people to earn additional income.



Real Estate


Oxford Club also invests in real estate around the world. With the global economy growing, there is a significant need for additional properties in various places. Oxford Club spends capital in cities that have a robust infrastructure and potential to develop.





In some nations, the banking system is not equipped to handle demand from borrowers. Borrowers are turning to private lenders to get the capital needed. Oxford Club is investing in a new lending option for developing nations. Not only will this program help Oxford Club make money, but it will also help people who want to start a business.


The members of Oxford Club are excited about the future due to the new investment opportunities.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers US Made Quality

Siteline offers a vast range of well-made cabinets. Their designers usually add them to new or remodeled bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. Siteline cabinetry produces beautiful results in a diverse range of styles that accommodate the decor of almost any building.

Siteline Cabinetry manufactures, paints and stains each cabinet as they get orders. They utilize a variety of materials like veneers, particleboard, and solid wood.Their cabinets are available in styles varying from classical to contemporary. Before they ship to customers, factory workers will modify or accessorize a cabinet to the customer’s specifications. Although they mostly sell full-access cabinets, it’s possible to upgrade with frames if needed.

Finishing options available are a wide range of glazes, stains, wraps, paints, and laminates. 70 percent of customers request paint, according to Pat Corsi the company founder. In addition, more homeowners like darker colors which remind one of nature.

Customers may opt to purchase storage accessories for their cabinetry. They can also ask for custom made drawers which can organize and hold pans, utensils, bread, vegetables, seasonings or supplies for the office. The accessories allow customers to make the most out of restricted storage space and find things as quickly as possible.

Siteline Cabinetry seeks to maximize the quality of their products and speeds up production by utilizing the latest production tools. Customers can also benefit from a fully digital design and order system.

Siteline Cabinetry manufactures every product they sell in America. They decided to place their manufacturing facility in Keysville, Va. for a few different reasons. Customers help keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. when choosing Siteline. They regularly train their workers to make sure they can efficiently and constantly make high-quality products.

Long lead times sometimes stop people from finishing a construction or remodeling project for a long time. Fortunately, Siteline Cabinetry’s production systems enable them to quickly assemble and ship their products. Sitelines staff can perform a range of tasks in just one facility. Their Virginia location minimizes the shipping time for customers in big cities like New York, Newark, Madison, and Chicago.

The Corsi Groups newest brand, they offer more than 270 types of materials and choices for finishes. Siteline Cabinetry was founded in 2015 by Pat Corsi and has about 40 employees.

More Politicians Are Following End Citizen’s United Lead And Saying No To Contributions From Corporate PACs

Everybody knows that the voice of the people should be the loudest in a democracy. The key ingredient that is needed in order for a democracy to thrive is a system where the voices of the communities and people who cast their votes for a given elected representative are prized above other voices and influences that have no place in the political process. That said, unfortunately the current state of politics is far from this reality. While citizens are the ones who should have the most influence on the decisions made by the politicians they chose to vote for unfortunately there are other parties who have entered the fray and who have endorsed their own objectives to the point that it is has become harder for everyday citizens who are looking to politicians who make decisions that will impact their lives and their futures to do the right thing.

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The voices of everyday citizens have become diminished in a political environment where a corporation can buy the ear and the power of an elected official through campaign donations. The root of this problem can be traced to the Supreme Court’s decision, which is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, to rule that corporations had the same right to free speech as actual, living human beings and that they could exercise those rights through donating to political campaigns according to The vehicle that has made all of this possible is an entity that is known as a Super Political Action Committee or Super PAC where corporations and individuals can funnels large amounts of money that can be used to fund the campaigns of politicians who risk being swayed to support their political objectives even above the will of the people. All of this can serve to have a negative impact on the ability of a democracy to function as efficiently and effectively as it should. That said groups such as the organization End Citizens United are working hard to reverse the lax campaign finance laws that were brought about as a result of the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission ruling.

