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Meet the Creator of the Lime Crime Products: Doe Deere

The society has defined beauty in their own way. This has limited many who would have wanted to explore other options. However, some people have defied the definition of the beauty by the society. For instance, Doe Deere has gone against the rules and the norms of the society and created her definition. She says that beauty is a way of expressing oneself. It should be what you feel comfortable wearing.


Doe Deere is known for her love of colors. She calls her fans “unicorns.” She explains that she refers to them by the name because only the daring minds can use her make up. Doe Deere began as a fashion designer. When she was in search of makeup to match her attire, she couldn’t find any. She, therefore, decided to start her line of makeup to match her cloth line. She says that she felt different with the makeup line. She felt satisfied; like she had finally got her purpose. The makeup also had a better reception to her fans compared to the cloth line.


The toughest thing in business is getting people to like and buy your products. Doe Deere says that she got her first client from her online activities. She was holding contests as well as offering tutorials on how to make up. It gave her a chance to advertise her products, which in turn gained popularity.

You have to make tough decisions in all businesses. The toughest decision that Deere has had to make recently is choosing the laboratory to work with Lime Crime. She explains that she had to make sure that the laboratory they decide to use, share the same vision with Lime Crime. Deere says that it became easier to play with colors when they chose the right lab.


Doe Deere has a favorite quote, which serves as her advice to everyone. She says that one should aim to either be a unicorn or themselves. A unicorn is an individual who knows they are weird and embrace the weirdness instead of fighting it. It is the ability to stop the society from defining you.