Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment Solutions Could Have Prevented Latest Inmate Facebook Live Video

Securus Technologies is considered as a proficient criminals and civil justice solution that fosters safety in the inmate industry. With more than three decades of experience and success in the industry, the company has attained its proficiency through the provision of technology that improves public safety, correctional, monitoring, and investigation. Since the company was founded in the United States, it has always worked hard towards the provision of technology solutions that are meant to help the facilities stay safer. Securus Technologies has announced the introduction of the wireless containment solution that has the capability of detecting and stopping any attempt to connect to the commercial networks in the inmate facilities.


Securus Technologies is a proficient provider of criminal justice solutions with the aim of improving life in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies has also gone live concerning their newest technology in the industry. This technology works by assisting the inmate officials and intelligence unit to deter and detect any contraband cell phones operating within the space. Moreover, the solution works by solving most of the problems facing inmate facilities related to lack of coordination in the industry. The wireless containment solution developed by Securus Technologies has the capability of detecting and deterring all contraband mobile phones inside the prison facilities. While the solution works to prevent illegal access to this site, it also can collect the illicit cell contraband phone electronic identity. This also means that the prison facility intelligence will work towards gaining the cell phones through the proximal location and data obtained from the wireless containment solution.


Securus Technologies is a company that has the strongest level of commitment to what matters in this industry. They have always worked towards the provision of leading-edge solutions to modernize and improve the inmate experience. Thousands of law enforcement, public safety, and correctional facilities rely on simple, secure, and powerful forms of technologies to make their processes seamless. With more than 100 patent engineers and score cards, Securus Technologies has all it takes to help you make the correctional facilities safer.


Securus Technologies has joined the nation in dismay over the Facebook Live Video posted by an inmate from the Evans Correctional facility. This live video depicted the 20-year-old James Arieva brandishing a knife within the prison walls. This is one of the many live Facebook images and videos posted this year from the inmate facilities across the United States. Securus Technologies laments because most of the modern correctional facilities have not yet adopted the wireless containment solution that can detect and deter the access of the outside commercial network using the illegal contraband cell phones in the inmate facilities. If the Evans Correctional Facility had implemented this solution, the Facebook live would not have been posted.