Robert Ivy who currently operates as the official CEO and Vice President of Architects Institute of America has recently been granted the Lifetime Achievement honor (Noel Polk) by the Letters and Arts Institute of Mississippi. The declaration marks a first run an architect has received a Polk Award. The recognition acknowledges the living Mississippi-associated art patrons and artists whose group of work circulate in performing, supporting and creating extraordinary artwork. Those who were honored in the past include artist Anderson Walter, Morgan Freeman the actor, and a renowned writer Welty Eudora. Find out more about Robert Ivy on Architect

Nancy LaForge, the President of Letters and Arts Institute of Mississippi, said in a statement that with regard to ensuring that architecture is more available to the overall population, there is extremely nobody like Robert Ivy in Mississippi. As an author, commentator, and writer on the realm of architecture, Robert currently stamps his name in a one of a kind list of award honorees of Noel Polk. Carl Elfante added that as a CEO of Architect Institute of America from 2011 and additionally serving as editor, author, and working architect, without no doubt Robert Ivy is a significant diplomat for the field. The award represents honoring individual and career accomplishment of Robert as a resident of Mississippi. Carl Elfante ended by saying that he was genuinely delighted on behalf of Architect Institute of America to compliment Robert Ivy on the one of a kind achievement.

From 2011 the time Robert Ivy began his job at Architect Institute of America, the organization has extended its international influence and presence, at the moment the company is at the peak membership level in a hundred and sixty years of operation. Ivy was acknowledged officially in the event that was held on 2nd June. In each calendar year, Letters and Arts Institute of Mississippi recognizes different people with honor in their field of specialization. This prominent award made its first debut in 1980; the honors are given in seven areas, Non-fiction, Fiction, Musical composition, i.e., on concert basis, Visual Art, Musical Composition, i.e., in terms of popularity, Poetry and Photography world in general. Follow: