Pattiz blazes trail

WWE star Chris Jericho is setting the podcasting world ablaze. The podcasting network that Jericho is a part of, PodcastOne Network, is readying itself to launch a new show, that many heavy industry figures are banking on to be a home run.


The show, called, “Beyond Darkness,” is about the paranormal world, something that many Americans are fascinated by. The show will be led by two veteran podcasters and experts in supernatural activity, author and radio host Dave Schrader, and radio producer and host Tim Dennis.


Jericho, never one to stay quiet for long, finds it difficult to hide his excitement about the podcast’s debut. In a statement provided to the media, Jericho remarked how excited he was to listen to podcast episodes while being a bit fearful as well. Ghosts and goblins, it seems, spook the wrestler more than his competitors in the ring were ever able to.


The show will feature the two hosts debating supernatural experiences like aliens, haunted houses, spirits, devils, exorcisms and more. New episodes will appear every Monday, and they will be released on iTunes, Sound Cloud, and the network’s own app, PodcastOne.


While Chris Jericho is outspoken in his support of the new podcast and is happy that the network he’s a part of has already cornered the wrestling industry, he’s overjoyed that the network is diversifying and expanding into other areas.


While Chris Jericho’s efforts have been important, none of this would be happening if it were for one-man in particular, that’s spent his life mostly behind the scenes: Norman Pattiz.


Before diving into podcasting, Pattiz carved out a much-celebrated career in the radio industry. But Pattiz saw where the industry was heading: online. The Millennials and Generation X listeners were migrating over to podcast, which listeners can easily download and listen to at their leisure. More and more car manufacturers, moreover, were installing internet connections into vehicles. This ensured that drivers could listen to podcasts in their car.


Pattiz, consequently, made his way into podcasting. In 2012 he founded his PodcastOne Network. The network grew exponentially in its first years. By 2017 it had already grown into the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the country. Some of the nation’s top podcasters, Like Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, have podcasts that call Pattiz’s network home. Forbes Magazine published a multi-page feature about Pattiz and his entrepreneurial exploits last year.

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