Shaq and Boraie Step Up to the Plate In New Jersey

Shaq Tower is finally being unveiled and opened to the general public. What is Shaq Tower, you ask? Well, Shaq Tower is the newest high rise that has just been built in the city of Newark. In fact, it is the first high rise that has been built in the city in fifty years! As the name may give you some indication of, Shaq, the former NBA player who became a legend in the NBA, had a great deal to do with this tower. He was the one who helped support the entire thing. He gave away his precious time, energy, and money in order to support this development. It cost a pretty penny, a total of seventy nine million dollars. However, it was well worth it for him, as he knew that he was fulfilling a wish of his mother. You see, Shaq was actually born in Newark. One time, when he was back in Newark for a family gathering, his mother nudged him in the chest with her elbow and told him that someone great has to come back to Newark in order to make the city great again. He knew right away that what she wanted was for her own son to come back and do whatever he can in order to make Newark live again.


However, it is not just Shaq who is to thank for the rebuilding of Newark. The team of Boraie Development has had a lot to do with it as well. They were the ones who built the entire tower. Omar Boraie and Wasseem Boraie are a great pair of a father and his son. They work together in order to turn cities in New Jersey around so that they start to live again.


According to Rutgers, the mayor of Newark said at the opening ceremony that he believes that the new building is a sign of changing times. No longer will Newark be relegated to the back benches of the real estate industry in the United States. It was time for someone to do something about the declining state of the real estate industry in New Jersey, and Shaq and Omar Boraie were both some of the first to step up to the plate.


It is not just Newark. Omar and Wasseem Boraie have done a lot for other cities, such as New Brunswick, where they literally turned the entire city around. You can search on Yahoo for more.



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