Practicing Law With A Difference

Bruno Fagali is not your usual lawyer. He is a rising attorney in Brazil who is doing things differently. He is introducing a new aspect to the legal system in Brazil. Bruno has several years of administrative law. Through his in-depth understanding of his work, Bruno has made a name for himself. Since 2006, Bruno has been working with several law firms. Although his specialty is administrative law, he also has experience in other disciplines of law.

Today, Bruno works in his agency called Fagali Law Firm. This journey began with a degree in administrative law in 2009. He studied at Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. After Bruno’s first degree, he pursued a master’s level in the same university. Bruno knows French and English. He has always done his best in representing clients.

Apart from administrative law, Bruno Fagali also handles ethics, regulatory law, urban and compliance law. In all of his work, Bruno has always upheld integrity and professionalism. These qualities have enabled him to handle cases of corruption. Bruno realized that there are too many cases of corruption in public funds. As a result, Bruno decided to initiate actions for correcting the system.

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The initiative entails looking into departments and companies that are receiving government contracts. Bruno Fagali is getting a lot of attention, considering the numerous corruption occurrences are happening recently. Bruno Fagali is also working with corporate to establish transparency in their organizations. He is achieving it by special training in ethics. Bruno does not just do administrative law and other forms as a business only. He is an advocate for social equality.

Additionally, Bruno Fagali works together with nova/sb. He is their corporate integrity manager. This firm does advertisement campaigns, and most of them are from the government. They also get other from WHO, ILO and other NGOs. Bruno’s responsibility is to ensure that the firm operates under ethics.

In this organization, employees and members are treated equally. This was Bruno’s initiative. He understands that employees need to be accorded high esteem because they are an important part of an organization. He is not yet through; Bruno intends to continue advancing proper work ethics and fighting corruption.

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