Ryan Seacrest Making It All Work

In Judd Apatow’s film called Knocked Up, Ryan Seacrest has his own personal cameo. In this role it shows him being very displeased with Jessica Simpson as she arrives late for an interview. Seacrest berates her and shows his irritation with her tardiness saying not only is he more famous than his interview subjects he manages four jobs.

That comment is certainly a fact because Ryan Seacrest has been ruling Hollywood with his multiple jobs and has become the face of pop culture. How does he do it all? He goes from is morning show Live With Kelly and Ryan to being one of the number one radio shows in Los Angeles with On Air With Ryan. Ryan Seacrest seems to be everywhere. He doesn’t have an answer as to how he does it all, but the bottom line is that he gets the job done. Fans have seen him on American Idol and right after Christmas hosting New Year’s eve in New York. You have to wonder how does he get time for himself. Besides, all of his radio and TV responsibilities, Ryan has also created his foundation and a skincare and clothing line for men.

In order to keep things running smoothly, Ryan takes advantage of consolidating everything at one space. Some of his jobs do not require him to travel several miles. He basically can step off one set and step on another. He has a great team that helps him continue to be updated about the daily events and what’s happening in his schedule. Ryan does admit that it can be a challenge to bring it all together, but he finds a way to make the puzzle work. He is notified by email at the end of the day telling him what’s going on in all divisions.

According to mensjournal.com, he rises early at 5 a.m., since his radio gig requires him to be on air at 6 a.m. He knows he has to move fairly quick to get coffee and breakfast and head out the door. He makes it a point to arrive 15 minutes early to the studio to look over all material.

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