End Citizens United recently brought attention to the decision of a prominent member of the Democratic Party to say no to corporate interests in the political process. According to End Citizen United’s website Democratic senator and possible 2020 presidential hopeful Corey Booker of the Northeastern purple state New Jersey recently confirmed on the social media website Twitter that he would take a stand where political contributions from corporate PACs were concerned. Senator Corey Booker shared a tweet from his official Twitter account that noted that he was listening to his constituents’ feedback regarding corporate PACs. The senator confirmed that he had decided to stop receiving contributions from these PACs. It was a decision that was celebrated by End Citizens United, a group that has been working for years to diminish the role that special interests play in the electoral process.

NewsWatch Review of Media Coverage, Success

News Watch is a fortune 500 company that helps others achieve success. They have helped many with their pursuits, some of the companies they have worked with are widely known. You may know some of them like Casio, Tripit, D-Link, Ruzzle, Audi, Inte, and Sony. They help in a variety of ways; they help independent add developers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. They help companies from all around the world.

Avanca Indiegogo had a crowd funding campaign for their Ocke Sirius B Pocket PC. They really wanted heavy promotional of this product. Do to a strict deadline and proceeds depending on that deadline. In effort to get a good deal of attention they hired NewsWatch to do a one minute promotional segment. It would air on the NewsWatch national television show, and also on NewsWatch’s online channels.

The results of this segment made a huge impact on the success of Avanca’s product. They were able to reach their goal in plenty of time. They actually exceeded their goal in making many more sales than needed for the deadline. In a statement made by the marketing director Nathali Van Wijkvilet she said ” we highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team!” The segments were seen in over two hundred United States markets. Over ninety six million households in the Untied States saw the segment. Its online promotion was seen by over a million viewers. Avanca has continued to work with NewsWatch and will continue to keep doing so.

NewsWatch was one of the main reasons that this campaign was such a tremendous success. NewsWatch has a real gift for getting the information out to the public.

Traditional and Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

A butt lift is a surgical technique that can be redone to meet every individual patient’s one of a kind needs and wanted outcomes. Patients with abundance hanging skin may pick a conventional excision butt lift, while the individuals who need to inconspicuously increase their posteriors may incline toward the well known Brazilian butt lift. In any occasion, butt lift surgery can make having a firm and attractive backside conceivable.


Numerous patients who experience butt lift surgery think of it as an interest in their appearance and enhanced fearlessness. Contingent upon your specific circumstance, the cost of Brazilian butt lift may differ from $2,000 to $10,000.


Butt lift surgery can be a perplexing and individual process, so finding the correct plastic specialist is imperative. Notwithstanding having the aptitude and experience to give astounding outcomes, specialists should influence clients to feel good and tune in to patient worries. Looking into alternatives and asking the correct inquiries enables each patient to discover the right specialist.


Instead of simply depending on unknown surveys, referrals, or your companion’s suggestions, it’s essential for potential clients to converse with the specialist yourself before settling on your choice. Potential clients can call, email, or talk face to face with your planned specialist to get your inquiries addressed and pick up a comprehension of his or her identity.


There are two fundamental types of butt lift surgery. The specialists of traditional procedures lift hindquarters by expelling abundance skin, fat, and tissue, pulling the skin rigid and displacing it for a lighter, more youthful look. The less obtrusive Brazilian butt lift requires just extremely minor entry points and a fat exchange. Each of these strategies has its own particular advantages and disservices, so the sort clients pick will be rely upon their exceptional needs and wishes.


The Dedication of Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid

One of the hallmarks of San Diego plastic surgeon Mark Mofid would be his dedication to his patients. For Mofid, this dedication started early on in his life and continues to the present day. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, and completed his fellowship in craniofacial research along with a doctorate in general surgery and plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. Mark Mofid is currently on the staff at a number of San Diego-area hospitals, including Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in Escondido, and Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. He has also been published in various journals, including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Mofid has also developed a reputation as a well-respected presenter at conferences throughout the United States and throughout the world and more

Mark Mofid is also a clinical faculty member in the plastic surgery division at the University of California San Diego. He has a litany of experience with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow with the American College of Surgeons. He knows that plastic surgery can have a positive impact on one’s life, including facial reconstruction after skin cancer removal. To that end, he is dedicated to continual research to improve his practice.

