There’s No Competing With FreedomPop’s Low Prices

Competition in the wireless world is very heavy, which is why many of the wireless giants are always competing amongst one another. FreedomPop has very little need to compete because their prices speak for itself and are some of the lowest prices that can be found with any wireless services. FreedomPop also gives many people the option of only getting as much data as they need for a cell phone plan or for an Internet service plan. FreedomPop even gives free services away for both their cell phone service and Internet service. Those with the free cell phone service plan only need a phone to get the service.


Obtaining the free service is as easy as signing up for it, which can be done both online or within a retail store that works with FreedomPop. Having a sim card is necessary for anyone who is bringing over a GSM phone that’s no longer locked to its original carrier, but anyone with a Sprint phone can always make the switch to FreedomPop with no problem. Those who have a sim card from FreedomPop can also use the sim card in many different international locations, and FreedomPop is adding destinations to their list all the time.


The free service for cell phones will contain 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data. The paid plan for $10.99 will also contain 5 MB of data but will have unlimited text messages and talk time. Both the free plan and the paid plan come with the exact same amount of data, which means that there is an automatic top up for each plan of $10 each time the data goes down to 100 MB or less. Anyone can turn off the automatic top up option by going into their account and doing so, but they may have to pay for data separately.


Any extra data used over the 500 MB for either service will cost two cents per megabyte unless a customer is using Wi-Fi services to gain extra data. A FreedomPop review offers information on their Wi-Fi service for only five dollars, and the service can be used as much as possible to get unlimited data for a cell phone. Another option for unlimited data is getting the unlimited everything plan for only five dollars per month, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99 and comes with 1 GB of 4G LTE data.