Dr. Mark Mofid is also interested in the emerging subject of augmentation, including that of breasts or even the gluteal variety. One of the reasons that Mark Mofid is interested in “butt lifts”, as it were, is because he realizes that this complicated procedure rarely makes the news in a positive manner. Dr. Mofid is determined to change that.

It is his desire to provide his patients seeking gluteal augmentation with a contemplative and conservative approach that only helps them. He only uses the latest intramuscular implants, and he makes sure to never overdo it either. Of course, his patients all have a desire to be glamorous, so some even literally beg for it. So how does Mark Mofid make up for his conservative approach? By his out-of-the-box thinking. Like every other procedure, he is dedicated to reviewing how others have accomplished it. His reviews of the top body contouring surgeons in Brazil continue to guide him throughout his years of practicing.

Gregory Aziz’s Role with National Steel Car’s Monumentous Growth

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President of National Steel Car. National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., is the largest manufacturer and engineer of railroad freight cars in all of North America. Greg Aziz is known for his relentless pursuit of excellence in both manufacturing and engineering. He constantly strives to make sure National Steel Car is on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

Often, manufacturing companies are late to evolve when it comes to new technology. Gregory Aziz is passionate about the pursuit of technology and encourages his team to consistently be on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to integrate into what National Steel Car produces. His team knows him as an innovator, and as someone who isn’t afraid to set the bar as high as possible and then push to raise it again. This drive from the top leadership has earned National Steel Car the elite title of being the only company to be certified as ISO 9001:2008 every year for nearly two decades. Along with the manufacturing and engineering capabilities, National Steel Car also physically builds thousands of brand new rail cars every single year.

Canadian born Gregory Aziz came to National Steel Car after working as a successful investment banker in New York City. It was here that he first became introduced to the company after overseeing the purchase of the company from a previous owner. His excellent work on this purchase made National Steel Car again the official largest producer of railway freight car in all of North America. Go Here to learn more.

Prior to investment banking, Gregory James Aziz worked at his family’s company, Affiliated Foods. He worked there for 18 years and during that time he successfully launched it from a regional company to a global distributor of healthy foods through at least three continents.


In his first few years of working at National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz made monumental improvements to the company that brought massive growth to the company and to Hamilton, Ontario. In the first decade he was with the company, Gregory Aziz grew the company’s production from just 3,500 to over 12,000 cars. Gregory J. Aziz is a big believer in investing first in human capital and growing his employee base from 600 to nearly 3,000 people. That growth brought about a major economic boom that affected most of Hamilton by causing a ripple effect.



Securus Technologies and GovPayNet Grow, Yielding Benefit for All

GovPayNet is a company that processes payments for a multitude of governmental agencies. They handle items such as motor vehicle summons payments, bail payments, and payments to the government. The company was started by a sheriff who wanted to streamline the process for making payments, and to make it easier for payees to use cash and other forms of payment that would have been difficult to process otherwise. The company has been incredibly successful in its over 20 years of business. Recently, Securus Technologies has taken the company under its wing through an acquisition.


GovPayNet is excited to join Securus, as well as JPay, another recent acquisition. Both JPay and GovPayNet are in the financial services arena of correctional facility management. Joining together on projects seems to be the focus, however, no official plans have been announced publicly. JPay has pulled together with Securus Technologies to implement technology such as wireless containment systems, and tablets for inmates. These technological advances give Securus Technologies a significant advantage in the marketplace. Securus is also known for its telecommunications products. Video visitation, telephone calls, and voicemail are just a few of the services currently offered by Securus.


Securus Technologies is a leading company when it comes to correctional facility service providers. Being a “one-stop shop,” the company focuses on its customers, both corporate and end users. The company has recently made significant strides in improving its customer service department. Having an over 95 percent satisfaction rating, and a significant one call resolution rating, the company is pleasing its customers. An “A+” rating by the better business bureau has recently been awarded, as well as, full accreditation. The new companies under the Securus Technologies umbrella will provide even better access to services, as well as, making the correctional facility environment a safer and more productive place for all.